The Secret

A 17 year old girl named Zoe goes to a hospital to help out
Children who have cancer. She bumps into of course " one direction"
Lets just say they got to know her . Some fall in love . Get hurt . And fell
In love, but her secret

She has cancer
Will they find out amd if they do will they run away or stay?

Read to find out more ;)


12. Dead

( authors note: sorry if there's a big pause at the end but update tomm - alli xx )

Chapter 12


Jakes p.o.v

 I was walking in the park with the gun in my boots. All these kids made me sick with there happy little smiles on there face. I thought me and Zoe really had something but nope! My anger boiled up. I have to kill someone ... I saw a girl with brown hair she looked familiar she had her headphones on and was humming to it she sat on a bench now I saw her face .. Zoe .. Perfect 

Zoe p.o.v

i was in the park listening to ' replay ' by zedaya, this song always makes me feel happy.. I sat down on a bench and heard a huge bang! I looked around nervously. 

Then it hit me ..

legit hit me..

i looked down at my leg there was blood coming down and there was a blot stuck in the middle of my thigh! Fuck this hurts started screaming and looked around nobody was around..

i grabbed my phone and called 911

" hello how may I help you " she said so calmly how can you even !!most people calling 911 arpeople have dead or kidnapped or shit 




" I-I just got shot I'm at Sherman oaks ( isn't that from nemo ?! That's the only street I could think of haha) park please hurry!" I cried out 

" please stay calm we set them, they are one there way stay calm " tried of there shit. I hung up and tried to keep my self awake everything was blurry people were running over to me and they out me on a stretcher I  tapped one of them on the shoulder they looked at me and gave me

face telling me " to go one ". 

" get my phone and call Niall " then all I saw was blackness....

nialls p.o.v

me and the boys were watching old video diaries we were all laughing then my phone ran

" hello?" I answered still laughing ..

" Is this Niall" it sounded like a man

" yes who is this  " I questioned still laughing.

" Your girlfriend got shot she's going to the hospital right now, she told me to call you before she passed out" 

" this is a prank right ?" If this was true my life would be over .

" No sir she's on her way to Sherman oaks hospital " ( still only hospital name I could think of)

i hung up and looked at the boys they were laughing there asses of and I just looked at them with the worse face ever , a tear rolled down my cheek.

" OY!" I yelled they looked at me 

" Niall why are you crying ?" Liam asked 

" Zoe got shot I'm going to the hospital " when I said that 1 second later we were all out of the door.


20 minutes later were at the hospital.

i ran up to the front desk 

" is there a Zoe smith here" I choked out 

she typed on her computer " nope I'm sorry sir " right. How could I think this was real ..I walked  over to the boys " oy, I think that was a pr- is that Zoe?!" I screamed the last part pointing to a girl on a stretcher. She was so pale .. Looked lifeless a million people were screaming  

" she has cancer " that Zoe! I know it is 



" she's lost allot of blood " ( A\N I forgot to add Nicole with them lets just say she's there I the the boys )

Me and the boys  and Nicole walked with them they put her into a room tuna doctor stopped us

" she's going into surgery you can't go in here" 

" but she's my girlfriend " I yelled 









he just pushed us out into the waiting room  . Nicole was crying into Harry's arms and the boys and me were to we only known her for 3 weeks but still she's like a sister to is and the love of my life .

1 hour later .....

" Is somebody here for Zoe smith " he all shot are heads up.  

" yes " we all said in sync. 



He laughed 

















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