For You I Would

Alli Thompson is a 18 year old High School student who just started on a new school. She came from New York and has just moved to Los Angeles because of her dad's new job. She quickly becomes great friends with Lea Martinez, and she finds out that not only are Lea interested in her company; so is the popular guy from 12th grade, Justin Bieber. And he'll take her on an adventure full of extreme experiences, intense love and heartbreaking drama.


58. Part 58

Part 58

Suddenly I hear the front door open and voices filling the living room. The boys are back home.
I pull out of the hug and look at Alli who’s no longer crying out loud, just letting out few sobs now and then.
She dries her eyes with her hands and I walk out of my bedroom and down the stairs to find Brandon and Bruce seated in the couch. As they notice my presence, they turn their eyes at me and the room suddenly fills with silence. Beers are placed at the couch table. I walk to it and grab one of them, then open it with my lighter and take a sip of it. I hear noises coming from the kitchen. Must be Paul and Mark looking for something to eat. Silence is usually not awkward to us, but for some reason it is right now.
- “Care to tell what the fuck happened?” Bruce suddenly speaks up, breaking the silence.
His eyes are still watching me, waiting for me to answer him. Brandon grabs a beer as well, opens it and takes a sip of it, then turns his eyes back on me.
I look toward the kitchen, then walk to it and peeps my head into it, and just as I had assumed Paul and Mark are making some grilled cheese. I suddenly feel really hungry which reminds me that it’s been hours since I’ve had something to eat.
- “I’d like one too” I say nonchalantly which causes both of them to snap their heads up.
I don’t think they’ve noticed my presence before now. Then Paul nods his head. I walk back into the living room. Bruce and Brandon haven’t moved a flinch since I went to the kitchen. I sit down in one of the armchairs, grabbing another sip of my beer. Bruce raises an eyebrow.
So much patience for such a tough guy. Finally I turn my eyes at them.
- “From what I recall I told you what happened on the phone, but perhaps I wasn’t clear enough” I speak with a voice dripping of sarcasm. Bruce narrows his eyes at me.
- “Don’t fucking play me, Bieber” he hisses. I raise an eyebrow as I shrug.
- “Oh I’m not, in a matter of fact I’m just stating the obvious” from the corner of my eye I can sense a slight smirk forming on Brandon’s lips. He’s amused.
Bruce curses to himself as he rolls his eyes, looking away.
- “Always making a fucking scene” he mumbles, annoyance radiating from his body.
- “You know who did it?” Brandon suddenly breaks in and I turn my eyes on him.
Brandon is what most people would probably assume as my “best buddy” but we don’t use that term.
He’s my age, just like Paul and Mark. Bruce is a little older, around 27 I think, not sure.
Bruce was the one who brought me into this business. That’s where I met the others.
I shake my head at Brandon’s question as I take another sip. I narrow my eyes at one point on the table as I think of who could’ve done it. We haven’t been into much drama lately, nothing I’d think anyone would make such a scene out of. Paul and Mark come into the living room and the air fills with the smell of grilled cheese. I quickly grab one as they place them on the table and starts eating.
- “What about the one we shot that day at Lakewood’s? When Alli were…” Mark stops as he knows that we all know what he means. I frown.
- “But I didn’t shoot him, Paul did” I nod toward Paul as I continue “so why would he go for me?”
They all turn quiet, not having an answer to my question.
- “Maybe…” Brandon starts, causing all of us to turn our attention to him “Maybe he doesn’t care who he goes for… Maybe he just wants to hit one of us… And he might have seen you leave that party tonight and then followed you home and saw his chance to hit” I let his words sink in. Maybe Brandon’s on to something. “And if he saw you leave tonight, he also saw that you weren’t leaving alone…” My body stiffens at Brandon’s referring to Alli.
- “Wait” Bruce interrupts as he tries to pick up all the pieces “so what you’re saying is that he might be careless of who he hurts of us, he just want revenge anyway? And that he went for Justin because he left the party without us and therefore was an easy target?” Brandon nods and realization hits all of us.
- “Or maybe he wanted to scare us for going after Justin when he was with his girl” Paul adds, and anger suddenly feels my body. If that’s the case he’s going to regret going after me.
- “It easily be it” Brandon agrees with a shrug, and they all nod in agreement.
I’m trying to contain all the anger building up inside of me. I suddenly hit a fist on the table, causing them all to snap up. If this sick bastard is targeting me because of Alli, that means she’s nowhere safe around me.
I fly up from the chair as I grab my hair and starts walking back and forth. Hundreds of thought and scenarios are running through my mind, and suddenly I notice that something behind me has caught all of the guy’s attention. I turn around to see Alli at the end of the stairs, only wearing one of my shirts that look like a dress to hear. And suddenly my body calms down. The sight of her makes all the anger leaves my body instantly and my body loosen up.
- “What are you doing here? You’re supposed to be sleeping” I speak with a calm and soft voice.
None of the boys say anything but I can feel their eyes on me.
- “I heard a loud noise coming from here and I thought maybe something had happened” her voice is low and shrill, and it’s clearly to hear that she has been sleeping. Her hair is a little messy as well.
Her answer makes me smile a little. She worries so much it’s almost cute. I walk to her.
- “No, everything’s fine, we’re just talking” I answer back, caressing her cheek as I reach her.
She smiles back, then stands on her toes which makes her just high enough for her to quickly place a kiss on my lips.  
- “Goodnight” she says, then starts heading up the stairs again. I smile as I watch her.
- “Goodnight” all the guys speak. Midways she stops up and turns her head to look at me.
- “You coming?” she asks me. I hesitate a bit at first.
- “Yea, I’m coming” I then answer. 

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