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Nina is a famous actor, and Justin a famous singer. They meet, and its love at first sight.. Orrr, at least for one of them. But they start talking, and they found out that this was what they've been looking for. And it doesn't take long before the stars get together.
They have what everyone wants.. A perfect relationship. But as Justin always says "Expect the unexpected." but they didn't.. Something changes everything. What seemed to be a perfect relationship, may not be so perfect after all.
What happens, and how?
Is there relationship strong enough to make it trough the hard time?
Your questions will be answered in Imperfections.


4. "Nobody walks away from perfection."

Nina wakes up, turns around but the bed is empty. Where is Justin? She gets up to check if he's on the balcony, but he isn't. She looks on the table to see if he wrote a note, but he didn't. Did he just leave? Is he that type of guy? She sits on the end of the bed, and run her fingers trough her hair. She takes out her phone, to check if he texted her, but she didn't even get his number. She goes on twitter to check if he wrote anything. "Amazing day. Down to get breakfast to a very special girl." She smiles. She looks down and his shirt is laying on the floor. She pics it up, and puts it on. Its much longer and bigger on her, but its so comfortable. She goes out on the balcony, and sits on the chair with her legs up. The shirt still smells of him. She hears the door go up. She doesn't turn around. Suddenly someone covers her eyes. "Guess who?" "Um.. Can you kiss me, then maybe i can guess it?" she giggles. "You sneaky, huh?" Justin laughs. "So.. No kiss for me? Haha." "Nope.. Just kidding, it would be my pleasure." Justin says as he goes in front of her, and gives her a kiss. "I was worried you walked out on me, but then i checked twitter." Nina says. "I would be an idiot if i walked out on a girl like you. Nobody walks away from perfection." Justin winked. "I got you breakfast.. Here you go." He puts a plate on the table filled with bread, fruit and a glass of milk. "Thank you, it looks delicious." "Just like you.." Justin laughs. "Aww, aren't you cheesy?" Nina winked. Nina takes a bite of the bun, and put it back down. "You not hungry?" Justin asks. "No, not really. When I'm in love i don't really eat.." "Wait.. You in love?" "Y-yeah.. Was that.. Too early?" Nina asks worried. "No not at all, i was just afraid you didn't feel the same!" Justin smiles. "So, what do you wanna do today?" "I don't know.. What do you feel like doing?" "I was thinking i could invite you to the movies. How does that sound?" Justin said. "That sounds great, but maybe its not a good idea with all the people.." Nina asks nervous. "Trust me-" Justin winks. "As much as i love to see you in my shirt, you might need to get dressed." Justin laughs. "Okay, i'll go get dressed then. But first, i need ooooone more kiss to make it." Nina winks. Justin grabs the end of the shirt, and pulls her close. She puts a hand on each of his cheeks, and kiss him patiently while his hands is stroking her thighs. Nina lets go, and turn around and walks inside. "Babe, what kind of clothes do i have to wear?" She yells from the bathroom. "Something pretty, not all dressed up, but.. Yeah." Justin goes inside. "But what are you wearing babe?" "I think I'm gonna put on a suit, just to use it for once." he laughs. He grabs his bag and throw it on the bed. He digs down, and find a suit. He puts on the pants and the shirt. He then does the little red bow tie, and put on his jacket. He grabs his hair gel. He goes back out on the balcony, and waits for Nina. 15 minutes past, and the bathroom door opens. He gets up, and stands in the door. He looks at her. She's wearing a short red dress, red lipstick and black heels. "You are looking fine babe!" Justin smiles while looking up and down at Nina. "Thanks babe, you look so good as well!" She laughs. "So, you ready to go?" "Yup, lets go." Nina said. Justin goes up to her, kiss her and grabs her hand. "You got the key?" "Ofcourse i do." Justin winked. They walk out, and close the door behind them. Hand in hand they are walking down the hall. The get to the door, and as the gentleman Justin is, she holds the door for her. "Who's drivi.." Nina stops her sentence as she sees a long black limo holding outside. "Is that, for us?" Nina says shocked. The driver gets out, and hold the car door. "Ladies first" Justin says, and Nina gets inside, and so does Justin. When they get inside they see the champagne, and chocolate on the table. They sit in the very back. Justin has his arms around her shoulder, and she has her one hand on his thigh. It doesn't take long before the limo stops, and the door opens. "Here you go sir." Justin gets out, and gives Nina his hand to get out. They are right outside the cinema. "Are you sure its open, there are no one inside?" Nina asks. "Well, there is the owner." "But.." "I booked the cinema, to make sure there won't be any paparazzi to bother us." Justin winks. "Wow, when you ask someone out, you don't just mean McDonalds." They both laughs. They go inside and the owner welcomes them. "We are so honored to have them here Mr. Bieber and Ms. Dobrev." They both nod. "This way.." He follows them down the hall, and opens a door. "Enjoy." As they get inside Nina sees all the candles, and she's the many beanbags, carpets and madrases. "Holly.. Wow." Nina lets go of Justin hands and goes down the stairs. "Is this all for me?" She says as looking around. "Ofcourse it is, who else?" Justin laughs. Justin laid down on the beanbag, and Nina followed. "Sooo.. What movie are we gonna watch?" "Well, i just asked the manager to pick a girly movie, and he picked 'a walk to remember', i hope that's okay. And if we don't like the movie we can always.." He stroked his hand up her thigh, and kiss her neck. They both giggled.

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