For You I Would

Alli Thompson is a 18 year old High School student who just started on a new school. She came from New York and has just moved to Los Angeles because of her dad's new job. She quickly becomes great friends with Lea Martinez, and she finds out that not only are Lea interested in her company; so is the popular guy from 12th grade, Justin Bieber. And he'll take her on an adventure full of extreme experiences, intense love and heartbreaking drama.


69. Part 69

Part 69
- “Um, Justin…” I say, as he’s about to walk away from me.
We’re standing in the hallway, ready to finish the last two lessons for today.
He stops as I mention his name and looks at me. And then the nervousness hits me, ugh.
- “I was thinking uh… Maybe you’d, like… I don’t know, wanna eat dinner with me and my finally Friday?”
- “Tomorrow?” he asks, arching a brow.
- “Uh yea, tomorrow” Jesus Christ, it’s Friday tomorrow already? I try to remain calm, waiting for his answer. Then he starts smiling.
- “Yea, I’d love to” his answer causes me to smile back, the butterflies in my stomach going crazy.
- “Cool! Dinner’s at 7” I say as I start walking backwards towards my class, earning a thumbs up from him.
I watch him as catches up with his friends and start walking towards his own classroom. I’m still smiling.
- “Alli” a familiar voice makes me snap back to reality and turn around to find Lea standing in front of me.
- “Hey gorgeous!” I answer back, and that’s when I notice the look on her face. “What’s wrong?”
- “You’re still talking to him?” she asks and I can see disappointment in her eyes. I sigh as I look away.
- “I know, and I’m so sorry, I really am! But seriously Lea, there’s something I have to tell you! Something that’ll explain everything! Well, almost but still! And oh, something really crazy happened at Barney’s where we went to have lunch!” I can see that she’s really trying to catch up with everything I’m telling her, but at the same time it’s evident to see that her interest in hearing about him has gone from 100% to -10% since our talk at the library. And I don’t blame her. I just have to tell her how it all works, and hopefully she’ll understand.  
- “You went to Barney’s?” she asks, raising an eyebrow.
- “Yea and you will not believe who we met!” she waits for me to elaborate. “We met Layla!”.
- “His ex? How…fun?” she asks, clearly not as interested in this conversation as I am.
- “Fun? It was horrible! Tragic I would even say… But Jesus, that guy hates her more than anything else, trust me. If eyes could kill she would’ve exploded the minute she step foot into the diner, I mean it was like he just wanted to place a bomb on top of her head, you should’ve seen it!” my excitement is fading a little as I notice her face turns more and more sad… No wait, not sad. Nervous? Worried? I can’t read her.
- “Lea what’s wrong?” I ask, now my face becoming worried as well.
- “Ugh, I should’ve just told you at the library!” she then bursts out, making me confused.
- “Told me what?” the concern is filling in on me now. Oh no, what is it? Is it about the girls? Maybe they don’t want me to be a part of them anymore? Damn it, I haven’t talked to them in almost a week and they probably hate me now. All possible scenarios are going through my mind right now, preparing me for the worst.
- “I’m seeing Brandon… Like, dating kinda…” she then suddenly speaks, interrupting my thousands of thoughts. I stare at her for a few seconds, confused by her answer.
- “Brandon? Who’s Brandon?” I ask, not knowing what or who she’s talking about.
Did I miss something? Maybe because I haven’t catch up with the girls lately. God damnit Alli, I’m her bestfriend, I’m supposed to know who he is! I notice that she’s rolling her eyes at me.
- “Jesus Christ, Alli, I’m talking about Brandon Perez! Justin’s “best mate” she then says, and everything inside me is like put on pause. Wait, that Brandon? The one that shot me?!
- “What?” is all I can say. I don’t think I’ve ever been this confused.
- “I know, and I had no right to freak out on you like that in the library! I don’t know why I played so dumb and innocent. I guess, just like you, I thought I had to keep it a secret, you know…” I can see the tears building up in the corner of her eyes. She is really sad.
- “So you knew? About them? What they do?” I ask, my voice low. She slowly nods.
So my bestfriend knew and she didn’t warn me, nor came to me to talk about it. Ouch, that hurt.
I look down, and as she takes a step closer I instantly take a step back.
- “Alli I’m so sorry, I would’ve told yo-“
- “Sure you would…” I mumble. She looks at me; a single tear is now running down her cheek.
- “Thanks for the support, bestfriend” I say, emphasizing the last word as I walk past her and into our classroom. She just keep standing there for several seconds, her back turned away, before walking back into the classroom and to her table. During both lessons she desperately tries to make eye contact with me but I refuse to look her way. This is worse than him lying to me about who he is. But Lea? The person that’s supposed to be my bestfriend? I’m disgusted. What about the other girls? Do they know about it? Am I the only one who doesn’t? Have they known the whole time, but none of them have come to warn me?
Wow, my life just keeps getting more and more fucked up.


