For You I Would

Alli Thompson is a 18 year old High School student who just started on a new school. She came from New York and has just moved to Los Angeles because of her dad's new job. She quickly becomes great friends with Lea Martinez, and she finds out that not only are Lea interested in her company; so is the popular guy from 12th grade, Justin Bieber. And he'll take her on an adventure full of extreme experiences, intense love and heartbreaking drama.


71. Part 71

Part 71
Last night was… interesting.
It turned out that Justin actually had some really good advice on how to handle all of this with my mother.
Normally I’d never listen to anyone when they would try to tell me what to do, but since he’s been through kind of the same thing with his mother, I somehow trust him.
After all, he’s close to his mother now. Maybe there’s a slight chance for that to happen to me as well.
I think we ended up talking for 3 hours, not only about my mom, but everything, before he went home.
He’s a strange guy, I have to admit. One moment he’s a fucked up psychopath who’s murdering people, and the next he’s this sweet guy, giving you advice on how to deal with your parent’s divorce. It makes no sense!
I don’t believe he’s both sides. One of them is just a cover up. And I don’t know which side to believe.
He’s starting to open up, and letting me get to know him. Yet there are still things – important things and facts, I would say – that he doesn’t wanna tell me. But why? What is he hiding? What could possibly be so bad that he can’t tell me about it? Now that he has told everything about his mom and stepdad? It’s weird.
But maybe I’ll find out tonight. Because tonight he has invited me on this so-called “karaoke date” that he was joking about the other day, when he busted my amazing singing skills (not).  And I am frightened.
I’m starting to face the fact that this is going to be the most embarrassing and humiliating night of my life.
And the big question; what the hell should I wear? I mean, is it a “date-date” or just a “friends-hanging-out-together-and-having-some-fun”-kind of date? And what can you possibly wear for that? A dress? Jeans?
I need help for this! I grab my phone and type an all too familiar number for this emergency.
- “Lea?”  I say the second someone picks up the phone.
- “Alli? Uhm, hi…” she says a bit insecure… I can sense the happiness in her voice that she’s clearly trying to hold back, and that’s when I remember that last time we spoke was at the school, when she told me that she knew about all of this. And that I got angry and hurt and wouldn’t want to speak to her.
That’s two days ago. Suddenly I become quiet as well. Should we talk about it, or should I just act as if nothing happened? I mean, I’m still hurt about the fact that she lied, but honestly I did the same, didn’t I?
- “Hey, uh listen… About the other day…” I hesitate a bit before continuing. “I’m sorry I got so mad… I don’t know, I was just hurt and surprised all at the same time I guess. I didn’t mean to be so rude to you… And I don’t want us to be mad at each other anymore, and right now I actually need your help picking an outfit for tonight because Justin has invited me out on a date” the last word comes out a little differently from the others. There’s a silence for a while as I wait for her answer, but then I hear a silent giggle through the phone.
- “So you need my help? Surprise” she says, giggling again, this time a little louder causing me to roll my eyes as I smile. She knows me too well.
- “I do yes, please” I beg, biting my lip nervously.
- “Alright well… Can I come over?”
- “Of course! And hurry, I have to meet him at Lucy’s in one hour!”
- “Jesus, alright I’ll be there in 5!” she says, then hangs up.
I look at my phone for a few seconds as I smile. It feels good talking to her again, I’ve missed my bestfriend.  


- “You have so much clothes, yet you never wear it!” Lea yells, half of her body stuck in my wardrobe, as she’s searching for the right outfit. I’m patiently sitting on the bed, watching her as she throws one dress on the floor after another. I have to be at Lucy’s in 30 minutes and we haven’t even found an outfit yet.
Worst case scenario will be that I have to meet up at Lucy’s in my pajamas because I have nothing to wear.
- “Wait a second” Lea suddenly says, pulling out a dark purple satin dress from deep inside my wardrobe.
The dress has lace shoulders and is a knee-length dress, perfect for the occasion.
As Lea turns around the dress to show me the back I can’t help but gasp. The back is open which makes the dress not only super cute but also a bit sensual, without being too “daring” or vulgar.
- “Why have you never told me you had this dress?!” she hisses, clearly mesmerized by the dress as well.
- “Because I didn’t know” I say, my eyes nailed at the dress. Wow.
She hands it to me, which I take and holds it in front of me as I look through my wardrobe mirror.
- “You’re not supposed to wear a bra in this, I’m sure” Lea says as she watches me. She’s right.
With the bare back I can’t wear a bra. Luckily I have some nipple covers that I’ve used once before, which was at a school prom. I walk to my drawers with all my underwear and finds the nipple covers.
Then I take off my bra and puts on the covers before taking on the dress which Lea helps me with.

- “Wow…. Holy shit” Lea says as she takes a step back to have a look at her masterpiece.
I look up at her and she’s gaping. I turn around to look at the mirror and my heart nearly skips a beat.
My hair is put up in a messy ponytail which looks so good with the dress, and so does the makeup.
Lea decided to go with the smokey-eyed look. Not too much, but in more natural colors and it looks absolutely stunning. My jewelries are the ones that the girls gave me for my 18th birthday, and the silver looks amazing on purple. I turn around to have a look at myself from different views.
- “I think it’s safe to say that you’re good to go” Lea says, a big smile on her lips.
I look at the clock and there’s 10 minutes until I have to meet Justin at Lucy’s. Fuck!
- “Oh my god I’m gonna be late!” I say, running around the room like a disoriented chicken, trying to find all my stuff and my purse.
- “You’re not! I’ll drive you” Lea says as she helps me finding the last couple things, and then we head out the room and down the stairs.
- “Wow what the hell…” Michael say as he walks by, almost losing his plate on the floor.
- “Hey Mike, uh can you please tell dad I’m heading out for a couple hours? I won’t be out too long!”
- “Where the hell you going like this?” he asks, raising an eyebrow. “Is it Justin?” he then adds, causing me to smile which I can’t help. Then he just rolls his eyes as he starts walking back into the living room.
- “Thank you Mike! See you guys later! Bye!” I can hear them both saying goodbye as I close the door behind me. I try my best to run to the car in my black heels, as Lea is waiting for me.
- “I hope he’s dressed up as well, or else I’ll be so dead” I say as I sit in the car and puts on my seatbelt.
- “Come on, it’s Justin. If he’s not that’s nothing personal. You think too much, Alli” Lea answers as she pulls out of our driveway and onto the road, heading for Lucy’s.
She’s probably right. But I can’t help but think I’ve done way too much out of myself, I mean it’s a damn karaoke date, right? My heart is pounding like crazy, and I feel like I’m sweating even though I’m not.
Hopefully this will turn out to be a great night. Maybe tonight is the night where I’ll tell him how I feel about him. About us. If the right moment will come tonight, I think I’ll do it.
As we reach the parking lot outside Lucy’s I take a deep breathe, preparing myself for the worst.
Karaoke date, here I come.


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