For You I Would

Alli Thompson is a 18 year old High School student who just started on a new school. She came from New York and has just moved to Los Angeles because of her dad's new job. She quickly becomes great friends with Lea Martinez, and she finds out that not only are Lea interested in her company; so is the popular guy from 12th grade, Justin Bieber. And he'll take her on an adventure full of extreme experiences, intense love and heartbreaking drama.


55. Part 55

Part 55
”I think we’re done here” I say, faking a smile as I look up at Justin to see him still looking at Marc.
Before Justin can get the chance to say or do anything I walk out of the bathroom, heading straight outside to get some fresh air. The girls follow me and drag Marc along with them. On my way outside I don’t even bother to look back to see if they’re keeping up with me, but as I reach the backyard I’m quickly surrounded by them all.
- “What the hell just happened back in there?” Lea asks, and I don’t even have to look at her to know who she’s asking. I look at my black phone screen as I use it as a mirror to remove the makeup that has run down my cheeks. I look like fucking Harlequin, Jesus Christ.
- “Nothing” I just mumble, keeping focus on the screen, but I can feel all of their eyes burning into my back, desperate for answers.
- “You’ve been crying” Marc then says, watching me as he continues “did you have a fight or something?”
- “Well he better not have laid a fucking hand on you or I swear I’m gonna kill him” Lea adds, and I can feel the anger radiating from her body. I sigh as I turn around to face them for the first time since we step foot onto the yard.
- “He didn’t touch me, okay? We just… had a little discussion” I say nonchalantly, trying to sound as if it didn’t bother me at all, but it does. He barely gave me any answers to my question. Only outbursts that didn’t really answer anything, and then he said something about love not being his usual thing. I’m so confused.
- “Which made you cry?” Lea presses, knowing I’ll eventually give in due to her countless questions.
As I open my mouth, about to answer the question Marc takes a step closer and points at my arm.
- “What’s that?” he asks, causing me to look down at the spot he’s pointing at. And right there, on my left upper arm a bruise is starting to show, already turning slightly blue.
I bite my lip nervously as I quickly hide it with my hand.
- “It’s nothing. Enough with all of these questions!” I snap, which causes their eyebrows to shoot up, all surprised by my sudden change of mood. But then Marc takes another step closer to me, making him stand right in front of me as he grabs my arm and removes my hand. His eyes are narrowing at the bruise.
- “Did he do that?” he asks as he looks at me, this time with a bit string tone, concern covering his face.
I look back, not knowing what to say. How am I supposed to lie about this? This can be nothing but a bruise.
He takes my silent answer as a yes; I can feel the anger building up inside of him. The girls gasp.
- “For real Alli? Oh my god” Lea asks as she now stands beside me too, now she’s the one grabbing my arm to have a closer look at the bruise.
- “Guys it’s fine really, it doesn’t even hurt” I lie, trying to calm them down. It’s sore as hell.
- “You said he didn’t lay a hand on you!” Lea emphasizes and I can feel the hurt in her voice. My stomach twists by the look on her face. She’s scared… on my behalf. I look down at the bruise too.
It’s actually bad. I thought it was just a little mark, but the dark colors are slowly starting to show.
All the girls are trying to have a look at my bruise, and then suddenly I realize Marc is gone.
- “Where’s Marc?” I ask, looking around. And then my body instantly freeze.
As my eyes find Marc he’s grabbing Justin by the arm, which causes Justin to pull it back as the words “what the fuck dude” forms on his lips. My eyes widen. Oh no.
- “Marc!” I yell as I start running towards them. My heart is pounding, and I can feel people’s eyes on me.
And then everything goes fast. Marc pushes Justin on the chest which causes Justin to grab him by the collar as he spits words right into Marc’s face. All of Justin’s friends are surrounding them, but none of them tries to stop them from fighting. They all just watch as they smoke and drink.
And then Marc hits for Justin’s face but misses, which just causes Justin to throw a hit as well.
He hits Marc right on the cheekbone which causes him to groan in pain.
- “No! Stop!” I scream as I reach them just in time for me to stop Marc from hitting back.
- “Fucking stop!” I yell once again, pushing Marc away from Justin, then walks to Justin and grabs both of his arms, trying to shove him backwards.
Justin starts walking backwards due to my pushing as he chuckles, a cocky smirk all over his face.
- “What’s your problem bro, you wanna fight?” he shouts at Marc, who’s being held back by Lea.
- “No! No one’s fighting!” I hiss, looking up at Justin who’s still looking at Marc, smirking.
Marc is scowling at Justin, furious I can tell.
Justin’s friends are laughing, somehow finding this whole situation really amusing.
I bet they would love a fight, just like Justin would, but that’s not gonna happen.
- “Don’t worry babe, I got it” Justin then tells me, finally looking at me as he removes my hands from his arms, now changing his smirk from cocky to playful. Babe?! Did he just call me babe?!
His cocky attitude makes me furious. He’s so fucking sexy honestly, but he’s such a fucking douchebag!
Then he pulls me into him, pecking my ear gently, causing that goddamn feeling in my abdomen to show again. I roll my eyes as I try to ignore it, but most of all I just want to have him, right now, right here.
This makes me so mad. He deserves that I’m mad at him, why can’t I just be it then? Ugh.
I look down, but then my head snaps back up as I see Marc heading for the house, the girls following.
Lea looks at me with an expression that I can’t tell what means. She seems mad, but at the same time sad, like she doesn’t blame me. I look back at her and watch her as she leaves with Marc and the other girls.
Then Justin kisses me on the cheek which just causes me to push him away.
- “You dick!” I scream, then sighs loud and frustrated. All of his friends are watching us, and the only one who doesn’t seem to find this amusing at all is Brandon. He’s frowning, which surprises me.
- “What? I didn’t fucking do shit!” Justin says as he puts his hands up in surrender, only causing me to roll my eyes once again. “He was the one coming to me!” Justin adds.
- “But you didn’t fucking have to punch him, god dammit!” I hiss.
Justin looks at me for a while, then sighs as he moves close to me again.
- “Come on” he then says, grabbing my hand as he starts leading me towards the house. I frown.
- “What, why? Where we going?” I ask, but he just keeps walking.
- “Home” he says, and my eyes widen.
- “Well I can’t, I told my dad I’ll sleep at-“
- “My home” he emphasizes, cutting me off. I shut up, looking at him as we walk through the house to the front door. I look back to see if I can see any of the girls, but I can’t. Then I sigh and follow him out the door.

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