The Secret

A 17 year old girl named Zoe goes to a hospital to help out
Children who have cancer. She bumps into of course " one direction"
Lets just say they got to know her . Some fall in love . Get hurt . And fell
In love, but her secret

She has cancer
Will they find out amd if they do will they run away or stay?

Read to find out more ;)


6. dreams might come true ......


Chapter 6

~sorry ~

I opened the door and sitting on the couch was Liam,Niall,Louis,Harry zayn sitting next to a purple harried girl I think zayns girlfriend . n the floor and a boy with brown hair and brown eyes. And Nicole of course 

 " h-ey guys" I scratched the back of my back 

" where were you! Why are you late we have been waiting for 3 hours we called  you a million times and texted you!" Niall screamed 

 I grabbed my phone out of my purse and widened my eyes as I saw the texts that appeared on my phone and I got 50 missed calls and 5 voicemails I looked up at them 

" sorry guys, I was with a ugh..... Fr-iend"

"zo word in kitchen " Nicole asked


we went into the kitchen 

"who were you with?'"

"a friend I just told you!"

" No tell me you always stutter when you lie " 

"fuck you and I meet a guy at the mall and we just went on a walk ok?!"

I walked away and went into the living room everybody was watching tv and eating snacks and laughing . I was confused. I thought they were mad at me?

i slowly sat between Liam and Niall 

" sorry " I whispered In NIALLS ear 

" it's ok" and he kissed my check good thing it was dark so nobody could see me. I rested my head on Liam's shoulder I felt Niall stiffen up. What is with him? Everybody was watching nemo and my eyes slowly wondered off into a wonder full sleep. 



i was running in the dark down a dark street that smelled like garbage and smoke 

I looked beside me and saw jake running after me with a knife 

I stopped and wanted to move but my feet were glued to the ground he came closer I started screaming and looked around nobody around.

jake was now standing next to me he came closer and whispered 

"I killed Niall " 

and he stabbed in the stomach I started screaming and crying so hard then everything went black......


i opened my eyes and stood up fast all eyes were on me all 8 fucking eyes .

i started crying and jumped in NIALLS arms we smelled good like mint and vanilla .

" It's ok it's just a dream" he calmed me down and I just layed in  his chest all night ....


(authors note: sorry bad chapter :( but the dream ... Will it come true? -allixx )











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