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Nina is a famous actor, and Justin a famous singer. They meet, and its love at first sight.. Orrr, at least for one of them. But they start talking, and they found out that this was what they've been looking for. And it doesn't take long before the stars get together.
They have what everyone wants.. A perfect relationship. But as Justin always says "Expect the unexpected." but they didn't.. Something changes everything. What seemed to be a perfect relationship, may not be so perfect after all.
What happens, and how?
Is there relationship strong enough to make it trough the hard time?
Your questions will be answered in Imperfections.


3. "No, no. Its perfect."

He pushed her up against the wall, and kissed her neck. He took of her nightie, and kissed her chest. Nina grabbed his belt, and unbuttoned his pants and the slowly fell to the floor. Their kisses was getting intense, and their breath warmer. He lifted her up, turn around and laid her down on the bed. He kissed her from the chest, to her belly. He pulled down her panties, and took of his boxers. He laid down on top of her, hip against hip. He grabbed the headboard of the bed. He pushed his hip against hers, and he bite his lip. Nina started moaning, and her eyes was getting wet. "You okay babe? Just tell me if i need to be more gentle." Justin stopped. "No, no. Its perfect." She moaned. Nina grabbed Justins back, and her nails made marks. She turned Justin, so she was now on top. She bent over him, and kissed him. She sat on top of him, with her hands on his abs. His hands were slowly moving down her back. She slowly rocked back and forth, and Justin grabbed her butt in enjoy. He slipped his hands up her thighs, and grab her hips as he pulled her up close. Nina took his hands and placed them gently on her boobs, as she bent backwards. "Uhhhhhh babe. Uhhhh." Justin moaned. His breath got quicker, and so did Nina's. Once again, she bent over him pressing her lips against his. Tongue against tongue. It got faster and faster, and it was about time. Both Nina and Justin bite their lip, as they screamed.
Nina rolled down on her back, and they were both catching their breath. "That was... amazing." Justin smiled. Nina turned her head smiling at Justin. "It was perfect.." She looked into his big hazel brown eyes. Justin placed his hands on her cheek. "No babe.. You are perfect." She giggled. "I know we haven't known each other that long, but.. You're just.." Nina put her finger on Justins mouth. "Sssh.. I know. We'll take it slow... Well, from here!" they both laughed. "Is it okay if i stay here for the night?" "Sure, i would love that." Nina answered. "I need to call Scooter for a min to tell him that I'm staying." Justin put on his boxers, and walked out on the balcony. Nina putted on a roap, and sat down on the bed. "Hi Scooter. Yeah, I'm great! Im staying here for the night, but you don't need to be worried. Yeah-" he laughed "She's amazing. Yeah i know i need to be careful, but.. Its different with her, she's different. Yup, ok. See 'ya." Nina heard every word he said and smiled for herself. "Sorry bout that." "Im amazing?" Nina laughed. "Oh, you heard that huh? You little.." Justin said as running over to heard. "Come here you.." He tickled her. "No, Justin, no! Justin, Justin, stop, its not funny!" Nina said while rolling around laughing. "Its not funny, then why are you laughing?" while continuing to tickle her. "Because you are tickling me!" They both laughed. Nina yawned. "You tired sweetie?" "Yeah, a little." Nina said while yawning once again. "Alright then lets get some sleep." He turned off the tv, and closed the door to the balcony. He pulled out the blankets from the closet, and gave Nina her blanket. He laid down, and the both cuddle up in the blankets. "Goodnight hun, sleep tight." Justin said as he kissed her. "Goodnight babe." She laid her head on his chest, and smiled while closing her eyes. A few minutes past by, and Nina fell asleep. Justin giggled, and kissed her forehead. He run his fingers trough her hair, and stroke her back as he fell asleep.

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