For You I Would

Alli Thompson is a 18 year old High School student who just started on a new school. She came from New York and has just moved to Los Angeles because of her dad's new job. She quickly becomes great friends with Lea Martinez, and she finds out that not only are Lea interested in her company; so is the popular guy from 12th grade, Justin Bieber. And he'll take her on an adventure full of extreme experiences, intense love and heartbreaking drama.


68. Part 68

Part 68
- ”Who are you?” We’re sitting at a table, eating lunch at Barney’s, a diner close to the school.
Justin looks up at me as I ask the question. Before he gets to answer I decide to elaborate my question.
- “I mean… Ironically I’ve known you for months now, but I still feel like you’re a stranger to me”.
- “You hook up with strangers a lot?” he asks me as he wipes his mouth with the napkin.
I widen my eyes at his question. I feel my cheeks blush a little as a flashback from the “action” hits me.
My reaction seems to amuse him as he snorts.
- “Just joking” he casually adds, then clears his throat as his face become serious before he continues.
- “I know what you mean… And there’s a reason why I’ve been acting like a stranger to you” his answer makes me arch my brown, curious to know more. He places his elbows on the table as he folds his hands, looking anywhere but at me, for the first time revealing evident nervousness. He seems uncertain.
- “And why is that?” I ask, drawn by my curiosity. He smiles, clearly aware of my eagerness.
Just as I think he’s about to let me know, he just starts eating again, turning his attention back on the burger and fries in front of him. I’ve eaten half of mine and most of my fries, but my curiosity has made me full.
- “Eat” he demands a few seconds later. And for some reason I do as told. I grab one of the fries and put it in my mouth even though I’m not hungry. My action seems to satisfy him as he smiles once again.  
- “Seriously, don’t do this to me” I then say, leaning back in my seat as I cross my arms. “Tell me something, just please something; something about you… That you haven’t told me already”.
He grabs his bottle of coke as he takes a sip, then he takes a quick notice of the people around us.
- “I killed my stepfather, have I told you that?” he suddenly speaks, leaving me completely shook.
For a second I think I heard wrong, automatically causing me to burst out a “what?”, making him snort again.
- “It was my first time ever killing someone… And it felt good” he looks up again, this time right into my eyes, making it almost impossible for me to look away. I’m still shook, and I don’t know why but I just suddenly laughs, then quickly stops again as I realize he’s not joking. He’s being serious. I stare at him.
There are so many questions I want to ask about this, but for some reason all I can think of saying is a single “why?” He scratches himself behind the ear, and he seems really calm, like this was just any other normal conversation like what are you doing this weekend?-kind of conversation.
- “Why?” he repeats, then he thinks for a few seconds before continuing “because he was a complete dick. He beat my mom… And me… Every night he’d come home late and drunk as fuck. As a little kid I couldn’t do much but hide in my room, but as I got older, I started to hit back which only made it worse.
I remember one time he brought home a friend, threatening to rape my mom if I didn’t do as told and get the fuck out of the house. So I did… I don’t know what happened that night; my mom never told me… I was 14.” while listening to what he’s telling me, I feel the goosebumps on my arms, sending a cold shiver down my spine, and I suddenly feel very uncomfortable.
- “… He’s basically the reason I got into this business in the first place. I wanted to be able to protect my mom. And that’s when I met Franco, who used to be our leader. He introduced me to this lifestyle.”
- “Used to?” I ask, trying to picture him but I don’t think I’ve met him yet.
- “Yea, he died two years ago… Car chase…” I can sense on Justin that I shouldn’t ask more about it, so I decide to just let him continue speaking.
- “He taught be how to fight… and how to protect, not only myself but others… and a few years later I went home one evening, just in time to be home when the shithead would arrive… And then, before he had the chance to have another outburst I beat him unconscious, and then broke his neck. And then I threw him in the lake… No one ever questioned his disappearance. And my mom was just happy to get rid of him.”
I assume that he’s finish talking as he starts eating the last piece of burger, and it takes a few seconds for me to comprehend the whole story. I remember him telling me that his parent’s divorce took hard on him, but I never imagined it’d be something like this. No wonder he’s fucked up.
- “Wow…” I finally manage to say. “And you’re still in this lifestyle because…?” I question, a little unsure of whether I’m about to cross a line of his, but I guess he’ll let me know then. I hope so.
- “I made friends for life. These boys… They aren’t just my friends. They’re my brothers; family. And you don’t leave your family”
- “Wow, you do have a heart” I tease him, making him smile slightly.
- “I do… To certain people I do” I look at him and that’s when I realize how much he’s been through.
No wonder this guy is bipolar. No wonder he has huge trust issues. No wonder he’s violent at times.
Now it all makes sense. He grew up under bad and violent circumstances. And he had to take care of himself and his mother. I wonder what kind of woman she is. I’d like to meet her one day.
Then suddenly we’re interrupted by an all too familiar female figure.
- “On a date during school hours? Wow, how romantic” the girl speaks, causing me to move in my seat, suddenly feeling a little awkward. This is not a date I think to myself, but I chose to stay quiet.
- “Layla, what a lovely surprise” Justin speaks, sarcasm evident in his words as he speaks her name in disgust “thank God I just finished my food cause I think I just lost my appetite” he continues, causing her to smile sarcastically before turning her attention to me. Justin sits back in his seat.
- “Hey Alli, good to see you again. And thanks for the good talk” she winks at me, looking genuine friendly.
- “Hey Layla. It was a good talk” I smile back, not intending to cause any scene.
- “It was, indeed. Hopefully you learned a thing or two”
Justin is clearly annoyed by her presence and does nothing to hide it as he rolls his eyes by her words.
I just smile, thinking back of the conversation we had. Back then I agreed with her. But back then I didn’t know what Justin felt about me. I do know. And I may be naïve, but I chose to believe him.
- “I think we’re leaving now” Justin says, sounding more like a statement than a question as he gets up from his seat, forcing Layla to take a step back. Their eyes are shooting daggers at each other, but nothing else reveals the big tension between them.
- “I’ve missed you too, Justin” she speaks, and the lie is so big and fat that you can almost grab it and feel it.
Justin smiles at her, an emotionless smile, which she gladly returns, only to make the tension even worse.
I get up from my seat as well, and I’ve barely grabbed my bag as Justin grabs my hand and drags me along with him, out of the diner and towards his car.
- “What the hell just happened back in there?” I ask, confused and a bit amused at the same time.
We sit inside the car and Justin turns on the engine and starts pulling out of the parking lot, heading back towards the school.
- “She’s a snake. That’s all I have to say. She may seem sweet and all but trust me. Be careful what you say around her.” His attention is headed towards the road. I look at him. He’s clenching his jaw, seeming really uptight. Whenever she’s around, or if I mention her name, this is how he reacts.
- “What happened between the two of you?” I ask. Not so that I have something to be jealous about or envy, but truly because I want to know what causes this kind of reaction from him.
With everybody else, whether it’s boys or girls, he got this way of seeming so careless. Like he really just couldn’t give any fucks about them at all. It’s like they’re invisible to him, they don’t exist. But she does.
Somehow she manages to make him bristle, like a cat that sees another cat. He goes completely in defense mode, and she doesn’t even have to say anything. Why does she have this kind of power over him?
Something between them must’ve happened. I don’t believe he’s never had feelings for anyone before me, he clearly must’ve had some sort of feelings for her since he wants to spend so much energy on hating her.
- “What happened isn’t relevant now. She’s nothing but dead to me” his voice is cold and emotionless, just like his presence became when she showed up at our table. I keep looking at him, not saying anything.
For the rest of the ride none of us say anything.

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