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Nina is a famous actor, and Justin a famous singer. They meet, and its love at first sight.. Orrr, at least for one of them. But they start talking, and they found out that this was what they've been looking for. And it doesn't take long before the stars get together.
They have what everyone wants.. A perfect relationship. But as Justin always says "Expect the unexpected." but they didn't.. Something changes everything. What seemed to be a perfect relationship, may not be so perfect after all.
What happens, and how?
Is there relationship strong enough to make it trough the hard time?
Your questions will be answered in Imperfections.


2. naughty little nightie.

"But, how do you manage to stay happy? How are you able to smile?" "Well, i love my fans and I'm so blessed to be in this position. Not enough people has the chances i have. I know this life can be hard, but it brings so many good things with it as well, you need to remember that." Justin answered. "I know, but as life is right now, the bad things are just heavier than the good things.." a teared rolled down her cheek. "Come here" Justin said as he pulled Nina in for a tight hug. "Everything's gonna be alright babe." Justin said smiling. "Babe?" Nina thought. "You ready to go in again?" Justin said while letting go. "Yeah. Thanks for the talk. Lets keep this between us, right?" "OfCourse." They went in once again. As Justin sat down, he looked over at Nina, but this time she was smiling. "What happened out there?" Scooter asked. "Nothing.." Justin said with a big smile on his face. 
An award was about to be announced. "And the award for best new artist goes to... Austin Mahone!" Everyone was clapping, and Austin went down for his award. "Wow, this is.. Wow. I wanna thank my manager, my mom and my dad, and most of all my fans. Without my fans i wouldn't be in the position. Thank you!"

Justin had to perform after the next award. He went backstage to get ready. "And now up for the next performance. Ladies and gentlemen's i present to you, Justin Bieber!" Justin stepped out on stage, looked down and saw Nina standing there cheering for him. He smiled. "A new friend of mine was going trough a hard time, that most of us has been trough before.. But we had a talk, and her smile appeared. And when she smiles, i smile." He looked down at Nina, and she smiled nervous. "U smile, i smile.. uh-oh-oh." he started his performance. Nina just stood there looking at him. Her heart started to pound in a way she never felt before. Was she..  No she couldn't be. Was she in love? With Justin?! She looked down trying to take of her smile, but as soon as she looked up and saw Justin up there, she got the biggest smile on her face. She couldn't help what her heart had chosen. She was in love, like she's never been before. "Thank you Billboard, you are amazing! Peace!" he said while going of stage. The manager went on stage. "Okay, we are gonna take a break for about 20 minutes." The light went on, and everyone got up there seats. "Justin.. Go for a walk." Scooter said smiling. "What? What are you talking about?" "Go grab Nina and take her for a walk. I see what's going on. I've never seen you like this.. And the speech up there made it pretty clear." Scooter smiled. Justin nodded, and went over to Nina. "Wanna go for a walk with me?" he asked. She looked around for a second. "Sure, i would love to." He took her hand, and they went outside. "lets go this way, then we can avoid the paparazzi's." There they walked. Hand in hand. They were both quiet, they just walked there smiling. "I think its about to rain.. Lets go inside." Nina said worried. "No, I'm sure its not." Justin pulled Nina back, and continued to walk. It didn't take long before the rain purred down. "Omg, its raining, come on we need to get inside." Nina turned to run inside, but Justin pulled her close. Her hands was now on his chest, and his arms was around her waist. He smiled. He stroke his hand down her face. He went closer, and kissed her. She run her fingers trough his hair as his lips were on hers. "To early?" Justin said as he stopped the kiss. "No, not at all, its perfect." They could hear Keith Urban performing Tonight I Wanna Cry inside. "Can i have this dance?" Justin laughed. He pulled her close, and wrapped his arms around her. She placed her hands on his shoulders, around his neck. There they were, in the rain dancing. She could feel his breath against her neck as they slowed danced. He kissed her forehead. "Well.. We can't go inside looking like this. Lets get a hotel, so we can put on some dry clothes. Let me just text Scooter." "Hi Scooter, I'm just gonna grab some clothes in the tour bus, and i'll just drive Nina to her hotel room." he texted. "Is this okay with you?" Justin whispered. She nodded. He took her hand, and went to his tour bus. "Im just gonna grab some clothes, i'll be out in a sec. Just wait here." he said as he went in the tour bus. He went inside and grabbed his bag. "There.. I had someone park my car over here, and then we're out of here." Nina just stood there. He kissed her gently, and laughed. They went to the parking lot and found his car. "Here you go beautiful." he laughed while holding the door for her. "Cheesy." Nina said laughing. They both got in, and drove to Nina's hotel. "Nina Dobrev." Nina said to the lady standing in the Lobby. "Room 234, here you go. Enjoy your stay." She grabbed Justin's hand, and went down the hall. "Room 234" she said as she unlocked the door. "Im just gonna get changed, you can just.. Sit wherever." She smiled, and went in the bathroom with her bag. She looked in the mirror, and laughed. Her make-up was all over, and her hair was so messy. She rinsed her face, and got out of the wet clothes. She opened her bag, and took out the clothes. She just got in some yoga pants, and an oversize t-shirt. She went in to Justin. He looked at her. "Wow. You are beautiful." She brushed her hair behind her ear, while smiling to the floor. "Im just gonna take of this wet shirt, is that okay?" Justin asked. "S-sure." He pulled up his shirt slowly. "Oh dear god.." Nina thought to herself while looking at his fit six-pack. He jumped on the bed, and got the remote. "Babe come her, lets just watch some tv." She sat down beside him. "You scared of me or something? Come cuddle." She was nervous, but laid her head on his chest, and placed her hand on his stomach. She run her fingertips over his abs, and giggled. He turned on the tv, and laid down the remote. He stroked her back. They laid there for a coupled of hours, and it was now dark outside. Nina lifted her head, and Justin looked down at her lips. He placed his hands on her head, and kissed her. He kissed her once, he kissed her twice. It was getting more and more intense. "Wait here for a sec.." Nina winked, got up and went to the bathroom. She threw all her clothes on the floor, and found a naughty little nightie. She grabbed her lipgloss, and got a little bit on. She walked out, and stood in front of the bed. "W-wow. You look.. W-wow." Justin said. He slowly looked down her body, while biting his lips. He got out of bed, and went over to her. He placed his hands on her hips, and she giggled. He kissed her, and his hand slowly went down her back, ending at her butt. He grabbed her thighs, and lifted her up on the table.

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