For You I Would

Alli Thompson is a 18 year old High School student who just started on a new school. She came from New York and has just moved to Los Angeles because of her dad's new job. She quickly becomes great friends with Lea Martinez, and she finds out that not only are Lea interested in her company; so is the popular guy from 12th grade, Justin Bieber. And he'll take her on an adventure full of extreme experiences, intense love and heartbreaking drama.


66. Part 66

Part 66
I open my eyes and a sharp sunlight beam is hitting me right in my face.
I yawn and stretch my body as I feel soft sheets covering me and that’s when I realize I’m home, in my bed.
I sit up and look around. The clock tells me that it’s 7:45AM. I look down to find myself wearing nothing but my lace bra and panties. How the hell did I get home? I don’t remember walking home.
Wait, I wasn’t walking, I biked. Where’s my bike?
I drag myself out of the bed and over to the window. I look down at our driveway and see that my bike is standing leaned against our garage. What the hell… I sigh as I grab the handle of my window to get in some fresh morning air as the window just casually opens by itself. The window was unlocked.
I raise an eyebrow. Someone must’ve used the win-… I take a deep breath while rolling my eyes as I remember last night. It must’ve been Justin coming through my window.
But how the hell did he get me in here? I won’t believe that he has lifted me through the window, and if that’s the case, I’ll give him credit for that.
My mind is going crazy, and I let the cool morning air caress my face as I run last night through my head.
I saw a man die last night. I witnessed someone’s death. Should I go tell the police? Or not?
The last thing I want right now is to talk to Justin. Maybe I’ll never want to do that again.
I know that he has told me before that he has killed someone. But honestly would you believe if someone told you that? I didn’t. Of course something in the back of my mind told me what if it’s true but seriously I thought he was joking. He’s crazy. A real psychopath! A really hot one… ugh. I sigh.
If I tell the police I’m pretty sure I’m the next one to die. They’re totally gonna kill me.
And even though I know that Justin deserves to go to prison for this, I for some crazy and lame reason also don’t want him to. I mean… How can someone that’s been so genuine sweet and kind to you, be so horrible and heartless to someone else. And why did he kill him? I mean he beat him to death! It wasn’t like, just a few punches in the face or stomach; he was literally beaten to death! My stomach twists in pain and I suddenly don’t feel so good as I think of all of this. I really need to talk to someone about this.
I grab my phone and send a text to Lea:

Need to talk to you about something. See you at school!

And then I throw my phone on the bed as I get ready for school.
I decide to skip breakfast today as I’m not feeling really good. I walk down the stairs and to the kitchen to grab the car keys on the kitchen counter.
- “We’re leaving now, Mike!” I yell into the living room and then heads outside and to the garage.
As I reach the garage and waits for it to open, I look at my bike. No mud or anything on the wheels.
Weird, I’m 100 % sure that there was a whole lot of mud where I jumped off of my bike and ran to the warehouse. I shrug as I look away and gets into the car.
Michael comes outside as I drive out the garage and he seats himself in the car before we head to the school.
- “Did you go? Last night?” he asks after a few minutes of silence, only silent music in the background filling the car.
- “Mhm” I just mumble, looking straight ahead.
- “Sooo… Did you find them?” I can sense from the corner of my eye that he’s looking at me, searching for a reaction, but I just keep my attention on the road.
- “I did” I know that he wants me to elaborate but Jesus I can’t help him what I saw!
- “And…? Elaborate” he says, and that’s when I take a quick look at him to find him curious and excited waiting for my answer. My stomach twists again.
- “Well, nothing really…” I just nonchalantly shrug, trying to be very convincing.
Michael raises an eyebrow, which he always does when he’s got a feeling I’m not telling the truth. Damn it.
- “Nothing? Really?”
- “Yea… They were just hanging out, smoking and talking” I try to keep my focus on the road, but I feel my heart start beating a little faster and I pray that Michael doesn’t notice my nervousness.
- “Talking?” he emphasizes, clearly not convinced.
I shrug, trying to seem ignorant to cover up my big fat lie.
- “Well, okay… Then what about the guy?” he then asks, and I inwardly roll my eyes and sigh.
Fucking hell, does he never stop asking all of these damn questions?!
- “What guy?” I ask, doing my best to hide how annoyed I am at this point.
There’s still 5 minutes till we reach the school; so many more questions to come.
- “Um, the guy that Dennis said they were dragging, duh!” Michael sighs, and I know that he’s annoyed too by my fake ignorance. My brother knows me way too well unfortunately, and I’m horrible at lying.
I think for a few seconds before answering.
- “There was no other guy” I say, causing Michael to sigh loud in annoyance which only causes me to get even more pissed as well.
- “Alli, just stop lyi-“
- “I’m not lying!” I snap back with a raised voice, causing Michael to shut up and look at me in surprise.
I sigh. None of us say anything until we reach the school parking lot.
As I stop the car I turn to the side to look at Michael. He’s unlocking his seatbelt.
- “I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to yell like that”. Michael stops and looks at me.
The disappointment is evident in his face and it kills me whenever I hurt him like this.
- “It’s just that… I’m just having a bad day today, okay?” I continue, still looking at him.
- “Okay…” he answer back silently before opening the car door and slipping out of the seat.
As he closes the door and walks towards the big entrance I sit back in the car watching him.
How I wish I could tell him
After several seconds I get out of the car as well, ready to face another bad day. 

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