The lessons go by so quickly that suddenly the bell rings and we’re free to go home.
I quickly pack my bag and rush out the classroom before Lea has the chance to catch up with me.
All the way home I’m thinking whether I should talk to Justin about it. Does he know too?
I mean, what happened between them in the hallway at the library kinda seemed like they knew each other. In other ways than just her being my bestfriend and him being my… Yea, you know what I mean.
But he can’t know. He would’ve told me then, wouldn’t he? Suddenly I get really uncomfortable.
I try to shrug off the bad feeling. And then I get an idea. Perhaps I should talk to Brandon about it.
I turn on the music to make me think of something else, during the last of the ride home.


The new song by Zara Larsson “Ain’t My Fault” is now stuck in my head, due to the many radio stations playing it. It’s really catchy though. I like it.

It ain’t my fault you keep turning me on
It ain’t my fault you got me, got me so gone
It ain’t my fault I’m not leaving alone
It ain’t my fault you keep turning me on

As I open the door and kicks off my shoes, there’s a huge silence and I realize I’m home alone.
I don’t know where dad is, but Michael is still at school.
I want to get out of this bad mood and decide to turn on some music on our stereo in the living room.
I quickly find the Zara Larsson song, and as I listen to the lyrics and sing a long, I realize how much I can actually relate to it.

Oh my god
What is this
Why you all in my business
Baby I insists, please don’t blame me for whatever happens next

No I can’t be responsible
If I get you in trouble now
See you’re too irresistible
Yeah that’s for sure

While singing along to the song I realize I’m dancing around in the living room, and my mood is beginning to lighten up. Wow I should do this some more, this is fun.
I grab the TV remote and use it as a microphone as I go on.

So if I put your hands where my eyes can’t see
Then you’re the one who’s got a hold on me
No I can’t be responsible, responsible
It ain’t my fault

It ain’t my fault (nope, nope, nope, nope)
It ain’t my fault (nope, nope, nope, nope)

My phone is suddenly buzzing but I’m in a too good of a mood to have it ruined, so I decide to just press the red button as I keep on dancing and singing.

It ain’t my fault you came here looking like that
You just made me trip, fall and land on your lap
Certain bad boy swoon, body hotter than a sun
I don’t mean to be rude, but I look so damn good on ya

- “Wow… That’s one hell of a confession” a blurred voice suddenly speaks, causing me to gasp and stop up immediately. I quickly stop the music and look around. No one’s here.
Then I look down at my phone and I realize I didn’t hit the red button. I hit the green one.
And as I realize who called me my eyes widen and my cheeks turn as red as a tomato.
- “Oh my god! Justin, hey! Wow I didn’t- I was just singing, I thought I hit the red button-“
- “Yea that’s what I would’ve sat too” he chuckles back, and I slap myself on the forehead.
Oh my god how embarrassing! I bite my lip hard as I’m searching for words to say.
- “I’m serious… But gosh, this is really embarrassing, I have to admit that” I laugh nervously “you weren’t supposed to witness that, no one was” I can hear him laugh through the phone.
- “I think you did well. You have a beautiful voice. Especially when you put emotions into it” his words make me blush and I feel the butterflies move inside of my stomach.
- “Please, don’t make this even more embarrassing” I laugh which causes him to laugh as well.
- “Sorry” he says as our laughs slowly fade “we should go on a karaoke bar sometime” he then adds.
I close my eyes in embarrassment. What a horrible idea.
- “Yea sure” I just say, giggling. It’s like I can sense him smiling through the phone.
- “Well, I’m not gonna bother you anymore, I actually just wanted to ask if you’d like to hang out but I guess you want to prepare your vocals for our karaoke date?” he teases me, making me roll my eyes as I smile.
- “Shut up” I say, making him chuckle once again. “I’d like to hangout. Your house?” I ask.
There’s a silence for a few seconds.
- “Sure, come over” he then says, causing me to smile.
- “See you in a bit then” I say and then I hang up. I sit at the couch for a while just smiling into the air like an idiot before I pull myself together and head out the house again. 

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