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Nina is a famous actor, and Justin a famous singer. They meet, and its love at first sight.. Orrr, at least for one of them. But they start talking, and they found out that this was what they've been looking for. And it doesn't take long before the stars get together.
They have what everyone wants.. A perfect relationship. But as Justin always says "Expect the unexpected." but they didn't.. Something changes everything. What seemed to be a perfect relationship, may not be so perfect after all.
What happens, and how?
Is there relationship strong enough to make it trough the hard time?
Your questions will be answered in Imperfections.


1. "Why won't anyone care.."

It was the day before the Billboard awards. Two people was walking around unknown that in less than a day, they would find the one.

Nina was packing her clothes, as she had to stay at a hotel after the Billboard. She carried her bags downstairs, and went to the bathroom to get her toilet stuff. She packed every little thing and item down, and put the bag on the floor. She placed her hands on the sink, and took a deep breath. "Another award show, huh.. Wuhu." she said ironic to herself. She was tired. Tired of the same old routine. Pack, sleep, wake up, get ready, go out, go home, and once again sleep alone. "Why can't you get your things together, and find someone who cares.. Why won't anyone care.." she whispered to her mirror image. A tear fell down her cheek. She whipped the tear away, and carried the rest of her bags out. She sat down on the stairs, leaned up against the wall, and just closed her eyes.

Mean while Justin was packing his tour bus, or should i say, Scooter was packing his tour bus. Cause Justin sat on his phone, making beliebers smile. "Last day to vote for the billboards. Love you all, you are the once keeping me going." he tweeted with a big smile on his face. "Justin, do you have time to help here please?" Scooter said irritated. "Well not rea-" "Now!" Justin got up and laid down his phone. Almost everything was packed, the only thing missing was all his toilet stuff. He grabbed his hair products, perfumes, necklaces and his toothbrush. "See, I'm done! I told you packing was easy." Justin said laughing. He went right back to his phone. "Justin, I'm going to the show in Germany, but I'm ticketless!" newest mention on twitter. "Hi, i got your back girl. Three M&G will be sent your way. Love you." He threw the phone on the couch. "Another day of making people smile." he whispered to himself, as he smiled. He laid down and closed his eyes.

Next day.
Everyone was arriving to the red carpet. One Direction, Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Cara Delvigne, all the biggest stars. Nina drove up in her limo. She stepped out the car looking amazing. She got her high heels on, her fine long dress, and her hair was beautiful. The camera glimpsed, and the paparazzi went wild. "Nina! We haven't heard from you in a while, what have you been up to?!" The paparazzi yelled. Nina faked a smile, just as she does it best. She went trough the red carpet, but for once.. She didn't stop for pictures. She went inside, and sat down in the wardrobe. It didn't take long before the Billboard manager walked in. "Nina, they are waiting for your pics outside." "I don't want to take pics. I don't want their stupid questions. I just wanna sit for a moment, okay." Nina said with sorrow in her voice. "But that's what we d-" "No!" Nina said, but this time with anger. "Cant you just understand that everyone needs a break, and i need one right now!" "O-okay. Im sorry." the manager said, and went out. She sat there for a while, but then she could here the other girls come in. They needed to get an extra touch to make sure everything was perfect. As the girls walked in, Nina walked out and hit her should against one of the other girls. "What's up with her?" the other girl said as the door closed. She went outside and stood in a corner.
Justin now arrived in his tour bus, and the fans were already screaming. He went out smiling, and weaving to the fans. He went on the red carpet, and stood for pictures. He smiled, and posed. "Such a diva." Nina thought to herself. Justin turned his head, and Nina caught his eyes. Nina looked away, she didn't want anything to do with him. She had always had a bad eye for Justin. Justin grabbed Scooters arm. "Yo Scooter.. Who's that girl over there?" "I think its Nina Dobrev, she's an actor. Why?" Scooter asked with curiosity in his voice. "She seems so.. sad." Scooter just went trough the red carpet and went inside. 
It was time for the show to begin. Everyone went inside and found their seat. Everyone, but Nina. She was still outside. She told the guards she had to go pee. Justin sat right opposite of where Nina sat, or should've.. "Where is she.." Justin whispered to herself. "What?" Scooter said. "Nothing. Um, i have to go pee. I'll be right back." Justin went outside, but not because he had to pee. He had to find Nina. "Have you seen Nina Dobrev?" He asked the guard. "I think she went to the bathroom, or maybe she's out to get some air." He went to the woman's bathroom, opened the door and asked if anyone was in there but no one answered. He waited for a minute, but realized that she wasn't in there. He then went outside, and there she was sitting on the bench. "Hi, you okay?" he asked. "UH! Oh, you scared me." "Im sorry i didn't mean to scare you." he laughed. "Im Justin." "Yeah, i know." Nina said like she didn't care. And she didn't. "Are you okay? Do you wanna talk?" "With you? Not really." She said as she gave him the cold shoulder. "Well, if you ever need to talk I'm here. And, you must be freezing. Here take my jacket." He took off his jacket, and laid it on her back. "Um.. Thanks." "Maybe he wasn't that bad.." she thought. "Let's go inside, we don't wanna miss the show." He gently tapped her shoulder. They got up, and went for the door. "No, i guess we don't.." she whispered as she walked trough the door. As they got in he followed her to her seat, smiled and went over to his own seat. As the show begun, the light went darker. Justin couldn't see much, but he could just see a bit of her face. She didn't looked happy. Everyone started clapping. "Aww, that was a great speech, don't you think? Justin? Hello?" Scooter asked. "Wait, what?" "Where are you? What are you thinking about?" "Um.. Nothing." Justin said while looking at Nina. "Well it must be something if you can miss a 5 minutes long speech." 

30 minutes pasted, and it was time for a break. The light went on, and Justin looked up at Nina. She was still looking so sad. A girl came up to her asking for a pictures, and as they were taking the picture Justin read that fake smile. He knows it too well. He used to make the same fake smile. Now he knew what was going on. He got up. "I'll be right back." He said as he walked away. He walked straight up to her, grabbed her hand and pulled her out. "Now i know whats wrong." "No, you don't. You don't know anything." she said looking down. "Yes i do. I've been there. I know exactly how it feels. You are tired. Tired of living this life. Tired of the same old routine. Tired of the fact that you are being judged for every move you make. Tired of being alone." She looked up, choked that he know exactly what was going on. "But how do you know? When do you... You look so happy about this?" She asked. "I am, but i haven't always been. I've been trough that period. I've had days where i just felt like ending this, about disappearing. I've had days where I'm tired of being judged not only by haters, but also by fans. I have to think about every move i make, to make sure none of them is gonna be disappointed. I need to make sure i don't let anyone down." He teared up, and so did Nina.

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