Dare to Dream: Life as Directioner

There is a model name Nina. She has a beautiful long and curly hair and sexy body. She's tall and sweet. She is a right lady for every lad's dream. One day she had a busy photo shoot and modeling. When she got bored she open the television on their set and saw a Boyband name One Direction. They we're active for 2 and a half years but they decided to move on their own life because they think that they're too busy for their work and they realize that they don't even have a time for their family. Nina stop for working as a model and plan to visit United Kingdom to help the lads with their problem.


10. All Boys School \m/

Nina's POV

I'm so ashamed. Brought my certificates and documents to the office earlier. They didn't know I was faking to be a man. Everything went smooth. They said that I can go to school next week. My uniform will be available tomorrow. It's very hard to adapt in the environment. I never had this experience before. ALL BOYS AROUND ME? It's very difficult you know. What if I have my period? I need to be careful around boys. This university has their own dormitory. It's like a village. Everything is inside this  university. I miss Enderun :(

First Day of School

I was walking on the way to the University that Me and Niall have to study.

While I was walking I saw a massive car which is mobbed by groups of girls. I think Niall is inside. This girls are not allowed to go in. That would be a major offense. And no outsiders are allowed to go inside unless they are going to the office to ask permission. I went to through this catastrophe; I'm going to look what's inside. Once I got in front of it I saw Niall listening to the music and let the blinds (Blinds as in the foldable window) cover his window. One professor who is handing this long stick scares the girl to move and let Niall's car pass. He hit me with his stick and ask me what's my purpose in that place. I ask him Me? He said No, no Of course you. Hahaha I'm being sarcastic. Oh yes! I'm going to study in this University. I'm going to be your student sir. The professor said I can go inside the office and get my uniform. Before that I find my place to stay which is the dormitory. The dormitory in that university is divided into three. I went to  the 1st group. The leader of dorm 1 gave me my key and room number. When I open the door, there is my room mate whose stuffs are Ireland and Union Jack.  I guess this is a Guy Directioner. I gotta go find Niall later. But before that I need to fix and unpacked my things. I got up stairs because our bed is double decker. When I got down I saw Niall. This is unexpected. That's why some of his stuffs are Union Jacks. I ask him his name and pretend that I don't know.  Hi my name is Nina. Ehem, I mean Niño. You? He just laugh and tell me his name. I'm Niall and we shook each others hand. I can't believe this, I'm holding my crush's hand. Are you blushing Niall said. Oh no as I pull my hands of off him. No. I'm not gay. It's just uhm, it's cold and my cheeks are turning red. Nice to meet you Niall :) and he just nodded. Niall has changed a lot. He is quite serious. He is not the Niall I know. The cheeky one? He is somewhat you call lonely :( But I'm happy that we're together.

Sorry, our room is to messy Hahaha!

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