For You I Would

Alli Thompson is a 18 year old High School student who just started on a new school. She came from New York and has just moved to Los Angeles because of her dad's new job. She quickly becomes great friends with Lea Martinez, and she finds out that not only are Lea interested in her company; so is the popular guy from 12th grade, Justin Bieber. And he'll take her on an adventure full of extreme experiences, intense love and heartbreaking drama.


63. Part 63

Part 63
- ”Excuse me but why the hell are you carrying around a torn-apart top in your schoolbag?” Lea asks as we sit down at our usual spot in the cantina. The other girls move closer to her to have a look at the ripped top and I look back on today’s actions in Justin’s car which causes me to slightly smile.
- “So that you have something to ask about” I answer back flippant, still carrying a smile on my face, as I grab the top out of her hands and puts it back down in my bag. Lea rolls her eyes as the others giggles.
- “I have a feeling telling me it’s not your masterpiece” Spencer then says, smirking at me.
I stick my tongue out at her, and then the other girls starts to realize what she meant by that. They all gasp.
- “Did Justin do this?!” Ashley asks, lowering her voice. I nod as I giggle, causing her to raise an eyebrow as she starts smiling like crazy. The other girls squeal by my answer.
I feel everyone’s eyes on me which causes me to look away. But then something else catches my attention.
A few spots away in the cantina I see Justin sitting with Brandon, Paul, Marc and a few other guys I’ve never seen before. But that’s not what has caught my attention. What has is the three girls sitting down at their table, all girly and giggling as the guys move together to make space for them.
There’s barely space for them to sit which causes them to halfway sit on the lap of the outer boys, which happens to be someone I don’t know and Justin. The girls flip their hair as they giggle and laugh at almost everything the guys say. I see Justin moving his hand from her back to her hip causing him to slightly placing it on her ass. He’s just laughing at whatever they’re talking about, along with the others.
A sharp pain suddenly hits my chest. Who are those girls? Who’s the girl almost sitting on his lap? She clearly worships and admires him, you can tell by the way she constantly looks at him and either laughs or giggles every time he opens his mouth. The sight makes me wanna vomit. Do they have a shared past together? Could she be the reason why he’s so protective of his phone? All sorts of thoughts are running through my head and it’s barely a minute since I turned my head away from the girls.
- “Earth calling Alli!” Lea suddenly snaps her fingers in front of me, causing me to snap out of my thoughts and turn my head to look at her. The second I look at her, her face turns from slightly annoyed to concerned.
Then she looks the way I just did, and the way her face then turns completely emotionless shows me that she has seen them. She has seen it.
- “Oh no he didn’t” Spencer then speaks up, telling me she has seen it to. Now we’re all looking at them.
- “Ew, look at those girls, acting like fucking sluts! They just want their dicks” Ashley adds, anger evident in her voice. The words from Ashley’s mouth suddenly change something inside of me.
The pain that was filling my heart just right before is suddenly replaced with a huge need to protect.
To protect what’s mine. No girl is gonna walk in, thinking she can just take him away from me.
Not without a fight.
- “They can have them” I then speak, as an answer to Ashley’s question. My voice is emotionless.
- “All except one” I add, and then I stand up and starts walking towards the guys.
I can feel the girl’s eyes narrowing my back. I walk slowly and somehow confidently towards the table.
None of them seem to have noticed me yet; they’re still talking and laughing. So are the girls.
As I reach their table they all turn their attention towards me, but before any of them get to say anything, I lean in across the table, catching Justin’s lip in a lustful kiss. He kisses me back and that’s when I grab the back of his neck and turn the kiss into a make out session. Everyone turns quiet as they watch us, and from the corner of my eyes I can see the girl beside Justin frowning as she awkwardly moves a little.
It causes me to smile through the kiss before pulling away.
- “Excuse me” I say as I sit in between Justin and the girl, causing her to move so much that she has to stand up. She gasps at me, giving me the bitch-who-do-you-think-you-are-look as she looks at her girlfriends who do the exact same.
