The Secret

A 17 year old girl named Zoe goes to a hospital to help out
Children who have cancer. She bumps into of course " one direction"
Lets just say they got to know her . Some fall in love . Get hurt . And fell
In love, but her secret

She has cancer
Will they find out amd if they do will they run away or stay?

Read to find out more ;)


8. HelP me


Chapter 8

~help me ~

Zoe's p.o.v 

i slowly moved my eyes open and saw a mouse scurry on the street. Memories flooded into my mind...

jake ..


And here I am I stood up but screamed I held my wrist, as I looked at it dry blood and it looked blue and purple. I was still in the dark alley I looked around and found my purse laying on the ground I picked it up and moved down the dark alley onto the road. 

" hospital here I come " I whispered to my self.

--20 min later --

i was laying in my hospital bed they said it was just a infection no Biggy.. , I also got my tests done for the week they did more of it got out of my lungs at least something good happened this week. 

Suddenly my phone ringed  I didn't bother to look at the ID

" hello?"

" Zoe were are you ?" It was Nicole 

" u-ghh. "

" are with jake?!" She screamed 

" who's jake ?" I heard Niall say in the background 

" Nicole take me off speaker! And Niall he's just a friend " I screamed friend because I really like Niall.. 

" no! Zoe were are you tell me"

" I'm at the hospital " I whispered so they could not hear

"what did you say ?" 

" I'm at the hospital " I said more clearly 

" hello?" I looked at my phone great she hung up ...

I went into my contacts and changed jakes contact name to the "devil"

Will I was doing that they ll came into my room 

" zoee what happened " Louis came and jumped on bed and started kissing my check my hair, my arms my wri- but then he stopped he saw it bandaged .

"what happened" he looked worried ....

"Jake " was all I said then I looked at Nicole she widened her eyes 

" what did he do to you " 

" he said that he wanted to meet up so we went to the smoothies place and he found the picture of me Niall the pulled me into a dark alley he pulled my wrist so hard all of my old cuts started opened up then  i fell asleep there because I could not get up "

then she left . 

Alk the boys looked worried. They said there thoughts . There sorrys

but Niall actually cared he stayed with me the whole night sleeper right by me I was about to go to sleep 

" will you be my girlfriend ?"

Niall asked.




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