For You I Would

Alli Thompson is a 18 year old High School student who just started on a new school. She came from New York and has just moved to Los Angeles because of her dad's new job. She quickly becomes great friends with Lea Martinez, and she finds out that not only are Lea interested in her company; so is the popular guy from 12th grade, Justin Bieber. And he'll take her on an adventure full of extreme experiences, intense love and heartbreaking drama.


61. Part 61

Part 61
A sudden lust and crave for him builds inside of me as well.
I get on up on my knees on the seat to reach his lips in a lustful kiss.
As my lips touch
his  I let out a satisfied moan which causes him to let out one as well.
My hands are messing with his hair, slightly pulling in it, wanting more. He grabs my waist and within 
seconds  I’m sitting astride him on his lap. And I can feel it. The bulge in his pants only making  me even more  aroused and excited. Justin runs his hands up under my dress, causing him to moan once more.
He breaks the kiss and runs his lips down my jaw to my neck as he starts sucking on it. I moan as I tilt my head back, giving him more space to do his magic work with his tongue.
And then suddenly the sound of something that’s torn apart is heard, and I look down to see my dress torn apart on the front, revealing my chest to his sight. The brutality of his actions is turning me on, and I just want to rip off his clothes as well. I grab the hem of his shirt and starts pulling it up over his head.
As I get it off I throw it on the passenger seat where I’m really supposed to sit right now.
I rub myself against his lap, feeling his crotch on mine, an arousing feeling.
As I grind on him, he unlocks my bra and pulls the straps down my shoulders, revealing my bare breasts to his sight. He grabs one of them in his mouth and starts sucking on it, causing me to shoot my chest towards his mouth, wanting more.
- "Not here" he breathes out in between moans, pulling away from my breast.
- "Yes here" I cut him off, steadfast not to break this moment.
Justin watches me as I 
move my hands down to his pants and start pulling down in them.
Once I start pulling in his sweatpants, Justin lifts his ass a little, just enough for me to pull them down.
The bulge is now revealed even more to my sight, only covered by his boxers. I close my eyes and moan as I feel Justin’s lips on my breast once again. He’s squeezing my other breast with his hand.
Then I suddenly feel his fingers against my thong, rubbing them. We both let out another moan.
- “You’re so wet” he then breathes out with a hoarse voice due to the amount of pleasure.
His words turn me on even more, and I then move my hands down his boxers, grabbing onto his bulge.
I kiss him as I do so, feeling his lips slightly parting once I grab onto it and starts rubbing.
- “You naughty little one” he smirks at me once he pulls away from the kiss to look at me. I giggle.
I do feel naughty and honestly? I love it. I want to be naughty with him; I want to please him in every way that’s possible. I want to show him just how he makes me feel. I keep rubbing as I place a soft kiss on his chest. As my lips touch it the breast muscle tightens due to my touch. He’s so big in my hand.
His chest is moving up and down, caused by the heavy breathes. I can feel his heart pounding, just like he told me minutes ago. I feel my heart doing the exact same, knowing exactly how he feels.
After a few minutes Justin moves his hand back to my thong, rubbing my soft spot with his fingers through the thong. Then suddenly he moves my thong to the side and slowly slides in a finger. I gasp.
- “So tight” he whisper into my ear as he starts moving it in and out. I moan a little bit louder.
The amount of pleasure is almost driving me over the edge, but I want to feel him inside of me.
- “Justin…” I moan, wanting him inside of me already. Then he slides another finger in as well.
- “Yea?” he answers, smirking. God damn it, he’s teasing me. The frustration of not having him inside of me yet starts building up inside of me, making me feel almost desperate.
- “Please” I mumble through moans due to his fingers pounding inside of me.
- “Please what?” He asks and raises an eyebrow as he grabs my nipple with his lips, looking up at me.
He wants me begging. God what an idiot! This is so not fair.
- “I want you” I try to change tactic to see if that will help. I start moving my hips against his fingers, grinding on them to show him what I mean. He lets go of my nipple again and kisses up my neck.
- “You want me?” he asks, mumbling against my neck as he starts sucking on it.
- “Yes!” I breathe out desperately, happy that he finally understands.
- “How do you want me?” he then asks, turning the frustration into a slight irritation.
Ugh why is he doing this to me! He’s teasing so badly, I can’t take it anymore!
- “You know what I mean!” I hiss, earning another finger sliding inside of me causing me to gasp by the sudden action. With his other hand he grabs me by the neck, forcing me to look at him.
- “I do. But I want you to say it” he smirks, only making me even more annoyed.
I’m so sexually aroused; I don’t think I’ve been this turned on before. And then he decides to test me?!
- “Say it and I’ll give it to you” he then speaks again, interrupting my thoughts. I look at him.
I try to rub even faster to see if it has any affection on him. But his eyes are locked tight on mine, not showing any signs of more pleasure than he’s already feeling; a true master of self-control, wow.
I press my lips against his, kissing him with all the frustration and desperation that I’m filled with.
Once I realize he’s not gonna give in, I break the kiss to control my breathing.
- “Fuck me” the words just suddenly flies out of my mouth. “I want you to fuck me” I breathe out again.
Before I get to realize what’s going on my thong is suddenly ripped off of me and thrown onto the passenger seat together with Justin’s shirt. His fingers are no longer inside of me, but instead his hands are placed on each side of my hips, lifting me up a little. As he has lifted me up he pulls down his boxers with one of the hands. I inwardly gasp by the sight, preparing myself for what’s about to happen.
He grabs his bulge and places it at my opening before looking up at me and smiles.
- “Ready to be fucked the shit out of?” he asks, making my inner voice squeal in happiness.
- “Ready” I answer, smirking as I bite my lip. And then I slowly lower myself onto his bulge.


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