For You I Would

Alli Thompson is a 18 year old High School student who just started on a new school. She came from New York and has just moved to Los Angeles because of her dad's new job. She quickly becomes great friends with Lea Martinez, and she finds out that not only are Lea interested in her company; so is the popular guy from 12th grade, Justin Bieber. And he'll take her on an adventure full of extreme experiences, intense love and heartbreaking drama.


64. Part 64

Part 64
- ”So, am I gonna see you tonight?” he asks, looking over his shoulder in order for his eyes to meet mine.
- “I’m sorry, but I think I’ll spend the rest of the day with my dad. Haven’t really talked to him lately” I answer back, smiling as our eyes meet. A light smile is forming upon his lips, before he turns his attention somewhere else.
- “Alright then” he answers back nonchalantly, his eyes meeting a couple of girls walking past us which causes him to smirk and the girls to giggle, flattered that he paid them some attention.
I inwardly roll my eyes as I close my locker, ready to go home.
- “I’ll see you around” I say, sounding more like a statement than a question, as I look back at Justin.
His eyes meet mine once again and the amazing smile that always makes me melts, forms upon his lips.
- “You will” he answer, then he grabs my cheek with his hand gently as he slowly leans in.
I’m about to open my mouth, telling him that kissing is public isn’t such a good idea, but then he just places a soft kiss on my forehead, before quickly pulling away and blending into the crowd of people walking down the hallway, desperate to get out of there and get home. I look at his direction but with no luck of seeing him, and a smile is forming on my face.
After several seconds the crowd isn’t nearly as big as before and I blend in as well, ready to come home and spend some time with my dad. I need that.


- “I’m home!” I yell as I step into my home, kicking off my shoes.
I walk into the living room to find Michael placed on the couch, playing some xbox.
- “Where’s dad?” I ask, which just causes Michael to point a finger in the air, and I look up to realize he’s pointing upstairs. I walk up the stairs and stops at the entrance of my dad’s office.
The door is open, but I can see he’s working on something on the computer, so I decide to knock on the door.
- “Hey dad, can I come in?” I ask, and as he looks up to see that it’s me, he smiles and nods.
- “Hey sweetheart, how was your day at school?” he asks as he straightens up in his chair and takes off his glasses. My dad normally doesn’t wear glasses, but for some reason he always do when he’s working on the computer. I think it’s the age.
- “Well, just the usual you know…” I answer back nonchalantly, sitting down on the armrest of the old armchair, as I place my schoolbag down beside it.  My dad nods in return.
I look around, trying to find the right way to say this, without my father misunderstanding anything.
- “You know… “ I hesitate a bit. “Do you remember the guy that I brought for dinner, not long ago?” I answer, causing my dad to turn the attention from the computer to me once again.
- “Oh yeah I do! What was his name… Jesse?”
- “Justin” I inform him.
- “Justin, that’s right!” He says, smiling at me. “What about him?”
- “Oh, um… you know…” I start fumbling with my fingers. “I was thinking that maybe we could… like… invite him for dinner again… sometime?” I look back at my dad again to see him just staring at me, still smiling though. But then suddenly it’s like he’s pulling himself together, as he takes the glasses back on and looks at the computer again. I raise an eyebrow, still waiting for an answer.
- “Of course we can” he then suddenly answers, and I feel like I’ve been holding my breath ever since I asked the question. I feel relieved.
- “I guess we could invite him over for dinner on Friday, hm?” he adds, his eyes still at the computer.
- “Yeah, that’d be cool!” I answer back, smiling big. “Thanks dad”.
- “Oh, and by the way…” my dad says as I’m about to leave the room, causing me to stop and turn around.
- “Your mother will be joining us for dinner on Friday as well” he says calmly, but I know he’s far from.
Ever since our mom kind of “abandoned” us due to her work, and left us stuck with our dad who could hardly even walk our dog, I have only spoke to her twice, for the last two years. Involuntarily. And the last time I spoke to her I swore to her that I’d never speak to her again. And now I’m supposed to have dinner with her?
The shock and anger must’ve been evident in my face because my father continues to talk, explaining.
- “She miss you and your brother, so we thought it’d be a good idea to be gathered again. Like a family”
- “But we’re not” I snap back, the anger building up inside of me. My dad sighs.
- “Listen, Alli… I know you’re upset, and so does she-“
- “Upset?” I snort, raising an eyebrow; the sarcastic tone is dripping from my voice. “You think I’m upset? I’m not upset, I’m furious! That woman chose work over her children, and you think I’ll just be cool with that? And have dinner with her? Last time I spoke to her I swore that I’d never EVER talk to her again, and I’m intending to keep it that way!” I realize I’ve raised my voice, and I can’t help but sigh.
I don’t want my dad to think I’m mad at him because I’m not. But hopefully he knows that.
There’s a silence, and I decide to leave before he breaks it. I grab my bag from the floor and walks about the room, closing the door behind me. I look to the side to see Michael standing at the top of the stairs, staring at me. Then he looks down, and I sigh before leaving to my room.
I know Michael still talks to mom now and then. And I can’t blame him. He was younger than me and didn’t fully understand what was going on. He just wants his mother, and if he can’t have her all the times, then I guess just sometimes is good enough for him. But to me, it’s not that simple.
My mom and I were really close. Did everything together; She’d do my hair every day before school, and after school she’d pick me up so that we could go shopping for dinner, and then we’d also buy some delicious food for lunch with dad and Michael. And at the weekends, we’d buy snacks for the movies we’d watch at the evenings before bedtime. My mom was my rock, basically.
And when mom and dad got divorced, it was like that rock collapsed and fell into the deep.
Suddenly she wouldn’t have time for those things anymore. She wouldn’t have time for us.
She would work all the time and we’d have to stay at dad, who was so heartbroken that he couldn’t do anything. Suddenly I had to be the parent figure to my brother. I had to be the one making sure Michael got ready for school in the mornings, and I had to go shopping for dinner and even make the dinner myself.
All because of her suddenly selfishness. “It’s just how I recover best from it all” she’d say as an explanation to why she’d never have time for her kids. And dad would just defend her, saying “only your mother knows what’s best for her”. For 5 years, that’s all she could say to make justice for herself, and for 5 years my dad has been defending her for saying so.
I was 13 when I lost my mother figure in my life, and I was 16 when I had my first heartache.
She wasn’t there to tell me all those important things that you should know when going through heartbreak.
She didn’t even fucking have the “flower and the bee”-talk with me, because at the age of 13 I was way too innocent to hear that. And now as I’m graduating next year, she won’t be there either.
Suddenly a knock on my door is pulling me back to reality.
- “What?” I yell, preparing myself for whatever my dad is going to say as an excuse for mom.
The door opens and Michaels head peaks in.
- “Wanna go for a walk? I wanna talk to you” he asks, and I look at him in confusion.
He waits for me to answer, and as I realize he’s being serious I get up from my bed and follow him downstairs. We get our shoes on and walk out the door.
As we’ve walked away from the house Michael hasn’t said anything yet, so I decide to break the silence.
- “So, what do you wanna talk to me about?” If it’s Justin, I’m seriously gonna turn around.
- “I’d like to talk about mom” he then says, after several seconds. 

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