Tell Me A Lie (Re-Writing)


"Oh shut up will you. I've only just started to trust people again and your making it worse for me. You of all people Dylan should know how hard it is for me to trust people," I said to him.

"What's that suppose to mean?" He asked

"What i mean is that we used to be friends. What happened to you? Us? We used to be inseparable and then just like Leo you turned your back on me and went off leaving me hanging about in the shadows," I said crying again.

"I grew up," He growled back.


Leaving your life behind and starting again. Sound easy? Wrong. My life has been torture since i can remember. I just get my life back on track and those two assholes think they can just come find me and everything would be sunshine and rainbows? There so wrong!
I'm not going back there and if they think that, they can go back into dream land.
My life is officially ruined for the millionth time this year.


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20. Childish?

We got back from the shops and plonked our bottoms on the sofas.

"Well that was a long day of shopping," Bella sighed.

"Yes it was. Who knew shopping with you would be so easy," We both laughed then someone came into the room.

"Have a good time?" Harry asked while leaning against the living room door with his arms crossed over his chest.

"A wonderful time without you boys," Bella told him.

"But i hope that my baby missed me?" He asked pouting his bottom lip at me.

"I suppose i did a little," I said shrugging my shoulders playfully. Harry looked at me upset then dropped his arms dramatically and grumped.

"And i thought that you would have wanted a kiss but oh well," He said and turned around. I stood up and faced where he was stood.

"And i didn't think you were childish?" I asked back. Harry stopped in his tracks and turned around to face me.

"You did not just call me childish?" He asked. He slowly started to make his way over to where i was standing.

"Maybe i did and maybe i didn't," I said with a smile on my face.

"I hope you didn't," He whispered once he got to me.

"But i did," I whispered back.

"That's a shame then," And he started to tickle my sides.

"Stop," I managed to get out of my mouth while laughing.

"Tell me im not childish and you love me then i'll let you go," He told me.

"Nope," I said still laughing.

"You know you want to," Harry whispered.

"Okay your not childish," I told him through laughs.

He kissed the end of my nose and let me go. I pulled him in for a hug and put my arms around his neck. We slowly moved in towards each other and when our lips finially met, he wrapped his arms around my waist pulling me closer to him.

"Keep it PG," A female voice called from the living room door. We pulled away from each other to see who it was. Amber had her head leaning against Liam's shoulder while they were holding hands.

"Sorry mummy," I said to her and she rolled her eyes.

"What were you doing anyway?" Liam asked us.

"Curly started to tickle me because i called him childish," I told them and Liam started laughing while Amber was trying to hold hers back.

"I agree with Spence on this one mate," Liam started, "You do sometimes act childish." Harry put his hands on his hips and pretended to be mad.

"Exactly what i meant," I mumbled to myself.

"What was that?" Harry asked me.

"Nothing babe," I said, pecked him on the lips and ran to the kitchen. On the way there i could hear Liam and Amber laughing.

I was making myself a cup of coffee when two arms made their way around my waist and a head lay on top of my shoulder.

"I thought you loved my childish ways?" A husky voice whispered in my ear. I put down the kettle and turned around.

"And i do," I told him.

"And what was the other thing?" He asked.

"Was it something along the lines of 'can i have a kiss'?" I asked with a smirk on my face.

"I think its close enough," And with that our lips connected together again. We pulled away after a few seconds with our foreheads together.

"I love you Harry Styles," I told him.

"I love you Spencer Valentine," He replied.

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