Tell Me A Lie (Re-Writing)


"Oh shut up will you. I've only just started to trust people again and your making it worse for me. You of all people Dylan should know how hard it is for me to trust people," I said to him.

"What's that suppose to mean?" He asked

"What i mean is that we used to be friends. What happened to you? Us? We used to be inseparable and then just like Leo you turned your back on me and went off leaving me hanging about in the shadows," I said crying again.

"I grew up," He growled back.


Leaving your life behind and starting again. Sound easy? Wrong. My life has been torture since i can remember. I just get my life back on track and those two assholes think they can just come find me and everything would be sunshine and rainbows? There so wrong!
I'm not going back there and if they think that, they can go back into dream land.
My life is officially ruined for the millionth time this year.


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13. Unpleasant Surprise

*** A few months later ***


I done as Harry asked and gave him a chance.

I'm glad i gave him a chance now because he proved to me that he is nothing like Leo and that i have nothing to worry about. We have a lot more in common than i first thought and the other boys and i have also became closer over these past two months. Harry and i became attached at the hip and after much of a debate, Harry finially asked me out and i of course said YES!

Yesterday in school we got told that this morning we would have an important assembly during first and second period. As usual, i got up and ready for school.

I walked out of my house and met the boys at the bottom of my garden to walk to school. As usual, one of the boys were late.

"Where's Zayn?" I asked them.

"No doubt fixing his hair," replied Louis.

"We'll let's go get him before we're anymore late," the boys nodded and we headed over to Zayn's house to hurry him up.

"Zayn hurry up will you, we're already late and we have an assembly this morning," I told him.

"Oh yeah, I forgot about that," Harry said sitting down on Zayn's bed.

"Don't get too comfy curly, we're away to leave," I said to him. Harry rolled his eyes as a reply.

"God. Why are boys so complicated?" I muttered but not quiet enough seeing as Niall had heard.

"Hey! We're not complicated, just unique," he told me.

"Yeah sure, whatever you say Blondie," I replied with a wink.

"Why do you still call us those nicknames when you know our names?" Liam asked.

"I donno really, I guess I just find it fits you guys more," I said with a shrug.

Soon we were on our walk to school with the boys messing about with each other which only made us slower to get to school but we finially made it. Only 10 minutes late, not too bad. I thought to myself.

We walked through the school halls and to the assembly hall to see what all the fuss was about.

We walked through the doors with Niall, Louis, Zayn and Liam ahead and Harry and I walking behind holding hands as usual. We all walked through the doors laughing but soon stopped as we seen every other students and teachers eyes on us.

"And why are you lot late?" Mr Cavanaugh asked.

"Oh yeah sorry, Zayn decided it would be funny to make us late then they all started to mess about coming down the road. You know how teenage boys are, right?" I said to him and turned to the boys who were trying to hold back a laugh.

"We'll yes but don't let it happen again," he said sternly.

"Yes Sir!" The boys saluted to him and marched to our seats in the 3rd back row in the hall.

"Exactly what I meant but hey, boys will be boys," I said to him and skipped over to Harry who was waiting for me to sit next to him. I pecked him on the lips and sat down.

Once we were seated, i noticed that Bella and Stacy were sat behind us. I turned around and smiled at them and they smiled back at me in response then I turned back around to face Mr Cavanaugh.

"Ok, so now that we have everyone here, we can start the assembly so I'll hand you over to this nice lady," he motioned to the petite lady standing next to him.

The lady with her blonde wavy hair bouncing off of her shoulders walked over to the microphone located on the middle of the stage in front of us.

"Good morning, my name is Shona DeasMoore and I'm here to talk about something that involves one of the students in this room. It may be a touching subject for this person so i will ask you to think about how you would feel if you were this person," She spoke through the microphone.

"Would you like to know what has happened?" She asked everyone and they all either nodded their heads or replied with a simple 'yes' and the she went on.

"A few months ago, one of these student in this room ran away from home," By now mostly everyone in the room were gasping and asked even more questions. I was growing suspicious seeing as it was my life she was speaking about but i didn't want to believe it.

"She left her parents a note saying not to look or contact her and that she would not be coming back any time soon. Her relationship with her boyfriend was ruined and her friendships were broken. But now I would like to introduce a few people to everyone," She went over to the hall doors and opened them and two people with black hoodies on came in but nobody could see their faces because their hoods were covering their faces. They slowly lifted their heads and i could now clearly see their faces and i was shocked to see who they were. And if you haven't already guessed who they are ill give you a few clues:

They are both boys.

They are both one of the reasons i left Springcreek ..and..

I hate them with a passion.

If you have guessed correctly then you should have Leo and Dylan!

"This day just keeps getting better and better," I mumbled to myself and luckily this time nobody heard me.

"These two boys are Leo Dawson and Dylan Grill' They are friends of the girl who ran away and want to help her get back to her old self," she went on. "By now i guess you are wondering who this person I'm speaking about is, am i right?" She asked us all again and everyone says 'yes'

"This person's names is Spencer Valentine," and by now everyone was gasping loudly and staring right at me. I looked to my left to see the boys looking at me with confused faces. I couldn't take it much longer so i grabbed my bag, stood up and stormed towards the two boys stood at the front of the hall.

"How dare you just come back into my life like this!" I growled at them both.

"What the hell do you both want this time?" I asked them again then turned to face Dylan.

"Was it not bad enough that you ruined my relationship with Leo?" I asked Dylan and then turned to Leo.

"Was it not bad enough that you made me want to kill you?"

"Why don't you all take this outside?" Mr Cavanaugh asked us but i just ignored him.

"God i hate you both!" I shouted with tears now I'm my eyes.

"Long time, no see. We missed you Spence," Dylan said acting as if we were best friends.

"Are you seriously acting like your all of a sudden my friend? Your a fucking asshole, you know that!" I spat at him

"Everybody missed you, but obviously we missed you the most and that's why we came to get you," Leo replied ignoring my last comment.

"I'm not going anywhere with you two! Not for one moment have i forgot what you both did," I shouted, throwing my arms in the air with tears coming out of my eyes.

Leo turned to Dylan and whispered something in his ear. The only thing i caught was him saying 'i didn't want her to feel this bad or for it to go this far' and then that's when caught on to what he was meaning.

"Wait! So this was your plan all along? You wanted me to see you like that and for Dylan to lower me into the trap. You actually wanted to see me this hurt?" I asked both of them trying to hold back my tears. "I can't believe you two!" I muttered putting my head down. I soon felt someones hand placed on my shoulder from behind. I looked up to see Harry with a small smile. I gave him a week smile back and placed my hand over his.

"I see you moved on from me fast then babe?" Leo said to me.

"Oh shut up will you. I've only just started to trust people again and your making it worse for me. You of all people Dylan should know how hard it is for me to trust people," I said to Dylan.

"What's that suppose to mean?" He asked

"What i mean is that we used to be friends. What happened to you? Us? We used to be inseparable and then just like Leo you turned your back on me and went off leaving me hanging about in the shadows," I said crying again.

"I grew up," He growled at me.

"That isn't an excuse to leave me behind and treat me like i'm dirt is it? Coming here has made me realise that i was stupid to ever have trusted either of you both and that i can trust people if i just give them a chance," And while saying the last part i turned around to face Harry and give him a peck on the cheek.

"I'm going home before i kill you both," I said and went out the door without another word or a care about what anyone in that room had to say to or about me at this moment in time.

I walked home, put my pyjamas on and sat in front of the tv with ice cream for the rest of the day until there was a knock on the door.

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