- “Oh you wanted to sit here as well? I’m sorry, we’ll make space for you” I emphasize in a voice that’s dripping with sarcasm, as I fake a smile to the girl. I move onto Justin’s lap and makes sure to move my ass on it, causing the bulge in his pants to become slightly bigger as he grabs my hips, trying to hold me still.
I smile. I look around and notice everyone is gaping, still not saying a word. The girl scowls at me as she refuses to sit down. My inner goddess is applauding me.  
- “I don’t think we’ve met before? My name is Alli… I’m Justin’s girlfriend” I reach out in a polite gesture.
The girl fakes a smile at me, and from the corner of my eyes I can see Paul, Marc and Brandon trying their hardest not to burst out in laugher. It gives me confident, and I return the fake smile to the girl.
My back is facing Justin so I don’t know if he’s just as amused as they are. I hope so.
The girl rolls her eyes and lets out a loud annoyed sigh before turning on her heels and walking away, causing the two other girls to leave their spot and follow her. My eyes follow them.
Then the guys burst out laughing, causing the others to join in on their amusement, and I can’t help but laugh a little as well.
- “You’re sick Alli, I’ll give you props for that!” Paul says as he rises his hand is a high five which I gladly give him.
- “Who would’ve thought that you would do that?” Brandon says, earning agreement from everyone.
All the props and credits for my scene makes me feel so good,  but then I realize that everyone’s said something or giving me a reaction except from Justin.
I turn my head around to see him narrowing his eyes against mine. And his face is… emotionless?
The nervousness starts building up inside of me, preparing myself for another of his mood swings.
He then grabs my waist and sits me down beside him before standing up and walking towards the exit.
I watch him, then turn my head to the guys. They all shrug, but Brandon nods towards him, signaling for me to follow him. I take a deep breath before standing up as well, then follows him out the exit.
As I walk through the exit door, I look to both sides. The hallway is dark, only allowing the sunlight to shine in a few places here and there.
- “Justin?” I ask nervously as I walk down the hallway, slowly. There’s a complete silence, except from the low noise that’s coming from the cantina area.
I stop and turn around to look down the hallway. I’ve reached a dark spot where no light is shining through.
My heart starts beating faster.
- “Justin if you’re playing me it’s not funny seriously” I say, trying not to seem affected but my voice is revealing otherwise. I sigh.
- “You really made those girls feel like trash” his voice suddenly fills the hallway. I still can’t see him.
I raise an eyebrow.
- “I didn’t mean to make them feel like trash” I answer, looking around.
- “Yes you did. And it worked” I can hear his voice coming closer, and the sound of shoes walking becomes clearly.
- “What’s your point?” I answer, turning around again.
- “My point?” Justin steps out from the darkness and into a spot of light. Seconds later he’s all dark again.
- “You already know my point, I just thought I’d show you” he says, and now I can feel his presence close to me.
- “You see” he starts, and now he’s so close to me that I can feel his breath on my neck.
- “Those girls are just trash to me. Before I met you, I’d always have girls sitting like that, all trying to do their best to impress me. And all I’d ever care about was that thing between their legs. Nothing else.”
His words make me somehow feel uncomfortable. Then I feel his hands around me, the warmth from his body.
- “But then you came around and just fucked it all up” I can sense him smirking which causes me to giggle.
- “You made me want to care about other things than what’s between your legs. When you did that at the cantina, where you just walked up to me and kissed me, making those girls leave, that pretty much shows how it is. I don’t need trash anymore. I don’t want trash anymore. I want the real deal” he pulls me closer which causes me to giggle. I place my left hand on his chest as I move my right hand to his face, caressing it.
- “I love you” the words just fly out of my mouth which causes me to hold my breath.
There’s a silence for a few seconds, then Justin grabs my face and presses his lips against mine with such strength that it causes me to take a step backward making me hit the wall with my back. I moan.
I grab the back of his neck and he grabs my ass, lifting me up onto his lap. I wrap my legs around him.
Is it even healthy to love someone this much?

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