Walking Side by Side

Daphne at a young age of sixteen gave birth to a child of a billionaire.
'Yes,yes. Good job, Daphne. You caught yourself a billionaire!' But the problem is, Daphne ran away when she found it out.
Daphne had never told whoever, whom the father was. No one.
Nine long years past, Daphne and Harry meets once again! Would Daphne and Harry remain as friends or will their old love reignite.
Read on to find out!


1. Chapter One

"Mama! Look what I got here!"

I turned and shriek as a mud-covered frog leapt onto me ,dirtying my uniform.

Deep chuckles came from the door as Aleksander walked in.

"As lily-pampered as always, ain't she?" Aleksander said coolly. Aleksander is about six feet three inches tall, weighing around eight stones, slight brown-reddish hair were visible in the midnight black. He's eyes were bright red as though he were a vampire. But of course, he isn't.

"Aleksander, Sir! What have you been teaching my dear Mason? He's turn boorish now, all thanks to you" I whispered loudly,lunging an elbow to his chest softly,afraid that I would interrupt my patients nap.

"Ouch! That hurts!" Aleksander yelped, putting his wide palm on his chest, feigning a painful expression on his face.

Beep.Beep. The pager announced.

"Gotta go, duty calls" I winked to Aleksander and gave Mason a kiss on the forehead. "Help me take care of Mason, would you? And don't let Mason wander around, my patients here needs some rest" I told Aleksander as I head off to my office.

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