For You I Would

Alli Thompson is a 18 year old High School student who just started on a new school. She came from New York and has just moved to Los Angeles because of her dad's new job. She quickly becomes great friends with Lea Martinez, and she finds out that not only are Lea interested in her company; so is the popular guy from 12th grade, Justin Bieber. And he'll take her on an adventure full of extreme experiences, intense love and heartbreaking drama.


70. Part 70

Part 70
It’s Friday night and we’re all sitting at the dinner table.
For the first time in five years me, dad, Michael and mom are having a dinner together.
And well, Justin included.
There haven’t been much talking since my mom step foot in this house which makes the tension between us all a little nerve-wrecking and most of all really awkward. It’s like a completely stranger that just walked by our house and asked if she could join for dinner. But she’s no stranger, she’s my mother.
My dad clears his throat as he puts down the knife and fork and then turns his attention towards my mom.
- “So Liz, do you like the food?” he asks, smiling as he chews on some vegetables.
- “It’s lovely Jared, did you make this?” she answers, almost sounding like she care.
I can’t help but snort as I roll my eyes which cause everybody to look at me. I turn my eyes back on the food.
- “So Alli, why don’t you introduce Justin to your mother?” my dad asks, sounding more like a demand than a suggestion. I arch a brow as I look up at him, then at Justin who’s just casually eating.
- “I’d like to know about your boyfriend” she says as she gives me a smile. I stiffen by the last word.
- “He’s not my boyfriend” I injects, causing a silence to come over us.
- “Well… If you just bring boys home for dinner that’s also cool I mean, how would I know?” she asks, laughing slightly as she looks at my dad who just returns it.
- “Yea, how would you know?” I snap back, causing everybody to stop doing what they’re doing, this time I notice that Justin stiffens as well.
- “Alli-“ my dad starts but I interrupt him.
- “It’s not like you’ve been around for the last 5 years” I hiss, and I can see the pain in my mother’s eyes.
- “That’s enough, Alli!” my dad raises his voice.
- “Whatever” I say as I push my chair away from the table and stands up “I just lost my appetite anyway” I walk with quick steps past Justin out of the kitchen and up the stairs heading for my room.
This woman has nothing to be sad and cry about, she was the one choosing this path.
And I warned her to ever come near me again.

The way she talked to her mother surprised me a whole lot. And obviously everyone else.
As she walks past my chair and out of the kitchen I look at her dad who let out a resigned sigh.
Her mother, on the other hand, is engulfed in pain. It’s evident in her eyes how sad she is that her own daughter is refusing to like her and see her as the mother that she is. I can’t imagine not loving my mother.
My need to reach out for Liz’ hand and give it a comforting squeeze is huge, but I choose not to since it’s my first time meeting this woman. But I do feel sorry for her. And I do need an explanation from Alli.
- “Excuse me sir, I’ll go check on her” I gently push out my chair as I stand up, earning a gently nod from Mr. Thompson, who still seems to be affected by his daughter’s behavior.
As I reach her mother Liz, I gently lay my hand on top of hers, which makes her look up at me.
- “I do think you’re a great woman, Liz” I say, giving her a smile which she gladly returns.
- “Oh, thank you so much Justin. You’re a good boy” she places her other hand on top of mine, giving it a little squeeze before removing it, letting me walk out of the kitchen and to the stairs.
I walk up the stairs to find Alli sitting at the top of them, just staring out into the air.
- “I think you’re a great woman, Liz” she mimics in a disgusted voice, causing me to raise an eyebrow.
- “Hey, what’s your problem, Miss Pouting?” I ask her as I sit down beside her. She snorts, probably due to my choice of nickname which only makes me inwardly smile. Then she sighs.
- “I just hate her… Hate this… How she thinks she can just walk in here like everything’s the same as five years ago before the divorce”.
I listen to her words, which only gives me flashbacks to my own mom.
- “You know…” I start off, looking down the stairs, a distant murmur from the kitchen breaking the entire silence. “… When Bill, my stepfather, was gone my mom took distance from me as well.”
For the first time Alli turns her attention towards me.
- “Why would she do that?” she asks, almost a whispering but loud enough for me to hear it.
- “Back then I didn’t know… I started questioning whether my action had been too brutal for her and maybe built a wall between us… But as I got older she told me that she hated herself for putting me through years of hell. And in order to break down the distance between us, she had to forgive herself and move on. And she did.” I turned my head to look at her to find her looking down the stairs as well.
- “It’s been five years, Justin…” she whispers, sadness filling her voice which cuts through me like a knife “… I can’t forgive her for that”
- “Then don’t do it now… Wait.” I say, making her turn her eyes at me once again. I look back.
- “The only reason I forgave my mom is because I knew she’d come out to be a better version of herself. She wanted to do better; to change. If I knew she’d just go find another douche of a boyfriend, I guess I wouldn’t have let her into my life again either.” We look at each other for several seconds, none of us saying anything.
- “It was so easy for my brother to forgive her… after how she’s just abandoned us” she then speaks.
- “That’s because he puts his needs before his grudges. After all, regardless of age, a man needs a woman figure in his life” I say, thinking back on my own story which causes me to clench my jaw.
Alli is looking at me, watching me. I turn my head away from her, back to the stairs.
- “So did you…” she speaks, and unfortunately she got my point. I sense the curiosity building up inside of her without even looking at her. I inwardly punch myself in the head for letting out my thoughts.
- “So that’s the thing between you and Layla? She was the woman figure you searched for in replacement of your mom?” I curse to myself for not knowing that she’d figure out the connection.
My silent answer proves her right, and out of the corner of my eyes I can see that she’s trying to find a right connection to all of this. My muscles tighten as I try to contain myself.
- “That’s why you have such big trust issues. Especially when it comes to women… You trusted her and she let you down somehow… And now you don’t wanna bond with women again” I can’t help but chuckle by her answer. Am I a fucking book or what? She reads me as if I was, damn.
- “You’re clever” I say, making her smile in satisfaction.
- “And you’re vulnerable” she says, making every muscle in my body tighten once again.
- “And now you’re going in defense mode” she adds, causing me to look at her and arch a brow.
- “I can see that, you know… the way your muscles tighten, and you clench your jaw… and sometimes your nostrils expands… that’s the same reaction you have when I mention her name” she looks at me, my jaw, investigating as if she’s an agent trying to solve a mystery. I’m the mystery.
- “Does that frighten you?” I ask, my voice low, calm and a bit rusty due to my uptight body.
My question makes her stop doing what she’s doing as she looks back into my eyes. There’s a silence.
- “Should it?” she whispers, just loud enough for me to hear. I smile which she carefully returns.
I lean in closer to her, our noses almost touching and I immediately feel the chemistry pulling between us.
There’s something about her… I don’t know what it is, and I don’t know whether I should find out or not.
Just as our lips are almost touching, she whispers.
- “Tell me what she did to you” and I instantly stiffens again. My jaw locks, and I feel the temper building up inside of me. Why can’t she just shut up and kiss me? This girl and all of her stupid questions is gonna drive me insane.
- “No” I say, trying not to sound too harsh, I don’t wanna ruin the moment.
She lets her nose caress my cheek, causing me to slightly open my mouth.
- “Alright” she then whispers as an answer. “But when you’re ready, I’ll be here to listen.”
And the way she reads me, understands me when enough is enough is what causes me to crash my lips onto hers in a soft, passionate kiss. 

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