For You I Would

Alli Thompson is a 18 year old High School student who just started on a new school. She came from New York and has just moved to Los Angeles because of her dad's new job. She quickly becomes great friends with Lea Martinez, and she finds out that not only are Lea interested in her company; so is the popular guy from 12th grade, Justin Bieber. And he'll take her on an adventure full of extreme experiences, intense love and heartbreaking drama.


9. Part 9

Part 9.
Just as I’m almost reaching him, someone grabs my arm and pulls me back. It’s Spencer.
“Alli, what are you doing?!” she asks, looking at me with a weird face. I look back.
“We can’t let him do that! He’s gonna ruin himself!” I try to pull back my arm but Spencer won’t let go of it. “That’s his choice! If he wants to fuck up his life he can do that, just please leave him alone!” I keep looking at her; I don’t know what to response. Then I turn my head and look back at Justin. He has sat down in a couch together with Josh and some other dudes, and the table in front of them is full of drinks, shots and cigarettes. Joints I’m guessing. I sigh and turn my head to look at Spencer again. “Please” she begs, and I can’t help but leave him alone. Ugh damn it.
“Fine” I finally reply annoyed, and she can’t help but smile a bit. Then she gently pulls in my arm and drags me to the side to a table where the other girls has sat down. I sit down as well.
“Drink some and stop being so moody, let him have some fun” Lea hands me a drink. “The way he wants to have fun” Spencer adds and I roll my eyes. Why are they all being so careless, he’s ruining himself for god sake! How can they not see that?! I look at Justin again; he’s having shots with Josh. And then I notice a little transparent bag lying on the table. There’s some white powder in it.
My mouth turns into a narrow line; the drugs. That horrible shit that ruins people.
And then Justin grabs the bag. He takes a bit of the drug out on the table and forms it into a narrow line. I watch them with big eyes. They do rock/paper/scissors. Please let Josh lose, not Justin.
Justin loses and I look away. Then I look back at him. Josh pats him on the back and Justin is doing ready for the drug line on the table. People are cheering, shouting “Go Justin! Go Justin! Go Justin!” the sight makes me feel sick. He takes a deep breath and then he leans down and sniffs the line. Now people cheer even more, even applauses. Alyson is also thrilled by the drug sniffing.
“Why am I the only one who thinks this is nothing but wrong?” I ask, not expecting any answer.
“You’re not” Spencer answer, and I look surprised at her. “Not?” I ask.
She looks back. “No, we have just learned to mind our own business. Especially when it comes to him. He doesn’t like when people try to tell him what to do and what not to”. I frown.
“Really?” I can’t believe that. I mean, that Justin I know seems not like that Justin Spencer is talking about at all. “Yea. But who knows; maybe he’ll find a girlfriend one day who will make him realize that there are other things in life than drugs and parties” Amber snorts. “I doubt” she replies.
I look at her. “Why that?” She keeps looking at him as she speaks. “Because he is the way he is and I don’t think he’s ever gonna change. He likes girls too much to ever be able to only focus on one.”
Lea and Spencer nods as they agree. “Maybe you’re right” Spencer replies and Lea nods again.
“Like, a player?” I ask and they all nod, even Alyson this time. “Oh” I say. Could have told myself.
I watch him. He’s leaning back in the couch talking while having a joint. Drugs and joints? At the same time? Wow. I’m shocked. I would never have imagined him as this type of guy if it wasn’t because of this party. Never ever. I’d probably even think people were lying if they were trying to convince me. And now everything seems to make sense to me. The reason why Michael hates him so much; maybe Michael knew about this side of him! Maybe that’s why Michael doesn’t want me to be near him, he’s afraid Justin would drag me with him into this kind of lifestyle. Of course!
While making my thoughts, I forget all about the fact that I’m actually staring at him.
And suddenly he looks this way. And he looks at me. Finally he notices me. And he smiles.
He has taken off the sunglasses and his hazel brown eyes are shining as they look at me.
My heart skips a beat. And then I sense him trying to tell me something. He nods towards the shots at his table, and then looks back at me. Wait what, does he wants me to drink those? No way.
I shake my head as I smile carefully, and I can see his lips miming “you sure?” and I nod.
He chuckles and my smile turns bigger and that forces me to look down. I’m so gonna blush soon, I can feel it. When I look up again a few seconds later he’s talking to Josh and Josh’s looking at me.
Oh no, what is he telling him? And then Justin gets up from the couch and walks towards us.
“He’s coming here” Lea says and gently kicks my leg under the table. “I know” I just reply.
I can’t take my eyes off of him. He’s looking incredibly good tonight.
“Hi ladies” he says casually as he stands in front of us. “Can I join you?” he asks.
We all look at each other, and then the others turn their eyes on me. They want me to answer him.
“Yea, sure” I stammer.
 Maybe this isn’t the night I’m going to confront him. Maybe this is the night I’m going to “friend” him. 

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