For You I Would

Alli Thompson is a 18 year old High School student who just started on a new school. She came from New York and has just moved to Los Angeles because of her dad's new job. She quickly becomes great friends with Lea Martinez, and she finds out that not only are Lea interested in her company; so is the popular guy from 12th grade, Justin Bieber. And he'll take her on an adventure full of extreme experiences, intense love and heartbreaking drama.


59. Part 59

Part 59

- ”What’s this?” I turn around to see Bruce pointing between me and up the stairs, referring to Alli.
The other guys are eating me with their eyes, greedy for my answer.
I scratch the back at my neck as I nonchalantly shrug, not really knowing what to say.
- “Where the fuck is all this soft shit coming from?” Brandon breaks in, taking over the questions.
- “What soft shit?” I ask carelessly as I walk to grab my beer, then pours down the last sip.
- “Oh baby girl don’t you worry, everything’s fine” Paul mimic in a tender voice, making the others laugh.
- “We’re just talking, I’ll be there in a hurry honey boo” Mark mimics as well, the guys laughing even more.
 I smack the back of his head, which causes him to groan and rub the spot, still laughing. I roll my eyes.
- “Whatever” I growl as I walk to the kitchen and places the beer on the kitchen desk, then walks back into the living room. Their eyes are following me the entire time, a big fat smirk placed upon their faces.
- “Why do you never talk to me like that?” Brandon asks, causing me to point the middle finger at him.
- “Screw you” I mutter crossly, causing them to laugh once again. Fucking dickheads.
- “I’ve had enough of your shit, I’m going to bed” I mutter as I walk to the stairs.
- “Oh come on, don’t be such a pussy!” Brandon says, causing me to roll my eyes.
- “Yea calm your
tits Bieber, we’re just curious” Paul adds.
- “Yea well
fuck you, I don’t give a shit, it’s none of your business” I snap, not even turning around to face them. I hear someone get up from the couch and I’m pretty sure it’s Bruce about to lecture me on how to behave but at this point I couldn’t care any less. They’re pissing me off.
- “Is it serious?” Bruce asks calmly, causing me to stop midway on the stairs. The question surprises me.
I turn around to look at him, scowling. But then my expression slightly lightens up.
- “What?” I ask, not really sure what he means with that. The other guys are keeping their mouth shut.
- “Between the two of you?” he deepens the question. “Are you dating?” he adds.
I think of the question for a while as I bite my lip. Then I turn back around as I start walking again.
- “No” I simply answer. None of them speaks up and I see that as my chance to head inside my bedroom.
As I open the door, the sight in front of me instantly lightens my grumpy mood.
Alli is sprawled across the bed sleeping in my shirt. Her breath is heavy and she looks so peaceful. I smile.
I slowly walk to the bed, then takes off my pants and shirt before slowly getting in.
Alli is filling both sides which force me to move her a little in order for me to have some space as well.
I decide not to move her more than necessary in order not to wake her up, which results in us lying in the spoon position. A position which – surprisingly much – is something I’ve never done before.
I don’t spend the night with the girls I see. We fuck and that’s it, then they’re told to leave.
It has happened a few times before though that a girl has stayed overnight, but then we’d be sleeping in each of our sides on the bed, with two quilts.
And that girl was Layla.
The feeling of being so close to someone is really tempting. I have to fight the biggest urge to just
rip of the quilt and fuck the shit out of her right now and here. But of course, that’d be a dick move so I won’t.
Instead I carefully wrap my arm around her as I try to pull myself together and get a grip on my breathing.
My heart is accelerating and if she wasn’t asleep I’m sure she’d be able to hear it.
And here I am, spooning with a girl only wearing my shirt and a thong, with absolutely no
intension of banging her. Wow, who would’ve thought that would happen? Not me, nor the guys.
I take a deep breath and quietly clear my throat as I close my eyes. The room is filled with silence, making me realize how tired and exhausted I am. What’s the clock even? I turn my head to look at the watch at my table. 4:13 AM. Shit. I need to have some sleep before we have to get up again.
I turn my head back and close my eyes again.
And not long after I’m asleep.

I open my eyes to see the sun lightening up the entire room. I blink a few times before I completely wake up, and that’s when I feelsomething beside me move and a quiet moan escaping.
I look down to see Alli wrapped around my torso with my hand up her shirt, placed on her bare back.
My other hand is placed under my head. Alli is still sleeping, a slight smile placed on her lips.
What is she dreaming? I raise an eyebrow as I watch her, slightly smiling. Then I yawn and turn my head to look at the watch. 11:03 PM. God damn it I’m late. I sigh, not wanting to get up and ruin this moment.
But I know I can’t stay, so I carefully try to get myself out of her hold, not wanting to wake her up.
As I manage to get myself out of the bed Alli just moans again, sprawling her petite body across my bed once again, just like before I went
into the bed. I chuckle by the sight.
Then I quickly slip on my pants and a new
shirt, and then heads out the room and down the stairs to find the guys seated in the couch watching TV.
- “Why
ya’ll sitting here? Don’t we have work to do?” I ask, raising an eyebrow at their calm presences.
- “Well, we thought we’d wait for you and
we uh, didn’t want to wake you up when you we’re all wrapped in her gri-“ Bruce instantly cuts himself off as he realizes he just busted himself. I frown.
- “I was what? How do you…?” I ask, my eyes widening as I realize why he knows. None of them says anything, knowing they’ve done something they’re about to regret.
- “You’ve been in my fucking room?” I snap, looking at each of them, but none of them meeting my eyes.
- “Well, we uh… You know, you’re never late so we just thought we’d, I don’t know, check up on you but then you were still asleep and so…” Brandon’s answer turns into a mumble as he bites his lip.
- “What did I tell you about to stay out of my room?” I ask harshly, my eyes narrowed at Brandon’s, whose eyes I’ve finally caught. But then Bruce looks up at me.
- “Technically we did stay out of
it” he says, and as I raise my eyebrow, wanting him to deepen he continues “I mean, we didn’t enter it, we just opened the door to take a look” he shrugs as he speaks, causing me to roll my eyes.
- “I don’t care, just stay away from it, okay?” I hiss, earning an eager nod from all of them.
- “But hey” Paul suddenly speaks up and gets up from the couch as he walks to me, finding his phone.
- “I know you’re going to kill me for this, but please, you were just so cute I couldn’t help it!”
I raise my eyebrow at his words, but then he shows me a picture of me and Alli wrapped around each other as we’re both sleeping peacefully. The photo makes me inwardly smile, but the fact that they took it and saw us lying like this makes me mad. I feel the anger building up inside of me.
- “Delete 
it” I say, then walk out in the kitchen to grab some food.

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