Tell Me A Lie (Re-Writing)


"Oh shut up will you. I've only just started to trust people again and your making it worse for me. You of all people Dylan should know how hard it is for me to trust people," I said to him.

"What's that suppose to mean?" He asked

"What i mean is that we used to be friends. What happened to you? Us? We used to be inseparable and then just like Leo you turned your back on me and went off leaving me hanging about in the shadows," I said crying again.

"I grew up," He growled back.


Leaving your life behind and starting again. Sound easy? Wrong. My life has been torture since i can remember. I just get my life back on track and those two assholes think they can just come find me and everything would be sunshine and rainbows? There so wrong!
I'm not going back there and if they think that, they can go back into dream land.
My life is officially ruined for the millionth time this year.


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14. The Truth

I got up off of the couch and opened the door to see some faces that made me feel a little happier. The five boys, Bella, Stacy, Zach, Caleb, Lula and Amber were stood there with smiles on their faces

"Just thought we should come round and give you some company," Lula said with a giant smile on her face. I pulled her into a hug laughing.

"Thank you guys but you didn't have to," I told them.

"We know we didn't but we couldn't stand the thought of our best friend sat at home all on her own," Louis said.

"I wasn't all alone," I told them.

"What do you mean?" Bella asked.

"I had my tub of ice cream and the tv to keep me company," I said with a smile.

"We'll just go then if were interrupting something them?" Harry asked sounding jealous of the ice cream.

"Are you seriously jealous of a tub of ice cream?" Louis asked him as if he was reading my mind.

"No im not. I just don't like the idea of my girl being on her own," Harry said.

"Well if you don't like me being on my own can you get your butts in my house to stop the warmth escaping?" I asked. They started laughing and i joined realising how silly that sounded.

"Yes, we will come in," Zach said and ran into my house and jumping on the couch. The others and i followed behind while laughing at him.

"So what do you want to do then?" Zayn asked us all once we were sat in the living room.

"I think it's time i told you all about my old life," I said while looking down at my lap.

"You don't have to tell us if you don't want to," Caleb said.

"But i think i at least owe it to you all since you don't know why i act like the way i do. You don't know why i came here either. I haven't told anyone this but i think you guys should be the first to hear about it since i trust yous the most," I said but this time looking up to see everyone's faces.

"You can stop at any point if you have to," Stacy said smiling at me. I smiled back and started with my story.

"Okay well it all started with me and Dylan. We used to be best friends a long time ago. Our mothers were childhood friends and we both sort of started our friendship there really. I don't really remember how but i guess we just clicked. His mother was going through a hard time and took it out on my own and they had an argument. Once Dylan had heard about it he got so angry that he took it out on me and turned on me just like that," Snapping my thumb and finger together at the last part to show how quickly he turned against me.

"When i was in primary two, thats when i met Leo and became close to him. Some people used to say we were joined at the hip because we would go everywhere together. We started dating at the start of high school and thats when Dylan started to become nasty and get his friends to make me feel like shit most of the time. Leo then joined the football team and much to my dismay became friends with Dylan. A few days before i left home i had been getting texts from Leo saying to meet him behind the school at break so i did as he asked but i wish i never went to see him," at this point i was now crying.

"What did he do?" Zach asked

"I saw him with some of the boys from the football team and that i could understand but not the other things. He had another girl sitting in his lap while smoking. Leo was never the person to start smoking but i guess i never knew that since he was keeping things from me. I then found out that it was Dylan sending the texts to me from Leo's phone. I got so stressed out that day that i went home early," I was now full on crying. Harry took my left hand in his and placed a soft kiss to my forehead.

"When i went home i saw my dad in the living room with some lady making out on the couch. I couldn't believe that my dad did that so i went upstairs and fell to the ground and the next thing i knew i was waking up in the morning on the ground. The next day at school was like the days before. Dylan being an ass as usual and me the top subject of the whole school. Even my own friends Maya, Alyson, Carson and Lucas had turned on me for something i hadn't done. Leo had been telling everyone that i had cheated on him but i hadn't. Dylan gave me more shit so i called my mother and she picked me up," I paused for a minute to look at everyone's faces. Amber, Stacy, Lula and Bella were crying and most of the boys had tears in their eyes.

"I had told her what had happened the past days at school and the thing about my dad kind of slipped out of my mouth. My mother was a mess and she was stressed most of the time. Later in the day she went to work and i decided to go out for a jog. On my way to the park there was this one song i was listening to and it just made sense in my situation. I just couldn't take anymore of what was happening so i went home and thought about what i could do. I came to a conclusion that i would come here because this house is my grandfathers old summer house where him and my grandmother used to come before she passed away. I had made a decision that i was going to run away from home because i couldn't stand to see my mother upset, I couldn't cope with everything at school so i had to get away from everything," At this point all of the boys were crying too. I carried on with my story once again.

"I had two places in mind where i could go. Either Ashwick Valley or here but i decided to come here because even though i wanted to get away from that place, i still wanted to be reminded of them and this was the perfect way for me to remember them. I thought coming here would made things better and it did at first. All of the problems went away, nobody would really miss me because they just forgot about me and i feel slightly safer here than i did back home. I made new friends that make me feel wanted, a loving boyfriend and a new family who i adore the most," Once i had said the last sentence, everyone 'auw'd at me and i just laughed with now happy tears coming out of my eyes.

"I love you too babe," Harry whispered in my ear. I looked up at him and smiled a real smile this time.

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