For You I Would

Alli Thompson is a 18 year old High School student who just started on a new school. She came from New York and has just moved to Los Angeles because of her dad's new job. She quickly becomes great friends with Lea Martinez, and she finds out that not only are Lea interested in her company; so is the popular guy from 12th grade, Justin Bieber. And he'll take her on an adventure full of extreme experiences, intense love and heartbreaking drama.


51. Part 51

Part 51
Who would’ve thought that Spencer Alen is a pro at throwing house parties? I mean, I thought we’d be like 20 or 30 people, but as far as I’m concerned here’s more than 100. Jesus, how many people does she know?
I’m walking around outside the house with what I guess is my number five cup of vodka-soda, just watching people. Not long ago the alcohol started to kick in and I had almost forgotten how uncomfortable yet exciting it feels to let loose of yourself. My head is heavy and I feel a little dizzy as I walk along, trying to keep focus in order to avoid the double vision of people which just makes me even more dizzy.
Suddenly a pair of hands pinches me in my sides which cause me to jump up and scream.
I turn around to see who that could possibly be, and as I find out I can’t help but let a smile form on my lips.
- “Hey there beautiful” the voice speaks and I feel my cheeks heat up a bit. I smile as I try to keep focus.
- “Hey you!” I answer, trying my hardest not to sound too affected by the alcohol bubbling inside of me.
Marc is wearing a tight knit sweater and a pair of skinny jeans which looks pretty good on him. Along that he’s wearing his converse shoes, the same as he wore last time. Has he grown? Hmm.
- “So, you still dare to drink after what happened last time?” he asks me with a smirk on his face and I can’t help but laugh at his question which also causes him to slightly laugh.
- “Well, yea…” I start as I brush a lock of hair behind my ear “but I’m gonna stay away from rum I guess”.
We both laugh again and Marc nods. We stand there for a while, not saying anything as we watch the people filling up Spencer’s backyard. My eyes fall on a couple who’s fighting, yelling at each other, but then the guy grabs her face and kisses her which instantly causes her to give in and kiss back at she wraps her arms around his neck. I bite my lip as a specific person comes to my thoughts.
- “So, your friends have left you all alone again?” he then suddenly asks, which snaps me back to reality.
I turn my attention to him. Then I smile as I look down at my stilettos.
- “Oh, no they didn’t… I ran off myself” I giggle and he chuckles.
- “Well, you shouldn’t be alone” he then says as he takes a sip of whatever is in his cup, then continues “there are all kind of people here, you know” he turns his eyes on me, now looking a bit serious “and not all of them are people you wanna get involved with”. I nod in agreement; yup I know what you mean.
- “Yea well my dad’s a cop. So I’m used to sort people, if you can say that” I snort.  I look around again.
I can hear Marc say something in return, but everything just turns into a blur as my eyes falls on one specific person. And that person is not alone. I narrow my eyes, in hopes that it’s just something I’m imagining.
In a corner of the backyard Justin is sitting on a log with a cup in his hand and a joint in his other. He’s surrounded by the guys from his house; the only one I can remember is Brandon. And then there’s a girl.
Well, there’s more than one girl actually, but this specific girl is sitting on Justin’s lap, sharing this joint with him as she’s trying her hardest to impress them all. I can feel my heart starting to beat a little faster, and just as I’m about to turn my head around and act like nothing the girl kisses Justin. And he kisses her back.
Everything in my stomach turns, and I suddenly feel really nausea.
- “Hey” Marc snaps with his fingers in front of me which causes me to snap my head up and look at him.
- “Wow” he continues as he frowns, a worried look forming on his face “are you alright?” he asks, and suddenly I feel as if I’m burning and I can’t breathe. But then I close my eyes shut.
- “Yea I’m fine, really” I breathe out as I inwardly count to 10, trying to calm myself down.
- “You know, if you stay here I’ll go find some water, okay?” I hear Marc say, and as I have counted to 10 and opens my eyes again he’s gone. I turn my eyes back on Justin, this time he’s laughing with the others.
- “It’s a shame you know” a female voice suddenly speaks. I turn my head to see a familiar girl standing beside me. Layla. I frown, not really knowing what she means with that, but before I can get to ask she continues, looking at Justin just like I were.
- “I never thought he’d go for a girl like you… So innocent and pretty. Never had her hands covered in dirt. A virgin even” she emphasizes the word as she goes on “which just makes it all even worse. I honestly do feel bad for you” she then finally turns her eyes on me and meets mine. And a look of empathy runs across her face.
- “What do you mean?” I finally mumble, and she turns her eyes back on Justin, which causes me to do the same. They’re laughing again, this time he does a handshake with one of the boys, and the girl has now wrapped her arms around his neck. To people who don’t know him, they would almost look like a couple.
- “My point is that it’s a shame that he’s playing such an innocent girl like you” she says and my heart sinks a little. Where is she going with this? What is her plan? “A girl like me knows his game. You didn’t, guess that’s why he saw you as an easy target. It didn’t take him long to get you all laced around his little finger, and before  you had the chance to realize what was going on, he had already gotten into your panties and are now replacing you like you’re just a toy; an old and useless toy. I know because I’ve been there.” she says.
I can’t say anything. She’s right my mind tells me. She’s damn right. That’s exactly how I’ve felt the last week, where I haven’t heard from him at all. And she’s been there, she said it. He has done the exact same thing to her. I look at her again, but this time she doesn’t look back. She just keeps looking in his direction.
Layla is pretty. And she seems smart. Not my first impression, I must admit. But if she knew the “game” he was playing, then why did she play along?
- “Why did you play along?” I ask. “If you knew the game, then why did you?”.
Layla looks down as she bites the inside of her cheek. I can see she’s thinking of my question.
- “Because I was stupid… I was young and naïve and I just wanted to be appreciated somehow” she mumbles as she fumbles with her fingers. “No matter what kind of appreciation it was” she then adds.
And all of a sudden I feel really sorry for Layla. She wanted to be appreciated, worshipped by a guy, and the only thing she ever was to him was a toy. A fucking toy. I’m sure it meant something for her, even though it probably didn’t to him. I can’t believe I’ve been played like this. I’ve been tricked.
- “You deserve way better than him, I’m sure of that” I then say which causes her to look at me, and a genuine smile forms upon her lips. I can’t help but smile back. 

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