The Internet Machine

I am in a love hate relationship with the internet, so here are my wonderful thoughts on the magical internet machine. P.S. what genre is this? I put it in other, please tell me!!!


1. Why I love the internet

Why I love the internet. So, so many reasons, so let's say that this is part one!

Number one

I love writing, and for me it's a way to let out my emotions that I am, quite frankly, scared to voice too much out loud in fear that people will run away. On the internet, I can write my feelings in a story, or poem or some other wacky way that I would be too shy to show a lot of people in real life. The internet lets me take off my mask for just one second and improve myself in the main way I care about, my writing. I love getting feedback from strangers who won't judge me for not being the perfect student, or family member, and look at my writing with an honest, unbiased view and tell me how THEY would improve it. 

Number two

In the "real world" you don't meet many people that carry around poems and stories that they have written, and you don't very often ask people to show you their work, and if you do, as soon as you compliment them on it the main response is, "it's not that good". The internet let's me see different styles, and writers who just say thank you, and read the piece that I want to improve on. People who maybe don't go around displaying that they are AMAZING at writing all day, and just write the most touching, funny or just inspiring works of art that YOU can see, and that, without the internet, you might not.

Number three

I have family on literally the other side of the world, so whether it's through facebook or e-mail, I can stay in touch, and that to me, is one of the best things about the internet. Keeping in touch with some of the people who actually were my only true BEST FRIENDS up until a year ago, who I would trust with my life (because I know they would listen to what I wanted), who I saw at least twice every month even though they lived 2-3 hours away and had so much on like me. And now I can see them or at least speak to them every week, because of the internet.

Number four

The part that EVERYONE loves about the internet, easy research materials right at your fingertips. It makes finding out about different subjects that I'm interested in soooo much easier, such as human behavior, facial expressions; for my sister it's dietitian courses; for a lot of people it's homework, research, recipes, everything you could ever possibly imagine, right there.

And finally (for now) number five

Entertainment. People that make me smile on a daily basis and I don't even know them. Youtubers that are so relatable it's funny, or music videos, reaction videos, tutorials, stunts, videos that make you cry and want to make a difference in the world. Blogs, with hints, tips, reading about some-one's life because they openly share it with you and you can learn from their mistakes. TV shows, films on catch up or Netflix. Social networking sites, tumblr (I watch my sister on it and she smiles so much it's like a different person), facebook, twitter (again I watch my sister), if movellas counts then movellas.

The internet can make me so happy, without even trying because I can be as happy as I want or as depressed as I want and it doesn't effect anyone but me. And people giving advice and it being accepted and taken in. These are all the things I think everyone needs to love about the internet. Having said that, the next chapter will be things I HATE about the internet, because, like I said, it's a love hate relationship.

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