For You I Would

Alli Thompson is a 18 year old High School student who just started on a new school. She came from New York and has just moved to Los Angeles because of her dad's new job. She quickly becomes great friends with Lea Martinez, and she finds out that not only are Lea interested in her company; so is the popular guy from 12th grade, Justin Bieber. And he'll take her on an adventure full of extreme experiences, intense love and heartbreaking drama.


54. Part 54

Part 54
”So now you’re threatening me?” I ask, our eyes locked tight at one another.
Justin’s nostrils expands as he breathes heavily, anger radiating from his body. He’s furious I can tell.
But he doesn’t answer my question. And honestly at this point I’m a little scared.
I have never in my entire life met a guy – or anyone for that matter – that can turn from sweet and charming to furious and scary as hell in a split of a second. My own breath is heavy as well, and my heart is pounding like never before. His right hand is still holding my arm tight, so tight that I’m 100 % sure I’ll have a huge bruise tomorrow. The other hand is placed on the wall right beside my head, causing him to hover over me.
He looks so big and dominating in this position. Our faces are so close I can feel his breath upon my nose.
It smells like a mix of fresh mint and alcohol. Which makes me wonder how much he had drunk tonight.
He doesn’t seem drunk. But I saw him smoke that joint less than an hour ago, which logically means he’s still affected by it. Perhaps that’s the reason for his anger outbursts? I don’t know. Maybe he is just a fucked up guy, suffering from bipolar outbursts or something.
Then suddenly Justin pushes himself away from me, causing me to snap out of my thoughts and back to reality. I watch him as he pulls in his hair, whispering several curse words to himself.
And then, all of a sudden, before I have the chance to remove myself from the wall he’s back hovering over me, but this time his lips attacks mine. The sudden reaction surprises me and makes me slightly gasp which he takes to his advantage and sticks his tongue inside my mouth, fighting for dominance with my own.
His right hand has now cupped my cheek, gently but somehow rough as well, as his other hand is placed on my waist, squeezing it, causing me to both moan and groan at the same time.
He presses himself against me, causing the space between us to disappear completely. I moan again.
A well-known feeling shoots through my abdomen and that’s when I realize what he’s trying to do.
I open my eyes as I try to push him away, turning my head to the side as I break the kiss.
- “Justin…” I say, my voice weak from the sudden intimate moment I was not prepared for at all.
- “Mhmm?” he mumbles as he tries to find my lips again, but I turn my head again to reject him.
- “Stop” I say, pushing him once more which surprisingly makes him take a step backwards.
He watches me as I try to regain my normal breathing. I sigh as my eyes finally meet his again.
- “What is this?” I ask, pointing at me then him afterwards, his eyes still on mine.
Then a light, somehow innocent smirk forms on his lips. He then licks his upper lip, which causes that feeling in my abdomen to come back. Ugh, why does he have this effect on me? I bite my lip.
- “This?” he asks, raising an eyebrow. But then he looks down for a moment, before turning his eyes back on mine to continue “I guess that’s what they call love, I don’t know. Not my usual thing” his words cause a huge amount of butterflies to wake up in my stomach, and I fight the biggest urge to smile.
I decide to roll my eyes to show him that I don’t believe him. If this was love he would not have kissed that girl an hour ago. He would not have cut off all the contact to me, and he certainly would not tell me to leave just minutes after sex with me. So why would I believe him?
- “Or maybe it’s just you trying to get in my pants again” I mumble, which causes the smirk on his face to become even bigger and not so innocent anymore.
- “Maybe” he says as he walks a step closer again, wrapping his arms around my waist.
I frown by his cocky answer as I grab his arms and try to pull them away from me. Ugh, I need to get out of here. He chuckles by my answer but I can’t see the funny part in this at all. It’s all just a fucking game to him. Then suddenly a knock on the door is heard. It’s a bit rougher than the first one, and then a voice is heard.
- “Alli? Are you alright?” It’s Marc. I’m sure Lea and the girls went to find him.
Justin’s arms around my waist stiffen and I know it’s due to the manly voice calling for me.
- “Yea I’ll be right out” I yell back, looking at Justin. He’s looking back at me, and I can’t read him.
Is he mad again? Hurt? Jealous maybe even? I don’t know. He’s showing no signs of emotion right now.
I pull in his arms again and this time he lets go of me. I walk to the door and unlock it, then open it slightly. And that’s right. Marc is standing outside the door, behind him is Lea and the other girls, all looking worried.
- “Hey guys” I say, as I try to do my best to sound as if I’ve having the time of my life. But none of them seems to believe me, because the worried look stays on their faces. I fake a smile.
- “What were you doing in there?” Marc asks, giving me a puzzled look. I bite my lip nervously.
- “Well uh, I had to go to the toilet” I say, doing my best to sound convincing. I’m the worst liar ever.
- “You’ve been in there for an hour?” he asks, and I can see Lea open her mouth to say something, but I quickly shoot her a dagger, which causes her mouth to shut closed again. I look at Marc again.
- “Yea well, I had to-“
- “Discuss a thing or two with me” Justin interrupts as he opens the door completely, narrowing his eyes at Marc. I freeze, and all the girls are gaping. Marc and Justin are narrowing their eyes at each other, and if eyes could kill then they would both be dead now. An instantly tension builds between them.
I suddenly feel really awkward. And embarrassed. Marc must think all kind of thoughts right now.
A girl alone on the bathroom with a guy for a whole hour. What normally happens doing these situations?
I mentally hit myself for not telling him about me and Justin. Ugh.
And then, still having his eyes locked on Marc’s, Justin grabs the zipper of my dress and zips it up. I gasp.
Fucking hell, now it really does look like we were banging. I carefully smiles at Marc.
I know Justin did that just to increase the tension between them. Such an idiot!
How am I supposed to get myself out of this situation?

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