For You I Would

Alli Thompson is a 18 year old High School student who just started on a new school. She came from New York and has just moved to Los Angeles because of her dad's new job. She quickly becomes great friends with Lea Martinez, and she finds out that not only are Lea interested in her company; so is the popular guy from 12th grade, Justin Bieber. And he'll take her on an adventure full of extreme experiences, intense love and heartbreaking drama.


73. Part 73

Part 73
- ”Are you sure we’re allowed to do this?” I ask, biting my lip as I look around.
Somehow Justin managed to convince me to sneak into the school’s indoor swimming pool.
After leaving the karaokebar I asked Justin if we could go back to my place and let me change into something more "casual", so we did. And thank God for that, now that we're here, at the pool at 11:30PM.  
I’m standing a few meters away from the edge of the pool, fumbling with my fingers as Justin jumps into it, making a huge splash. Few seconds later his head pops up from the water, wiping off the water on his face as he looks up at me, giving me a sneaky look.
- “No” he answers, causing me to arch a brow, then roll my eyes as he smirks at me. “Come on in”.
- “I don’t know…” I say, hesitating. If I go into the pool it requires me taking off my clothes.
And what is someone comes and sees us?
I look at the bunch of clothes Justin has left him on a table right beside us.
- “Alright, maybe I didn’t make myself clear enough” he says, making me turn my attention back on him. “You have two options: 1) To get in here voluntarily or 2) Me coming to get you, and then I will bring you AND your clothes down here with me.” I snort by his words, causing him to raise an eyebrow, waiting for me to decide.
- “Fine” I finally say, causing him to smile in satisfaction. I slowly start stripping down my clothes, suddenly feeling very awkward and embarrassed. Even though my back is facing him I can feel his eyes on me, watching me. As I remove my shirt, the last part of clothes since I’m keeping on my bra and thong, I suddenly feel a need to cover my scar. I walk to the edge of the pool and sits down, letting my legs down into the water. I still have time to regret.
Justin swims in front of me, placing himself between my legs. My heart automatically starts beating faster; it always does when he gets this close to me. Then his eyes catch my hand covering the scar and he looks back at me again.
- “You don’t have to hide it, Alli” with his hand he slowly removes mine, revealing my scar to his sight. He looks at it, then bends down to have a closer look at it, studying it. I watch him nervously.
Then suddenly he moves his head closer to my stomach, and I then feel the warmth of his lips enclosing the scar. He’s kissing it. His lips on the scar feel surprisingly good. Then he pulls away and looks up at me.
- “It’s beautiful. You’re beautiful” he then speaks and I can feel myself blushing a little.
I slowly start to loosen up a bit, not feeling as embarrassed and awkward as just before.
- “Don’t make me blush” I say, looking down as I giggle carefully. I can hear him chuckle.
- “Yes, I think you’re absolutely cute when you do that” we both laugh at first, but then I look up at him again.
- “Cute huh?” I ask him, earning a nod and smile in return, and I roll my eyes playfully.
- “What? You don’t wanna be cute?” He asks as he arches a brow, challenging me.
- “That’s what you call your little sister. You don’t call your girl that you know” I say, smiling playfully back at him.
He returns the smile.
- “Not? Then what do I call my girl then?” he asks, making me realize what I just said.
I literally just told him I’m not just a girl to him but I’m his girl. Gosh how embarrassing.
I inwardly slap myself for being so caught up in the moment, as I try to find a way to handle my little mess up if things should turn out awkward and he doesn’t want me to be his girl or whatever.
- “Nevermind, I know what I’ll call her” he then continues and interrupts my thoughts.
- “What?” I ask, curious to find out if he got my point. He moves away a little as he dips hos body down under the water again, only keeping his head on the surface.
- “Well, I’d probably call her sexy… if she is sexy, you know” he shrugs, acting all casual.
- “What do you mean if she is?” his words somehow managed to provoke me a little.
He calls me cute because he doesn’t think I’m sexy? I can’t help but frown, and my expression clearly seems to amuse him as he starts floating further and further into the pool.
- “I don’t know, I guess it’s a guy thing… I’m a guy you know, it’s all very straight up, very square…. I mean, if you say or do something cute, you’re cute… and if you do or say something sexy, well then…” he gives me one last look before turning his back to me, heading straight towards the beach ball at the other edge.
I think of his words. And I have to admit it makes sense. I might’ve been acting cute right before rather than sexy… As I watch him heading for the ball, I slowly move my hands to my back, my heart starting to beat fast again as I unlick my bra, and seconds later it’s off, lying beside me on the edge. I bite my lip, on one hand wanting to take it back on immediately, but on the other hand feeling excited, feeling… sexy. And awfully naughty.
- “You might have to get in here before your legs turn all wrinkly, that won’t make you very-“ he stops midsentence as he has turned around, the ball in his hand, but his eyes stuck on my breasts.
I take a deep breathe, the way he looks at me, how evident the sudden lust and attraction is in his eyes, his whole body language, without none of us saying anything, turns me on so bad.
I haven’t even realized that he has walked back to me before he stands in between my legs again, the ball floating behind him. He’s looking down at me, not touching me but I can see how much he wants to.
- “Am I sexy now?” I ask, almost whispering. My question must’ve surprised him because he let out a light chuckle, before looking down for a bit, then back up at me.
- “Do I have to actually answer that, or does my boxers tell you the answer?” I look down to see a huge bulge in his boxers and I can’t help but giggle which he joins.
- “Alright I believe you” I answer, still giggling and that’s when he places his lips onto mine, and I can’t help but wrap my arms around his neck, forcing our bodies to lock tight.
I feel the bulge onto my thong and it causes me to let out a moan as we’re making out, and that’s when Justin grabs my butt and lifts me down from the edge as I wrap my legs around his waist. 

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