For You I Would

Alli Thompson is a 18 year old High School student who just started on a new school. She came from New York and has just moved to Los Angeles because of her dad's new job. She quickly becomes great friends with Lea Martinez, and she finds out that not only are Lea interested in her company; so is the popular guy from 12th grade, Justin Bieber. And he'll take her on an adventure full of extreme experiences, intense love and heartbreaking drama.


65. Part 65

Part 65
- “There’s nothing to talk about” I answer, distantly.
- “Alli, she’s our mom and-“
- “She abandoned us, Michael!” I cut him off, causing him to shut his mouth. He sighs.
I could feel the anger slowly building its way back into my body again, and I had to take a deep breath.
Why did we have to talk about this? He knows just as much as dad that I don’t wanna talk about her, and I’m tired of them always defending her.
- “I know…” he then suddenly speaks after what feels like forever. “She was just trying to do the best thing… not only for her but for us. She had to recover from it all before she could manage the role as a mother”. 
- “It’s been 5 fucking years, Mike… Nothing will ever justify that” I answer back. I manage to sound a bit more calmly than before. Today were supposed to be a good day that I’d spend with dad and Michael.
I never expected it to turn out like this.
- “You don’t know how hard it’s been for her. We’re not the only one who’s been suffering”.
I snort at his comment. Suffering? Fuck me. She don’t fucking know what it’s like to suffer.
- “Yea?” I ask as I stop walking which causes Michael to stop too and look at me. “Well then I’d recommend a psychologist for her. That’s what helped me from the suffering” I spit out the last word, earning a resigned sigh from Michael as I turn around and starts walking back home.


- “I think I’ll head upstairs” I yell as I take a step up the stairs.
My dad follows me and stops right at the stairs, looking up at me. He smiles.
- “It was lovely tonight; one of the rare ones. And hey, that movie wasn’t bad either!” his last comment makes me laugh which causes him to laugh as well.  
- “Well good for you there’s a sequel” I answer back, still laughing. He smiles.
- “Then I guess we have to do another movie night soon”
- “Absolutely. Goodnight dad” I say as I kiss him on the cheek and then he pulls me in for a hug.
- “Goodnight sweetheart. See you tomorrow” I pull away from the hug and head up the stairs to my room.
As soon as I lay down my bed I realize how tired and exhausted I am.
I take a quick look at my phone and I can’t help but feel a little sad. No text or call from Justin, all day.
I know that I told him that I couldn’t hang out tonight, but not that we couldn’t text each other.
Should I text him? Maybe he’s busy with something too. Or someone. The thought sends a shiver down my spine and a wave of jealousy suddenly hits me. I need to stop thinking like this I speak to myself as I roll my eyes. I decide to get rid of the thought by changing into my pajamas. I turn my phone on silence and lay down the bed. And before I know, I’m asleep.


A voice is suddenly calling my name, but it’s too blurry for me to react.
- “Alli!” I open my eyes wide and gasps as I suddenly feel someone pushing me gently, and I realize I wasn’t dreaming when I heard someone speak my name. I turn my head to find Michael next to me.
- “Michael, what the hell? What’s the clock…” I turn to look at my watch. It’s 12:17AM. Jesus Christ.
- “Sorry, but I had to. I think you might find this interesting” he speaks eagerly, and I look at him in confusion. What the hell is so urgent for him to tell at 12AM?
- “What?” I answer as I sit up in bed, yawning. Jesus Christ it better be fucking important.
- “I was skyping with Dennis, and he said that his brother and his friends saw Justin and a few other guys at some warehouse just moments ago” he speaks eagerly. I raise an eyebrow. What?
- “Um, okay? And you’re telling me this because…?”
- “Because…” Michael says, but then hesitates “they were pulling a guy in there with them”.
I raise my other eyebrow too, trying to find out where he’s heading with this. I shake my head in confusion.
- “Wait… So you’re saying he and his friends were pulling another guy into a warehouse? Am I right?”
- “Pulling as in like, dragging him. And Dennis said that he was groaning, begging them to let him go”.
I stare at Michael for a few seconds until I realize what he’s telling me. Flashbacks start hitting me.

“Alright, your turn” he says and waits for my confession. I think for a while.
“I have never… done something criminal” I say as I look at him, searching for a reaction on his face.
He looks at me for a few seconds, just smiling like before, and just as I think he’s about to ask me a new question, he grabs the bottle and takes a sip.
I raise an eyebrow. “Seriously? What did you do?”
Justin just shrugs as he snorts. “What did I not do” he says and takes a deep breath.
“Tell me at least one thing” I say, watching him.
He looks back with a light smile playing on his lips. “Well, car theft, violence, shoplifting… yea”.
“But… why?” I look into his eyes.
“Why? Because I’m stupid” he just admits.

