Dare to Dream: Life as Directioner

There is a model name Nina. She has a beautiful long and curly hair and sexy body. She's tall and sweet. She is a right lady for every lad's dream. One day she had a busy photo shoot and modeling. When she got bored she open the television on their set and saw a Boyband name One Direction. They we're active for 2 and a half years but they decided to move on their own life because they think that they're too busy for their work and they realize that they don't even have a time for their family. Nina stop for working as a model and plan to visit United Kingdom to help the lads with their problem.


7. Bad News

Nina's POV

No work for today. I just need to hang out with Yoshua and Agnes. It's been a long time since we get together and have a laugh. Now We're going to watch the movie of the lads entitled This Is Us, go shopping and just lay down on couch and watch some news. I'm so excited, I already bought ticket for the concert. I wish they can still recognized me but after many fans they have faced I think no.

I had fun with my cousins earlier. But when I open the telly my best day turns into the worst. Niall is attacked by a squirrel and he really need to have his leg an operation for the ligaments. I don't know what to do but cry. I wish he's in a good condition now. If someone asked me which lads I fancy with? It would be Niall. I wish everything will be fine. How about the concert next month? How can he go? I can't sleep and I still think that I would not go for work tomorrow. I need some time to think. I got some  One Direction News app on my iphone to keep me updated with the lads. I try to sleep and I wish when I wake up Niall will be okay.

After I waked up from a really bad,serious and horrible nightmare yesterday. I rushed downstairs to open the telly as fast as I can. Then there's BBC they had an exclusive interview from the Management of One Direction. They said that Niall is going to quit the band because of the injury. Meaning he is not going with the other lads to perform on their concert. This is the most worst. I can't go to the concert like this. How can Niall be like this. I know he doesn't even want to leave the band. I wish Niall will get well as soon as possible and get back to One Direction as soon as possible though.  

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