For You I Would

Alli Thompson is a 18 year old High School student who just started on a new school. She came from New York and has just moved to Los Angeles because of her dad's new job. She quickly becomes great friends with Lea Martinez, and she finds out that not only are Lea interested in her company; so is the popular guy from 12th grade, Justin Bieber. And he'll take her on an adventure full of extreme experiences, intense love and heartbreaking drama.


50. Part 50

Part 50
Party tonight at Spencer’s. Hmmm.
I’m starring at myself through the mirror, like I’ve been doing the last 5 minutes.
The dress I’ve picked for tonight is a slim red v-neck along with a pair of nude colored stilettos.
I’m keeping my hair wavy and natural, and my makeup is light brown colored which completes the natural look. On my left wrist I’m wearing the bracelet the girls gave me for becoming a part of the “clique” as they say. Lea will pick me up in half an hour and I’m ready to go already. I don’t know how I should spend the next half an hour. I glance at my phone which lies on the desk beside the sink, as I bite my lip.
Don’t do this; you’ll regret my mind tells me. I inwardly roll my eyes. True.
But I can’t help but glance at my phone once again. I decide to go with my stupid idea even though I will most likely regret later. But fuck it, right?
I grab my phone and open the Snapchat app. I look through the several users saved, until I stop as I reach the user I’ve been searching for. I bite my lip nervously. Not to seem too desperate I choose to take a picture of my bed with the text “are you dead?” and as I send it I mentally hit myself for the stupid question.
I place my phone back at the spot beside the sink as I grab my dark salmon colored lipstick.
I stiffen at the sound of my phone vibrating. A reply. After I put away the lipstick I grab my phone and opens Snapchat. As the name of the user replying pops up, I can feel my heart beat a little faster and my cheeks heat up. Justindbieber has replied. For a moment I think of not opening it. But I quickly shake that thought away as I click at the name. A completely dark picture, I would almost say black picture pops up with the text “I am” and I can’t help but snort at my own stupidity. Which person would reply if he was dead? C’mon.
I take a picture at the sink in front of me with the text “Sorry to hear so, I will be at the funeral” and I can’t help but giggle at my own answer. Just as I’m about to put my phone away once more I notice that he has opened the snap 10 seconds ago. For some reason my heart starts beating even faster.
I update the app and I see a new snap from him. I open it. “If you wear that dress I wouldn’t mind ;)” the answer automatically makes me look at myself and I realize I must’ve taken the picture so that a part of my self was included. I didn’t even notice as I took it. I blush. Where is he going with this? And why does he even talk to me like this if he wants nothing to do with me anymore? Gosh I can’t figure out this guy.
But I decide to play along with him, to see where he’s going with this. I take a new picture, almost the same as the one before but this time I reveal more of my dress, including the v-neck shape that reveals my cleavage. “Now I have shown you my outfit, now it’s your time ;)” as I send the snap I can’t help but inwardly squeal. I walk out the bathroom and into my bedroom and as I sit down onto the bed I grab the glass of wine that I’ve placed at my night table. I receive a new snap from Justin. I take a sip of the vine as I open it and almost spit it out as I see the picture. He’s lying on his side in what I assume is his bed, revealing his indescribably sexy torso and a quilt that’s covering his lower body. His hair is a mess which makes it look like he’s been in bed all day. Perhaps he’s sick? The picture makes my abdomen twist together and without thinking I just instinctively take a screenshot. Oh shit I think as I realize he can see this.
I throw my phone at the bed. Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck I hiss at myself. How am I supposed to save this?
Then another snap from him pops up. I bite my lip nervously as I glance at my phone. Then I open it.
Another picture of him, just like the one before, with the text “You’re saving pictures of me? That’s cute ;)” pops up and I can’t help but hit myself in the head as I curse to myself. Well great job Alli.
I lie down on the bed and decide to take a selfie, only revealing half my face though “Didn’t mean to sorry”.
A minute later my phone vibrates again. And then again. I frown. As I grab my phone again I see that he as well has taken a screenshot. My cheeks blush again and I can’t help but smile.
I decide to take a decent selfie. I smile at the camera as I take it, revealing my teeth and the picture is actually so good I decide to safe it myself. Then I send it to him.
A message from Lea suddenly pops up on my screen.

“I’m here!”

Damn, it’s been half an hour already? I quickly grab my jacket and my purse and head out of my room and down the stairs.
- “See you tomorrow dad, I’m sleeping at Spencer’s!” I yell as I head for the front door, and I can hear him yell back an “okay!” as I head out the door and to Lea’s car.
- “Hey Lea!” I say as I sit inside the car and puts on the seatbelt. She takes a quick look at herself through the rearview mirror.
- “Hey babe, you look hot tonight!” she emphasize and I can’t help but giggle.
- “So do you!” I say back and then I feel my phone vibrate in my purse. I take it out and smiles as I see another snap from Justin. And then I notice he has taken a screenshot of my snap. I smile at the screen.
- “Who are you snapping?” Lea takes a quick glance at my phone as she pulls out on the street again.
I snap my head up to see her staring at me, waiting for me to answer. I shrug “oh it’s no one” I just answer nonchalantly. Then I take a picture of the windscreen and send it.
- “No one? Wow” Lea says as she looks through the rearview mirror “then I guess we don’t have to find you a new man tonight?” she asks and sends me a quick smirk before she turns her attention back on the road.
- “I didn’t say that” I answer as I look out the window of the car, smiling.
I can feel Lea’s eyes on me and I know for sure she’s rolling them which just make my smile even bigger.
We’ll see what happens. 

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