The Secret

A 17 year old girl named Zoe goes to a hospital to help out
Children who have cancer. She bumps into of course " one direction"
Lets just say they got to know her . Some fall in love . Get hurt . And fell
In love, but her secret

She has cancer
Will they find out amd if they do will they run away or stay?

Read to find out more ;)


7. Day out with ..


Chapter 7

~day out with ...-~

Last night I slept with Niall . Not like that creeps . Just in his arms.

me and Niall are walking with Starbucks in the park. I was talking to him about my past and my family then I got  intruded  with a million camera flashes in my face. I forgot he's " famous "... 

" Niall who's this?!"

"Niall is this your girlfriend " 

i looked around then Niall pulled me away and we ran into the park 

" sorry about that" he smiled 

I looked up at him and admired his features blond hair/ brown hair , perfect teeth , and bright blue eyes I could swim in them. 

" it's ok " I hugged him and out my arms around his neck and his around my waist it was perfect intill I saw dark figure staring at us.. I thought it was just a creepy person or paparazzi but it he/she looked familiar ..


-- 2 hours later--


me and Nicole were just sitting on the couch Niall went with the boys to a photo shoot and I was stuck with my hoe Nicole . Intill I got a text from...

meet at smoothies and more :)-jake 

I smiled and texted him 

yea on my way there - Zoe x

5 min later and it walked in and jake was sitting in the corner booth he looked bored but when I said 

"jake" he looked up and smiled I ran over there and sat down. I saw what was he was wearing looked like that guy In the park I saw staring at us but I put that in the back of my mind.....

he pulled out his phone and was in tumblr? O tumblr boy? Got a keeper! Gonna be Tumblr famous;)

i looked at the picture it was of me and Niall  with are hug in the middle of the park o boy!

"ho-w did you get that?"

" Zoe stop it, it's over the news , Instagram , tumblr , etc... What is this?" He pointed to me and Niall on the screen.

" Nothing ! Jake I promise " I cried out ..

he pulled me out and he  hurt my cuts on my wrist as he pulled I felt them come open as he polled" jake that hurts.." I screamed he pulled me into a dark ally and thorwed me down against the wall and whispered 

" night night .." He whispered I saw him walk away 

i need life alert....

i tried to get up but I felt sharp pain pull me into a sleep. 


( authors note: clif hanger ;) -alli  xx ily )




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