And then I remember the note he left me after that stupid fight that night.

“I’m sorry for tonight. Didn’t mean to let out my anger like that.
I don’t hope that I’ve scared you too much, but you should stay clear from me.
I want to be honest with you. I didn’t tell you everything tonight and that’s for a reason.
You shouldn’t be around me, and please… don’t hate me”

The blood suddenly starts leaving my face, and my body feels like gel.
The shot… When I went looking for him, his friend shot me.

“Hey you! Over there!” Oh my god no, they saw me. Fuck!
I start walking faster again. Then I start running. No, no, no!
“Stop or I’ll shoot you!” another one then shouts.
What?! He won’t do that!
And while I’m thinking whether I should stop or not, I hear a loud noise that must be from a bullet.
And then I feel a sudden pain in the side of my belly.

I want to take a look at it, the wound. But I can’t… Michael doesn’t know about it, and he shouldn’t.
Shit! I can’t tell Michael what I know, he’ll freak out and tell dad, and then hell will be loose.
I try to sound as cool and calm as possible, though I’m just the exact opposite.
- “I’ll go have a look at it, just go to bed”
- “I’ll go with you!” Michael speaks; the eager turning back in his voice.
- “You’re not! It’s way past your bedtime so if you don’t want dad to find out you better go to sleep!”
Michael sighs and rolls his eyes. He knows I’m right. Dad will check on him soon when he’s going to bed himself.
- “Fine. But you gotta tell me about it tomorrow!”
- “I will, now go to bed!” I kiss him on the forehead and then he walks out my room.
And then he panic hits me. What the hell am I supposed to do?!
I jump out of bed and gets dressed, before climbing out the window. Don’t really feel like explaining this to my dad, honestly.
Then my phone vibrates. A message from Michael.
I open it and sees that he has texted me the warehouse. Thanks, Mike.
I grab my bike and heads towards the warehouse.


10 minutes later I’m there.
I jump off the bike as I look at the abandoned warehouse. Justin’s car isn’t here.
But then a sudden pain is building up inside of me as I hear distant screams coming from inside the warehouse. The screams instinctively make me run to the warehouse.
The painful screams and groans become more and more clear as I reach the entrance.
I open the door to a vision I never thought I was gonna experience.
A young man is tied up to poles, not making it possible for him to defend himself as Justin is punching him repeatedly in the face. Blood is covering his face and body, making it impossible to recognize him.
I’m nailed to the ground, shocked and frightened. The poor man is groaning, choking on his own blood, almost suffocating from the big amount of it.
- “Shut up!” Justin yells and then kicks him right in the guts, making him scream in pain once again.
- “Stop it! Justin!” I yell, as I start running towards the man.
Everybody turns around, obviously surprised to see me; including Justin.
- “Alli? What the fuck you doing here?!” he asks, not being able to hide how surprised he is.
I ignore him as I pass him, pushing him.
“What are you doing, are you sick?!” I scream, tears running down my face as I reach the guy and start untying him from the poles.
- “Alli don’t!” Justin says as he grabs my hands, trying to make me stop, but I just pull them back and pushes him on the chest, causing him to take a step backwards, sighing.
- “Don’t fucking touch me!” I scream again, as I untie the guy again. Everyone is just watching me, waiting for Justin to tell them what to do.
The poor guy falls to the ground and I sit down on my knees as I grab his head.
- “Oh my god no!” I cry, as I shake his head. “Stay! Please stay! Look at me!” but then I notice that he has turned the white of his eyes and I realize he’s not going to make it.
- “No…. NO!” I yell as I shake him again, this time harder. My sobbing turns into real crying as it hits me what I’ve just witnessed. Nobody is doing anything.
- “Do something!” I yell, and they all just look at each other. I look up at Justin to find him looking back at me. He’s not crying, no one is except me. But he does look kinda sad… Empty. I don’t know.
- “He’s dead, Alli…” Justin speaks silently.
I shake my head, not being able to handle this. I stop crying as I’m hyperventilating.
- “She’s in shock” I can hear someone say behind me. I stare at the dead body in front of me as Justin gently wraps his arms around me and pulls me away from it.
With all the amount of strength I can manage, I slap him right on the left cheek, causing his head to turn to the side. And then I go nuts on him, punching him on the chest repeatedly as I scream and cry once again.
Justin wraps his arms around me again, this time tight, waiting for me to get too exhausted so that I’ll eventually stop punching. And seconds later this happened exactly.
- “I hate you… “ I cry into his chest, not having any strength left to fight back.
Justin doesn’t say anything. Instead he just rubs my back gently, still holding tight.
I will never forget this. Never. 

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