For You I Would

Alli Thompson is a 18 year old High School student who just started on a new school. She came from New York and has just moved to Los Angeles because of her dad's new job. She quickly becomes great friends with Lea Martinez, and she finds out that not only are Lea interested in her company; so is the popular guy from 12th grade, Justin Bieber. And he'll take her on an adventure full of extreme experiences, intense love and heartbreaking drama.


52. Part 52

Part 52
After talking to Layla I decide to go back into the house. First of all I need to go to the bathroom, and secondly I just need to get away from people for a moment; to clear my mind.
I walk pass the crowd of drunk people and right through the front door, heading for the toilet.
Thank God no one is in there as I reach it and I quickly goes inside and then locks the door behind me.
The bathroom is pretty, very modern – and huge! To the left of the door there’s a long desk, with space for at least 5 sinks, but there’s only one in the middle. Jut opposite the sink, in the corner of the room, there’s a huge bathtub. I swear me and the girls could all sit in there at the same time. Beside that there’s a normal yet big and luxurious shower and finally there’s the toilet. I fumble with my dress and as I finally get it down beneath my knees I sit down and start peeing. Jesus I’ve never had a pee this good. I close my eyes for a moment just enjoying the silence due to the soundproof walls. As I’m done peeing I open my eyes again and finish, then flushes the toilet and pulls up my dress again. Oh shit I think as I realize I can’t zip up the dress myself. I growl to myself. Good fucking job Alli, now you’ll have to walk all the way through the house to find some of the girls to zip it up, Jesus. I take a quick look at myself in the mirror. Luckily my makeup still sits perfectly fine and so does my hair. Now I have to go find the girls.
I walk to the door and grab the knob and just as I open it and want to walk out I’m being pushed back inside.
- “Why so busy?” the person asks as the person follows me inside the bathroom.
It takes a few seconds for me to realize it’s Justin and before I can storm out of the room he locks it. Great.
- “What do you want?” is all I can say. A few minutes ago he was with that girl and now he’s keeping me as a hostage in the fucking bathroom.
- “What I want? I just wanna take a piss” he just speaks nonchalantly as he walks to the toilet and starts unzipping his pants. My eyes widen and I quickly turn around as I feel my cheeks heat up, suddenly feeling really awkward. I bite my lip, not really sure what to do as he takes a piss. I’m standing at the desk, looking down, not daring to look at the mirror knowing I’d be able to see him through it. My heart is beating fast.
After what feels like forever but in reality has only been a few seconds Justin flushes the toilet and zips up his pants again as he walks to the sink to wash his hands. He doesn’t say anything which makes the whole situation really weird and awkward.
- “Where’s your toy?” I then suddenly ask to break the silence, the words just flying out of my mouth.
I inwardly slap myself for saying so as his head snaps up and looks at me through the mirror. He turns off the water and dries in hands in the towel.
- “What toy?” he asks, his voice still calm but I can sense the hardness through it.
I look at the sink as I shrug, not really sure if I should just cut if right here. But I decide to go on.
- “The one you were playing with at the log, just before” I mumble, my eyes still looking at the sink, not daring to meet his eyes. Out of the corner of my eye I can see him raise an eyebrow.
- “What? What the fuck are you-“ he starts but then cuts himself off as he realizes what I’m referring to.
He snorts and looks down for a split second, then turns his attention back on me as he continues.
- “Seriously Alli…” he speaks but this time I’m the one to cut him off.
- “No it’s okay” I say, trying to sound as convincing as possible. “But you could at least have told me” I add.
His head snaps up and a hard expression is covering his face, his eyes darken as he narrows them at me.
- “So now you think you’re just a toy? Really?” he asks and the calm voice is now completely replaced with a growling voice.
- I take a deep breath as I find the courage to meet his eyes. They’re hard on mine, not allowing me to read him.
- “Well, you don’t really show me otherwise” I say as I fumble with a lock of hair.
Gosh I’m so bad at this and he’s so good, it’s unfair. He makes me feel so dumb.
- “I don’t?” he snaps back, and a lump is filling my throat. I try to sink it as I fight the urge to look down.
- “ No…” I answer, not really sure how to snap back. But then I think of what Layla told me about just being another girl to him. “I mean, I’m not the only girl you’ve fucked” I add, hoping that this gets to him.
- “No, but you’re the only girl I’ve fucked outside my room” he snaps back even harder, evident anger on his face. “On my fucking dinner table to be exact” he quickly adds as he clenches his jaw. I inwardly drop my jaw. Holy fuck, did he just say that? My heart is beating even faster now and I’m afraid it’s gonna pup out right onto his face. I’m speechless. And somehow flattered. I’m the only one he’s had sex with outside his room? Really? But how am I supposed to believe that? He might as well have done that with Layla too.
- “But still…” is all I can say.
- “But still what, Alli?” he quickly hisses, waiting impatiently for me to answer.
- “I don’t know!” I hiss back as I raise my voice, and as he’s about to open his mouth I continue.
- “I just don’t wanna be a part of your game!” saying the words makes the tears build up in my eyes, nothing I was prepared for. I blink my eyes repeatedly, not wanting to end up crying in front of him.
- “My game?” he emphasizes, giving me a puzzled look. “Wtf Alli, what is all this? Who has told you all this shit?” he adds, taking a step closer to me.
- “Yea well that doesn’t really matter, does it?” I snort as I ask him and then look down as I feel my eyes watering. A big lump is forming in my throat again, but this time I don’t think I’ll be able to sink it.
- “I said who, Alli?” he then repeats, his voice a bit harder than before which causes me to shut my eyes closed. I know if I speak now I won’t be able to hold back the tears, so I decide not to answer.
All the hurt, the rage, the jealousy is hitting me all at once, and what makes it even worse is that he seems to not give a damn at all.
- “Is it Layla? Huh?” he then asks, but I keep quiet as I fumble with my hands.
I hear him curse to himself as he runs a hand through his hair and pulls at the ends, then sighs loud and frustrated.
- “For fucks sake!” he then suddenly hiss which causes me to jump slightly due to the sudden expression.
- “Why are you so fucking dumb?!” he then snaps loud as he looks at me, throwing his arms out in front of him. And that’s enough to take me over the edge. I let out a sob that quickly turns into a hulk, and that’s when I know I’m about to break down. Right in front of him.  

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