the poem book of flowers and secrets

hidden away were we cant see, are magical beings we've never seen,
there tiny there short and cute too and they wish to meet you, they are pretty and kind but really shy so what they cant tell you i shall say, open up and read this book for what waits within it is something you've never heard.


2. the flower fairy's of gardens


                                                         hidden away among the garden things are magical beings of summer and spring 

you can not see them for they are shy 

but they see you and giggle away tending to your flowers with care

they laugh and play everyday 

and sing along to the blue jay


petals for clothes and  and tiny toes 

with wings on there backs to go here a throe 

blue bells and roses tulips and forget me not's 

and pansy's too 

each have a fairy to play with you

for they are the fairy's of all your garden green so 

keep an eye peel and one day you will see

one giggling away and laughing to.




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