For You I Would

Alli Thompson is a 18 year old High School student who just started on a new school. She came from New York and has just moved to Los Angeles because of her dad's new job. She quickly becomes great friends with Lea Martinez, and she finds out that not only are Lea interested in her company; so is the popular guy from 12th grade, Justin Bieber. And he'll take her on an adventure full of extreme experiences, intense love and heartbreaking drama.


74. Part 74

Part 74
His hands are all over my body as we make out in the pool.
My legs are still wrapped around his waist as my hands are running through his hair, pulling slightly in it. A hoarse moan escapes from his lips as I rub myself against him, making me inwardly shriek in satisfaction and my abdomen go crazy. I want him, all of him all over me, inside of me.
I literally want every inch of him. My abdomen contracts in agreement, ready for whatever happens next. Suddenly he breaks the kiss and before I get to complain his lips are making out with my breast instead, sucking and licking on my nipple, causing me to throw my head back in pleasure as a moan escapes from my lips. None of us has said anything since we started making out, we’re just letting our bodies do the talking and that’s enough.
I can’t take it anymore, the lust and excitement is way too overwhelming. I grab the hem of his boxers and starts pulling them down, a bit more roughly than I was planning on probably due to my impatience, and my greed seems to turn him on as a low and hoarse rumble builds in his throat.
As I pull down the boxers he pulls away from my chest and grabs the back of my neck as his lips find their way back to mine once again. I grab his length with both of my hands, gosh he’s so big.
As I grab it he moans into the kiss, a moan so satisfying as if he was a drug addict and I finally gave him the drug he had been needed and haven’t had for months. Ironically I feel myself getting wet, though I’ve been that for 20 minutes now due to the water surrounding us.
I start rubbing his big length, perhaps a bit faster and less gentle than I had first planned, but I’m just so impatience, so needy, so… desperate. The word desperate has now gotten a whole new meaning. I can feel Justin smile through our kiss as he grabs my hands, not removing them though.
- “Easy baby” he speaks with a low and soft voice, almost a whispering “we’re not in a hurry”.
- “Sorry, it’s just…” I break the kiss as I bite my lip, suddenly feeling embarrassed.
Justin looks at me, waiting for me to elaborate as he runs his hands slowly down to the sides of my breasts as he starts slowly caressing them. I feel how my nipples make a big effort trying to get even stiffer though that’s impossible. They’re so stiff it almost hurts. “I want you so bad” I finally admit.
Justin chuckles at my confession as he runs a hand through my hair. I close my eyes, enjoying it.
- “Oh babe” he then speaks, placing several kisses from my neck down to my collarbone. I moan.
After kissing my collarbone for a few seconds he then moves further down, and I tilt my head back in pleasure as his lips places several kisses all over my one breast, before moving to the other breast to do the same thing. My hands are placed on his shoulders, resting as I let him to his magic.
While kissing my breasts he moves his hands slowly down my sides till they reach my thong where they stop for a while. But then he keeps on moving them down, pulling my thong along with them.
And suddenly my thong is off and placed in Justin’s hand. He throws them at the bunch of clothes before moving close to me again as he moves in for a kiss, which I gladly give him.
I cup his cheeks in my hands as we slowly and passionately makes out. His hands moves down to my butt and gives it a gently squeeze before grabbing my thighs and lifting me up again, making me let out another moan as I feel his length now pressed against my crack, wanting to get inside of it.
I never in my entire life thought I would be making out, naked, in a public swimming pool with a guy and if you told me a month ago that I would be doing exactly that with Justin Bieber, aka the fucked up bipolar douchebag I would have spit my drink in your face and laughed my ass off, probably telling you were mental and needed help. But hey, people change, right? At the end of the day we’re only humans.
Suddenly my thoughts are interrupted as Justin moves his hips a little which causes him to enter me and then slams it hard and deep inside of me. The sudden feeling of being filled out mixed with the pain of being pounded that hard makes me moan loud, almost groaning.
He stops, not moving at all. Our lips has parted due to my moan, and I can hear his breathing becoming faster and harder. He’s just as turned on as I am.
Then he slowly starts pulling out, only letting the head stay inside before slamming hard and deep inside of me again, making me moan loud once again.
He repeats doing so, going faster and faster until he’s thrusting inside of me in normal speed, making both of us moan in harmony. It feels so good, I think it’s the best sex we’ve had so far.
Then suddenly after a while he pulls out completely as he lifts me up on the edge of the pool.
- “Lay down” he commands, his voice raspy and hoarse due to the sexual arousal we both are feeling right now. I do as I’m told and within a second he has lifted himself up onto the edge as well, now hovering over me. He quickly enters me again as he continues where he left off, thrusting deep inside of me. For every thrust I feel myself getting closer to my climax.
I want him to take me over the edge; To make me come.
He speeds up as if he’s reading my mind, and seconds later I hit my climax and lets out a huge moan, almost a roar. He keeps going, slowly building up another climax.
Then he suddenly flips us over, making me sitting on top of him, straddling him.
- “Finish me baby” he moans, his lips parting as I start riding him. His lips mutely forms an ‘oh fuck’ as he closes his eyes in pleasure. Seconds later he opens them again as he places a hand behind his head and the other runs up my body till my breast as he squeezes it.
- “You’re so fucking sexy, Alli, don’t ever fucking doubt that” he breathes out in a raspy voice as he watches me moving up and down on him, and his words makes the butterflies in my stomach go crazy as well as my abdomen and I want to show him just how sexy I am.
I move my hands to my boobs as I grab them and start squeezing them, kneading them as I moan.
- “Fuck yes, touch them. Play with them” he says, and I continue to play with them.
Then I move a hand down my body to my clit and starts rubbing it, still using the other hand to play with my boobs. I feel myself about to hit my climax again and I can tell he’s about to as well.
- “Faster” he breathes out, his chest moving uncontrolled up and down.
I moan loud as I hit my climax once again, and that’s when he grabs my waist with both of his hands and takes one last deep thrust inside of me as he comes hard.
- “Oh fuck Alli!” he moans out, a rumble from his throat as he comes inside of me.
The feeling of him coming inside of me, how he quiver inside of me as he ejaculates is intense.
I gently lay down onto his chest and I close my eyes as I enjoy him wrapping his arms around me.
We lay like this for a while, not saying anything, just simply recovering from great sex.
- “I love you” I suddenly say, breaking the silence.
My heart starts beating faster as he doesn’t reply, but I honestly didn’t expect him to.
Perhaps it’s just me falling for him way too easily. I should be careful with that.
Suddenly I may not be interesting anymore, and he’ll eventually find a new girl. At least that’s what everybody seems to be thinking… And knowing. Layla suddenly comes to my mind.
- “I love you too” the words escaping his mouth makes me hold my breath.
I’m not sure if he really said that or if it’s just my imagination playing me.
I giggle as I realizes I’ve been holding my breath, and the way he gently squeezes me in return and kisses my hair confirms me that it wasn’t just my imagination.
He just told me he loves me.
And I love him. 

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