Tell Me A Lie (Re-Writing)


"Oh shut up will you. I've only just started to trust people again and your making it worse for me. You of all people Dylan should know how hard it is for me to trust people," I said to him.

"What's that suppose to mean?" He asked

"What i mean is that we used to be friends. What happened to you? Us? We used to be inseparable and then just like Leo you turned your back on me and went off leaving me hanging about in the shadows," I said crying again.

"I grew up," He growled back.


Leaving your life behind and starting again. Sound easy? Wrong. My life has been torture since i can remember. I just get my life back on track and those two assholes think they can just come find me and everything would be sunshine and rainbows? There so wrong!
I'm not going back there and if they think that, they can go back into dream land.
My life is officially ruined for the millionth time this year.


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2. Meet Spencer

As i walked through the school halls, i seen my best friends Maya, Alyson, Carson, Lucas and my boyfriend Leo. As i walk over to them, i hear the rain pounding down and hitting off of the windows.
"Hey guys," i said once i had made my way over to them and kissed Leo on the lips.
"Hey Spence," they all said in unison with smiles on their faces then went back to speaking about whatever it was about.
"No, my mum said that i have to go to my grans house," Maya complained.
"But that's not fair, we've been talking about this for months and its my birthday sleep over for god sake!" Complained Alyson.
OMG! I totally forgot it was Alyson's birthday this weekend! How could i forget that her birthday was the 14th of November! We've been speaking about this sleep over since April. I have her present and everything ready but i just forgot it was this weekend with everything about exams coming up, I've been studying and a lot has been on my mind.
"Your still coming, right Spence?" Alyson questioned me.
"Of course, i wouldn't miss it for the world!" I told her. Even though i have something to do tomorrow night, if i have to lie to her then that's what i had to do.
"Great!" She had a giant smile on her face. Just at that moment i received a text message so i took my phone out of my pocket to see who it was from:
From: Blocked Number
Message: It's not just you who is keeping secrets, don't follow in your fathers footsteps. -A
Not this again! I've been receiving weird texts the past few months from a person called 'A' and i have no idea who it is. The texts are always something to do with either me, my friends or my family but it's like this 'A' person is watching my every move and being very secretive about it. I haven't told anybody about this because i feel like if i do then it's just going to make things worse for myself.
Oh there's the bell for the start of first lesson.
"Bye guys. Love you Spence," Leo said as he turned to face me and kiss me once again.
"Love you too Leo," i said and kissed him back. I said my goodbyes and walked off to my class- math -not my strongest subject but i am good at it.
I walked into maths and sat down in my seat. None of my friends are in this class but unfortunately i have Dylan in this class with me.
Dylan is the captain of the boys football team and people would class him as the 'popular jock who's a total ass' and they're right! He is a total ass because everything i say, he always has a comment to go with it.
"Good morning class," Mrs Hay spoke as she walked into the classroom. There were a lot of hellos and mornings said in the class. She walked over to her desk and took the attendance then started the lesson.
I looked around the class to see Dylan and his friends throwing paper at each other. Mrs Hay noticed and asked him a question.
"Dylan here's one for you: 3(6x + 7y) + 5(9y + 4x) ?"
And of course Dylan had no clue because he never pays attention in class to see what we are learning about but i know what it is.
"Umm.... I don't know and don't care really," Dylan answered back to Mrs Hay and swung backwards in his chair and put his feet on the desk.
"Well you should care because maths is important in life and you never know when you might need it and take your feet off of the table please," Mrs Hay sighed as soon as she realized that he wasn't going to do as she asked.
"Okay Spencer, do you know the answer to the question?" She asked me.
"Of course she does. She's a smart chic that girl," i heard Dylan say. I turned around to face him and glared at him which only made him laugh so i turned back around to face Mrs Hay and told her the answer.
"Is the answer 38x + 66y," i asked even thought i already knew the answer i had given was right.
"Yes well done. That is the right answer," Mrs Hay congratulated me but as always one of Dylan's friends had to comment.
"At least the geek know how to use numbers and letters," he said which made Dylan and his other friends laugh like little children.
Its not that i'm a 'geek'. Its just that when i'm in class, i like to keep my head down and get on with my work and not muck about. When i don't have a class with any of my friends, people would call me the "loner with no friends who's a goody two shoes' but i know i'm not a loner and i ain't no goody two shoes. I would say that i am shy most of the time unless i'm with my friends but that's not a lot.
"Well maybe we should get Spencer to tutor you lot in math so you know what we are talking about," Mrs Hay said to them. What the hell! Like i would want to tutor them!
"At least we would have a hot, sexy chic as our tutor," Cavan said while winking at me. I rolled my eyes and didn't listen to anymore of the conversation because knowing them, that wouldn't be the end of the comments during that period.


(A/N)-- Okay so this is the first proper chapter. What do you think?

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