For You I Would

Alli Thompson is a 18 year old High School student who just started on a new school. She came from New York and has just moved to Los Angeles because of her dad's new job. She quickly becomes great friends with Lea Martinez, and she finds out that not only are Lea interested in her company; so is the popular guy from 12th grade, Justin Bieber. And he'll take her on an adventure full of extreme experiences, intense love and heartbreaking drama.


67. Part 67

- ”Sooo, what did you want to talk to me about?” Lea asks as we meet up at the lockers during lunchbreak.
A big lump is forming in my throat and my stomach twist, making the nausea feeling come back.
I try to find the right way to tell her as I put my books into the locker. Is there even a right way to tell this?
- “Um…” I start, closing my locker as I finally meet her eyes. I bite my lip nervously, thinking of a right spot with as less people as possible. “I need to pick up a few books at the library, I’ll tell you on the way, come on” I continue as I grab her arm and we start walking the opposite direction of everyone else, towards the library. My heart starts to beat a little faster as we walk down the hallway.
- “Look, this is really important and you can’t tell anyone!” I say, turning my head to look at her.
She looks back raising an eyebrow, causing me to look away as I take a deep breath in a desperate try to control my nervousness.
- “Has he knocked you up or something?” Lea asks as if that was just a normal everyday question like how has your day been?
- “What?! No! Oh my god Lea, what the hell, of course not!” I roll my eyes and I can sense her feeling a little relieved. Thank God that wasn’t what I was going to tell.
But I would almost say that this is worse. Much worse.
- “Then what is it? Why are you hesitating so much?” I can feel her getting impatient with me.
- “You know… You’ve heard all the rumors about Justin, right? The bad ones” I start.
- “Yea? What about them?” she answers back, trying to figure out where I’m heading with this.
We reach the library and as we get inside I close the door, and to my luck we’re the only ones here.
As I close the door I slowly turn around.
- “They’re kinda… true” I say, biting my lip once again as I wait for a reaction.
Lea looks at me for several seconds without saying anything, and then she just starts giggling.
- “Alli he’s just fooling you, trying to scare you a little, that’s what guys do” she starts walking further into the library and looks around as she waits for me to follow. I sigh.
- “No seriously I mean it, Lea…” I follow her.
She turns around and looks at me as she raises an eyebrow, clearly not convinced.
- “Yea? And how would you know that?” she asks, challenging me.
- “Because…” I answer back quickly, hesitating “… I’ve seen it”.
- “You’ve seen it? Jesus Alli, this isn’t even funny, I’m just telling you” she snorts as she looks away again, about to walk again but that’s when I grab her arm which causes her to look at me.
- “Remember the day I went after him, to find out where he lives? “
- “Where are you heading with this? Seriously you’re starting to freak me out a little, Alli”
I take a deep breath before pulling my shirt up to show her my scar.
 - “Jesus is that a scar?!” she hisses, coming closer to have a better look at it.
As she takes a further look at it I can feel the lump in my throat coming back.
- “Oh my god, how did you get that?” She asks now looking at me again.
I want to answer, but I can feel the tears building up in my eyes. Lea frowns at she looks at me with concern.
- “Alli, what happened?” I can sense her earnest as she speaks, causing me to look down.
- “It was my fault, I… Instead of just walking to the front door like a normal person would I snuck behind bushes, making me look really suspicious. And then when one of his friends saw me I panicked and start walking away fast, almost running…” I speak so fast that I have to stop up and breathe before continuing.
A tear falls down my cheek and my desperate try to keep them back is failing.
Lea looks at me, almost eating me with her eyes, as concern is filling her face.
- “… The guy told me to stop running but I just kept on going, hoping they’d just shrug it off, you know… But then he shouts to me that if I don’t stop he’ll shoot, but God I never thought he’d do it and-“
- “Wait, what?! He shot you?!” Lea’s eyes widen, almost popping out, as she looks down at my scar once again. I bite my lip as I look down at it as well. To my surprise it’s become very pretty.
But I will always have that scar, reminding me of that day.
- “He didn’t mean to… Brandon told me later that-“
- “Brandon? Is that his name? Have you talked to him?” her voice clearly shows me that she’s freaking out.
- “I have… But he’s really nice, actually… But let’s not talk about him” I say, and I can see that Lea immediately knows who I’m referring to. She knows I’m about to tell her something crazy.
- “Speak up” she just says, ready to hear whatever I’m going to tell her.


