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Nina is a famous actor, and Justin a famous singer. They meet, and its love at first sight.. Orrr, at least for one of them. But they start talking, and they found out that this was what they've been looking for. And it doesn't take long before the stars get together.
They have what everyone wants.. A perfect relationship. But as Justin always says "Expect the unexpected." but they didn't.. Something changes everything. What seemed to be a perfect relationship, may not be so perfect after all.
What happens, and how?
Is there relationship strong enough to make it trough the hard time?
Your questions will be answered in Imperfections.


5. "No its just.. Im afraid."

"Well you must be psychic cause that's my favorite movie! " Nina smiles. "Well, that's just something i do." Justin winks. Justin snaps, and the movie begins. Justin does the "yawn" move, and puts his arm around Nina and tucks her in. As the movie gets started, the manager comes in with popcorns, and walks right back out. "Here babe." Justin says as he feeds her one. His finger slides gently down her lip, as Nina smiles. "Okay okay, I'm gonna throw one, and you have to catch it, okay?" Nina laughs. "Challenge accepted." Justin says as he sit up, getting ready catch it. "You ready?" "Bring it on!" Nina throws the popcorn, and hits Justin right between his eyes! "Oh you.. You did that on purpose!" Justin laughs as he takes a handful of popcorns, and throws it at Nina. Before they know, they are having a popcorn fight! They run op and down the stairs, trying to catch and hit each other. Justin runs up and lock the door, and keeps chasing Nina. Nina is running down the stairs with Justin right after her. As they get to the bottom, gets to the beanbags, Justin gets to Nina and throws her down on the beanbags. Justin is now laying on top of Nina, and for 30 seconds there's just silence as they look each other in the eyes and smile. Nina rolls Justin around, down on the floor. Now she's on top. She holds down his arms. "You got me." Justin whispers as he lift his head to kiss her. She lets go of his arms, and place them on Justins cheeks. Nina ends the kiss, and sits up. "Something wrong babe?" Justin asks. "No its just.. Im afraid." Nina mumbled. "Afraid of what?" Just laughed. "Of you. Afraid that I'm just another girl to you. Afraid I'm just something for you to play with. Afraid that this doesn't mean as much to you as it does to me. Afraid that you are gonna hurt me." Ninas eyes got wet. "Babe.. You're different. You are not like other girls. I fell for the fact that you didn't like me, actually i think you did the exact opposite. I saw the pain in your heart, i saw the pain in your eyes. And now to see that smile on your face is the most beautiful thing ever. I feel your personality. I saw you, and i loved every single thing about it." Justin smiled as he whipped away a tear from Nina's cheek. "So.. You wouldn't mind people to see you with me?" Nina whispered. "Okay, check this out." Justin took out his phone. "Kiss." Justin said as he took a picture. "Hanging out with my girl @NinaDobrev. Love her." he tweeted and attached the picture. "Now its official." Justin kissed her on the cheek. "I love you too." Nina leaned over, and kissed Justin. Before they knew, the movie was at the end. They went up to the door, and unlocked it. "Did you enjoy the movie?" The manager smiled. "It was... Really.. Good!" They both laughed. "Orh, young love." the manager winked. As they got outside, the space was filled with fans. What Justin didn't know was that the fans recognized the cinema. As soon as they went out the door, the fans went wild. Lucky enough, the limo was just outside.  "JUSTIN, JUSTIN! ARE YOU AND NINA DATING?!" One of the fans asked. "Well.. I hope so." as he looked at Nina. Nina nodded. "As you can see I'm the luckiest man in the world." Justin winked, and got in the limo. "So.. You wanna go to my place? I can get the hotel to send our stuff!" "Sure, why not!" Nina smiled. Justin once again got his phone out and called the hotel. "Hey, its Justin. Yes, Justin Bieber. Can you send our stuff to my place? Room 234, yes. Thanks sir." Justin hung up. "Don't you have to tell the driver where to go?" Nina asked. "Babe, i got this all covered." Justin smiled. An hour pasted by, and they were finally outside Justins house. They arrived to the port. "Name?" a security voice said. "Yo man, its me. Justin." The port opened. The driver drove them to the door, and went out to hold the door. "Thank you." Justin gave the driver a handshake. Nina was about to open the door, until Justin lifted her up of the ground. "Let me madam." Justin winked, as he opened the door and lifted her over the door step. "Such a gentleman you are." Nina laughed. "Wow. Your house is amazing." *Miawwww.* A cat ran up to her. "That's tuts. The most amazing cat ever.-" he lifted up the cat. "Isn't that right Tuts? Yes it is." Tuts jumped down. "Justin? Is that you?" a woman voice said from upstairs.

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