Dare to Dream: Life as Directioner

There is a model name Nina. She has a beautiful long and curly hair and sexy body. She's tall and sweet. She is a right lady for every lad's dream. One day she had a busy photo shoot and modeling. When she got bored she open the television on their set and saw a Boyband name One Direction. They we're active for 2 and a half years but they decided to move on their own life because they think that they're too busy for their work and they realize that they don't even have a time for their family. Nina stop for working as a model and plan to visit United Kingdom to help the lads with their problem.


8. I got an Idea :)

Nina's POV

I think there is no chance that Niall will get back to the band. He's now okay and he got recover well but he said he don't want to get back to One Direction. He said he is going back to school. He's 19 and going back to school? I ask my self. I think what school would he choose here in United Kingdom. Then I remember he actually enrolled on a boy's school. How can I catch up Niall? I'm a girl and I have a work? Actually I'm 18 I can still go back to college but not on a boy's school. This is difficult. I can't be a model and student at the same time. And it's really hard for  me to disguise as a boy and enter All boys school. I should probably think wise about it.

So I already have the answer. Since my purpose here is to make up the lads together. Now I have a better idea. I have to keep in touch with Niall Horan. This may be difficult for me but I'll work hard for this. I gotta keep on touch to him and encourage him to get back to 1D. But I need to quit my job and enroll in an all boys school. But before that I need to cut my hair like Niall's. This is quite hard but this is for me and Niall. Wish me luck.


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