Tell Me A Lie (Re-Writing)


"Oh shut up will you. I've only just started to trust people again and your making it worse for me. You of all people Dylan should know how hard it is for me to trust people," I said to him.

"What's that suppose to mean?" He asked

"What i mean is that we used to be friends. What happened to you? Us? We used to be inseparable and then just like Leo you turned your back on me and went off leaving me hanging about in the shadows," I said crying again.

"I grew up," He growled back.


Leaving your life behind and starting again. Sound easy? Wrong. My life has been torture since i can remember. I just get my life back on track and those two assholes think they can just come find me and everything would be sunshine and rainbows? There so wrong!
I'm not going back there and if they think that, they can go back into dream land.
My life is officially ruined for the millionth time this year.


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12. Give Me A Chance

"What do you think?" Harry asked me once we had reached the pond.

"Its beautiful!" I said. The other four boys has caught up to Harry and i at this point.

"Are you alright?" Zayn asked me with a small smile.

"I'm fine thanks," I told him.

"Alright well why don't we all get to know each other?" Louis suggested after a few moments. We all agreed and found a bench and some grass to sit on. On the bench was Louis, Liam and Niall and on the grass was Harry, Zayn and me.

"What do you want to know about me?" I asked them first.

So we sat for about an hour and a half just asking each other questions so i could get to know them and they could get to know me aswell. A while later my phone rang. I took my phone out of my pocket and looked at the ID. Zach. I answered the phone to see what he wanted.

"Hey," I said to him.

"Hey, where are you?" He asked me.

"I, uh, something came up so i had to leave school for the rest of the day," I told him even if i was trying to make him believe me and not the other way around.

"Okay?" He said to me.

"Look, i gotta go. I'll speak to you tomorrow?" I told him and we said our goodbyes and i ended the call.

"Who was that?" Louis asked with an eyebrow up.

"Just Zach," I replied with a smile.

"Is this that Zach guy Harry was telling us about this morning?" Zayn asked confused?

"Depends on what curly over there has told you," I said and looked at Harry for an answer.

"Nothing, I didn't say anything. I told them i was speaking to you and Zach was there. That's all i said," He said.

"Sure, whatever you say curly," I said and lay my back on the grass behind me and closed my eyes. I opened my eyes a few minutes later to see five pairs of eyes above me.

"What are you doing?" I asked looking at all of them.

"Just admiring how pretty you are," Curly boy said. I rolled my eyes and stood up.

"Why are you being like this?" He asked me.

"What do you mean?" I asked back.

"I meant you are mean to me and then nice to the rest of the lads, why?" He popped up an eyebrow like Louis had done a mew moments ago.

"I guess its just cause i get on better with them than you. Not that i don't try or anything but i just feel like you act too much like my ex and that isn't a good thing," I told him.

"But how do you know im like your ex if you wont give me a chance?" He asked.

"It's hard for me to trust new people you know," I told him.

"But you seen to trust the lads?"

"But that's different," I said.

"How? How is that different?" He asked once again. Whats with him and all the questions?
"Because recently everyone has been lying to me about everything and i can't trust people like i used to anymore. It's hard for me to let people into my life. I am trying to trust people but i just feel like i'll be be
trayed again," I said to him with my head down and fiddling with my fingers.

"It's okay, i'm not going to hurt you. I just want you to give me a chance so i can show you that i'm nothing like that ex of yours that you say i am. One chance and if i blow it them i'll leave you alone and i wont bother you. How does that sound?" He asked me while Liam rubbed my back.

"Your on Styles but only one chance and if you blow it you wont get another one. Got it?" I asked him.

"Got it."

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