The Secret

A 17 year old girl named Zoe goes to a hospital to help out
Children who have cancer. She bumps into of course " one direction"
Lets just say they got to know her . Some fall in love . Get hurt . And fell
In love, but her secret

She has cancer
Will they find out amd if they do will they run away or stay?

Read to find out more ;)


1. Nice to meet you


Chapter 1 

~ nice to meet you ~

Zoe's P.O.V

i was walking down the halls  of the hospital and into brains room, brain is a 7

year old yes you may be thing get friends your one age but I am the only 17 

year old , Sucks to suck right ?. I walked In and saw him with his head in his hands

"brain ?" I said and stopped in the middle  in the room.

"ZOE! I got more they said it spreaded to my chest " he cried 

" Brian I am so sorry but remember I always here with you and it will soon go away" I said 

" yea Ik so what you wanna do" he said more calmly 

" well I was wondering if you wanted to .." I pulled out of the box I brought with me 

2 capes, and markers. 

" I love you now let's COLOR!!" He screamed 

I giggled 

-- 5 mins later --

brain colored a superman sign on his and mine a cancer sign 

" let's go zoee"! He jumped on my back and smacked my bum (A/N playfully) 

he started running threw the hallways and  I felt like we were In a meadow and 

everything was perfect but we are in a hospital. I looked back at his face he had a perfect

smile dark brown eyes and the most cutest nose ever I laughed but he had a frown 

and screamed " WAC-TCH OUT ZOE"! I quickly looked forward and 

bumped into a blond boy with brown roots with bright blue eyes  

" sorry " I whispered to brain he nodded and picked 

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