- ”I don’t even know what to say to all this, Alli…”
We’re sitting on the floor, leaning against some of the bookshelves in the library.
I can hear on her voice that she’s not only surprised and shocked, but she’s also sad and hurt that I haven’t told her before now. I mean, she is my bestfriend after all. The guilt is rushing in on me.
The tears starts engulfing my eyes as I realized how bad of a bestfriend I’ve been lately.
- “I’m so sorry…” is all I can mumble as the starts runs down my cheeks and the need to sob is huge.
- “Oh don’t Alli! I’m the one who’s sorry! I wasn’t there for you when you needed me” she wraps her arms around me and together we silently cry, embracing each other. And that’s when it hits me how much I’ve really missed her being around. I’ve missed having someone to talk to about everything such as this.
- “You can’t be friends with him anymore, Alli… He’s just not good company for you”.
- “I know… You’re right, he’s too bad for me-“
Suddenly we’re interrupted as the door opens and in comes the librarian who immediately notices us.
She arches a brow as she closes the door behind her, then walks to the computer desk.
-  “Can I help you two?” she asks, clearly a question she’s been asking millions of times before.
- “Uhm, no thanks Miss” I quickly answer, standing up, as Lea follows.
The lunchbreak must be over since she’s back in here which mean I didn’t get any lunch today.
I’m literally starving. But I just had to get this over with, so eventually I’ll have to survive until I get home.
We rush out the library about to head back to class as I feel myself crush into something, or someone.
I look up to find myself staring into two way too familiar hazel brown eyes. My heartbeat speeds up a little.
- “Hey” he speaks, his voice calm and a little rusty. I immediately feel the butterflies in my stomach, and once again the guilt rushes in on me. How can I be attracted by someone like him?
After what feels like forever but has only been seconds, I finally open my mouth to answer but Lea grabs my arm and starts pulling me away from him, towards the direction we were actually heading in the first place.
- “Come on Alli, let’s go” she says, her voice cool and determined, as she drags me along with her.
I choose to follow her. Even though I’d rather pull my arm out of her grip and stay with Justin, I know I shouldn’t. He’s not good company, and Lea is absolutely right about that.
I look down as we walk down the hallway, and I can feel Justin’s eyes literally pierce through my body as he watches us.
And then suddenly his hand has grabbed my other arm as he stops me from walking any further.
- “We need to talk” he speaks with a determined voice. I look up at him again.
His eyes immediately catch mine in a lock and as I try to read his face I see… nothing.
He went from sending me this cute smile as he greeted me to this cold and careless attitude.
- “She can’t, we’re heading for class” Lea interferes and just as she’s about to start walking again, Justin takes a step closer, making him look even bigger than he already is.
- “You stay the hell out of this” he snaps, and the way he sounds so threatening surprises me and makes me gasp a little. Wait, did he just fucking threaten Lea?!
- “It’s fine!” I suddenly speak, making them both shut up.
I pull out of Lea’s grip and she reluctantly let’s go of me. I nod the opposite direction back towards the library as I look at Justin, signaling for him to follow me. I start walking and I can hear him follow.
I can hear Lea sigh, but then she heads back towards our classroom.
- “So? What is it?” I ask him, not really sure if I wanna have this conversation or not.
- “Are you hungry?” he then asks, causing me to stop. Hungry? He said we needed to talk and then he asks me if I’m hungry? I arch a brow.
- “Why?”
- “Because I know you’ve sat in there the whole lunchbreak” a smirk is showing on his lips.
- “Oh really? And how would you know that exactly?” He couldn’t have seen us because we didn’t see him!
- “You’re not invisible to the eye, you know…” he chuckles a little, somehow finding this amusing.
- “And how would you know that, you weren’t there-…” I stop myself midsentence as I think for a moment.
He looks at me clearly waiting for me to continue, still with that smirk on his lips.
- “Wait. You get people to keep an eye on me for you?” I widen my eyes in disbelief.
His smirk fades as he rolls his eyes, making me regret asking so.
- “Let’s talk somewhere else. You never answered my question anyway” he walks to a door that leads outside directly to the parking lot. He looks at me.
- “If I’m hungry? I skipped lunch, so yea. I’m starving” my answer cracks him up a little, and I can’t help but smile a little too.
- “Well then let’s go eat something” we walk out on the parking lot and to his car.


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