For You I Would

Alli Thompson is a 18 year old High School student who just started on a new school. She came from New York and has just moved to Los Angeles because of her dad's new job. She quickly becomes great friends with Lea Martinez, and she finds out that not only are Lea interested in her company; so is the popular guy from 12th grade, Justin Bieber. And he'll take her on an adventure full of extreme experiences, intense love and heartbreaking drama.


53. Part 53

Part 53
I’m not gonna break down in front of him. I’m supposed to be strong and show him that this doesn’t get to me at all. The girls were supposed to find me a new man. I’m supposed to just move the fuck on.
I turn away from him, only a split second after my hulking has begun. I walk to the door and grab the knob but them remembers it’s locked. I unlock it and open the door to see the girls standing outside, looking rather surprised to see me – and my condition.
- “Alli?” Lea asks surprised, all of them looking worried at me.
I open my mouth to say something but before I can Justin grabs my arm and pulls me back as he shuts the door closed, right in their faces and locks it again. The girls knock on the door.
- “We aren’t finished” he hisses, his eyes narrowing at mine once again. And then another hulk escapes from my lips, and a line of teardrops runs down my cheeks, about to completely ruin my perfect makeup.
- “Please stop” I sob, trying to pull my arm back but he won’t let go of it. “I don’t wanna do this” I add.
And suddenly his hard gaze on me softens, and I can feel him releasing the hold of my arm.
- “Don’t” he says, his voice still slightly hard though his attitude has loosened up a bit.
I look down and that’s when I decide not to hold it in anymore. I want him to know how much it hurts. I want Lea and the girls to know. Everyone at this goddamn party. My hulking turns into outright crying.
Justin curses to himself again as he covers his face in his hands for a few seconds, then runs them through his hair. And that’s it. I’m standing there, crying like a fucking baby, and he’s losing his fucking mind.
- “Please!” he then says a bit louder, almost sounding desperate. That causes me to shut up for a while.
He takes a deep breath, looking somehow relieved to see me stop, but then he sighs.
And that’s when he does something unexpected. He starts walking towards me as he pulls his arms out, inviting me into an embrace.
- “Come here” he says, almost a whisper. All anger and harsh tones has left his voice.
I’m frozen to where I’m standing, not really sure what to do. He could have another outburst any minute.
But that’s when I feel his arms embrace me, and the heat from his body pressed against mine, causing me to start crying again.
- “Shhh” he whispers as he slowly cradles me from side to side. And then he buries his face in my hair.
As I feel his lips on my hair my body instantly calms down, and my crying turns into only sobbing again.
At first I didn’t hug him back, but now my arms has wrapped around his waist, holding tight.
- “Hey, look at me” he then suddenly speaks, after several minutes with none of us saying a word, only my crying filling the room. He gently grabs my face in his hands as he forces me to look at him.
And this time he looks worried. He actually looks like someone who cares. “Why are you crying?” he adds.
I try to find the right words to say. I don’t even know what to say. One minute I want him and the next I don’t. How can I expect him to understand my feelings when I can’t even myself?
- “I.. It hurts” is all I can stammer. He’s drying away the tears with his thumbs as he tries to read my face.
- “What hurts?” he asks, and that causes me to pull my face away from his hands as I look down, shutting my eyes closes. Ugh, why can’t he see it? Why does he have to be this blind? I sigh.
- “This” I say, as I sob again, looking at the hem of his shirt. “You’re playing me”.
- “Alli, I’m not, don’t say that!” he states a matter of fact. Then he grabs my chin and forces my eyes to meet his once again. And as they meet, his worried and serious face turns into a soft smile. Smart boy.
- “Then why are you with that girl then?” I ask, not even caring about whether I sound desperate and pathetic or not.
- “It’s just a girl, Alli, really” he starts as he tries to keep a lock on my eyes. “There’s nothing between that girl and me… Honestly I could care less about her, really” he then adds and that’s when I feel a knot in my stomach. Just like Layla told me.
- “And that’s the problem!” I emphasize, earning a puzzled look from Justin.
- “What?” he asks confused, looking like one big question mark.
- “You’re just playing her! What you do with her means nothing to you” I try to tell him what Layla told me.
But instead Justin lets go of me and takes a step back to have a better look at me.
- “So you want me to like her? Is that what you’re saying? Fucking Christ Alli, I don’t get-“
- “Ugh! No!” I yell in frustration, throwing my arms in the air. Then I slap my forehead, as I inwardly curse to myself for even bringing this topic up.  “What I’m trying to tell you is that you’re fucking with these girl’s heads! Don’t you see it? They’re all high over heels for you! What you do with them, whether it’s sex or just an innocent kiss, it means something to them! I mean, we’re girls! It always means something to us” I take a break to regain some breath in order to continue “but it doesn’t mean anything to you. It’s just plain pleasure and entertainment to you. You don’t even think twice about it the moment you replace them with somebody else” I try to figure out what he’s thinking. But he’s not saying anything, just staring at me. I take that as my chance to continue.
- “Like Layla… She’s no longer fun to you, right?” the moment I say her name he clenches his jaw tight and it’s like his whole attitude changes in a split of a second. His eyes darken, which makes my stomach twist.
- “Why do you care?” he snaps, causing me to raise an eyebrow.
- “Why I care? Because I happen to be put in the same fucking position as her!” I snap back, now causing him snap his head up and narrowing his eyes hard on mine, radiating rage from his body.
- “What the fuck are you talking about?” he growls as he clenches his jaw once more.
- “I talked to her earlier!” I yell right into his face which causes him to snap his head back. “While you were being busy at the log” I add, trying to calm myself down.
- “You talked to her?” he emphasizes, his eyebrow shooting up as a surprised look is spreading across his face.
- “I did, yea… and she made me realize how fucking dumb and naive I’ve been” I had to admit.
- “She’s filling you with bullshit. You shouldn’t fucking listen to her” he hisses, causing me to frown.
- “And why not?” I hiss back, anger evident on my face. I’m getting real tired of his bullshit.
- “Because she’s a fucking psychopath!” he spits venomously, clearly disgusted about her. I gasp.
- “A psychopath? Really?” I ask, chocked. “So liking someone makes you a psychopath? Well that makes fucking sense” I continue, the anger coming back into my voice “out of all people YOU should be the last one calling someone a psychopath!” I spit into his face, taking a step closer “she’s not the one killing people!” I add, which causes Justin to grab me hard by the arm, slamming me into the wall. I groan by the pain from the sudden action.
- “You better watch that fucking mouth of yours, Alli” he spits, his face so close to mine that his nose is almost touching my cheek. “Or you might as well end up regret it”. 

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