For You I Would

Alli Thompson is a 18 year old High School student who just started on a new school. She came from New York and has just moved to Los Angeles because of her dad's new job. She quickly becomes great friends with Lea Martinez, and she finds out that not only are Lea interested in her company; so is the popular guy from 12th grade, Justin Bieber. And he'll take her on an adventure full of extreme experiences, intense love and heartbreaking drama.


6. Part 6

Part 6
I throw my bag beside my bed and then crawl up onto it. It has started to rain, yet the sun is still shining.
I grab my laptop and turn it on. My classmates still have 4 lessons back. I feel relieved not to be there.
And right now I can’t really focus on school related stuff. Today Justin confirmed me that he’s not the one who made the rumors. He would never have gotten into a fight with Michael for something he made up himself.
I check my Facebook page and surfs around on the internet, not knowing what to do.
Maybe I should get some sleep as well. I don’t feel so good. I walk out on the toilet and find some pills for my headache. I put them into my mouth and drink a glass of water, then walks back to my room.
Just as I’m about to close the laptop screen, I see that I have received a new message in my inbox.
I open it and stiffen as I see it’s from Justin.
Alli, please don’t be mad at me. I’m really sorry for what happened to your brother, and I’m being honest when I say that I hope he gets better soon. I don’t want you to hate me. And what you said to me; I know I can’t promise you that. I can’t stay away from you. First of all we’re at the same school, same hallway. Second; somehow I like you. And that makes it completely impossible for me to stay away from you. So please, forgive me. I won’t ever hurt or even lay a finger on Michael again, I swear. Please don’t ignore this.” I keep reading the message over and over again.
I don’t know what to answer. And honestly I don’t even want to answer at all. And suddenly he sends me another message. “I can see that you have read it. Why can’t you just answer?” I sigh. If I don’t answer he’ll keep messaging me until I do. After several minutes I decide to answer.
I don’t hate you, Justin. But what you did to Michael was so wrong of you. And I’m not only saying this because he’s my brother. He was just joking. And if you can’t let me alone, then please at least leave him alone. You really frightened him. And don’t think you’re forgiven and everything is back to normal now, because it’s not.”
I press the “send” button and seconds later he has seen it. Now I feel even more uncomfortable.
Why is he doing this to me?! All the damn time my body – my whole human being – is acting so weird around him. Before he answers I shut down my laptop screen. Then I lay it on my table and take off my clothes, then crawls into the bed, down under the sheet. And minutes later I’m asleep.

When I wake up, it has gotten darker outside. I sit up in the bed and yawns, then I look at my watch; 7PM.
Slowly and clumsy I get out of the bed and into my clothes again. I put my hair up in a messy bun, then walks downstairs. Dad's making dinner, what a wonderful sight. Michael is playing GTA V in the living room.
He got it from dad a week ago and he’s been obsessed ever since. I smile as I watch him while walking down the stairs.
“Hi dad” I say as I walk to him and leans against the kitchen desk. “Hi sweetheart” he answers, quickly kisses my forehead, then turns back to make the dinner. I watch him. “Looks great. Can I help with something?” he looks at me and smiles. “Well, I have everything in control, but if you want to you can do the salad” I walk to the fridge and finds everything I need for the salad. Tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots and of course; the salad itself.
I start making it.  I can sense that tonight’s gonna be a good night. Just me, Michael and dad.
Dad seems very happy today, more than usual. Just the fact that he took the initiative to make dinner is big.
But I don’t wanna ask him about it. If it’s something he wants us to know, he’ll probably tell.
“Do we have any strawberries? Or watermelon?” I ask, even though I’m sure we don’t. Well, I haven’t bought it.
“We actually do, yes” dad says and smiles, then walks to find it for me.
“Really? Have you been out shopping today?” I watches him surprised, almost shocked.
Even Michael pauses his game to have a listen.  
“I have. I thought we should have some cozy time, just you guys and me.” He comes back with a bowl filled with strawberries and a watermelon. I watch him suspiciously. What the hell happened to him?
“Dad, what’s going on?” I keep watching him, and I can’t help but smile. He tries to look ignorant.
“What?” Michael is waiting for the answer as well.
“Why all this? Has something happened?” He laughs a bit, then smiles back at me.
“No honey, I just… I wanna start all over, you know. I wanna be a dad now. Like for real” his face expression turns serious, but I can still sense a smile though. I smile even more.
“Can’t believe we didn’t videotape you saying this!” and then we all burst out laughing.

After some minutes of laughing I finish the salad. I put some pieces of strawberry and watermelon in it, and a bunch of nuts. Dad takes out the chicken from the oven.
“Mike, the dinner’s ready!” I shout and he pause his game once again.
We all sit down at the table and start to eat. And the chicken actually tastes delicious.
And for the very first time in ages, we have a real family talk. And I realize how much my family means to me.
They’re my everything. Without this crazy family I wouldn’t be who I am today.
While eating the dinner, we decide to make nachos as snacks for later and Michael and I will go to the town to find some movie to watch. We walk out to my car and I lock it up as we get inside of it, then we head towards the town. I’m so happy. So happy that nothing can possibly ruin the rest of this night. 

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