For You I Would

Alli Thompson is a 18 year old High School student who just started on a new school. She came from New York and has just moved to Los Angeles because of her dad's new job. She quickly becomes great friends with Lea Martinez, and she finds out that not only are Lea interested in her company; so is the popular guy from 12th grade, Justin Bieber. And he'll take her on an adventure full of extreme experiences, intense love and heartbreaking drama.


47. Part 47

- “Justin, this is not why I came here…” I moan, both wanting him to stop and continue.
- “Just shut up and enjoy” he murmurs, biting my lip gently before moving to my neck.
His hands are on my ass, squeezing it and pulling me even closer to him, even though I can’t possibly get any closer. This is so turning me on. I should take this to my advantage.
I push him away and as he raises an eyebrow, I slowly starts taking of my jumpsuit.
Justin is leaning against the dining table, watching me and I can see how much I’m turning him on which just gives me even more confidence to keep going.
As I’ve loosened the straps of the jumpsuit, I slowly strip it down, leaving me in only my lace bra and matching thongs. Justin hisses and I can see his trying desperately to contain himself.
But I’m not done teasing. I slowly turn around and bend down to take off my sandals.
Justin throws his head back in pleasure, then closes his hands into fists and bites one of them.
I smirk by his reaction. His eyes are on me. I’m doing this to him. I’m making him go crazy.
I get up again and turn back around. Then I start to take off the straps of my bra.
Justin is breathing deep and heavily and his knuckles are all white from the amount of strength in closing his fists. I slowly let the bra drop to the floor, a little afraid to see his reaction.
But his reaction is surprising. His eyes are on mine, and he doesn’t even remove them the moment my bra hits the floor. Wow, he’s good. I can imagine how hard it must be to contain yourself.
- “Look at them” I challenge him. He keeps looking me in the eyes, but then he moves his eyes to my breasts. I gasp a little, realizing how extremely transboundary this is to me.  
Then, even though my mind is telling me to stop, I start lowering my thong.
Justin is now holding a tight grip onto the table. His eyes move to my hands, watching them.
I let the thong drop to the floor as well. And here I am, standing completely naked, revealing everything and my most personal and intimate parts, to him. It’s so sexually arousing somehow.
I start moving closer to him, trying to contain my breath but I can’t. I want him so bad.
As I stand in front of him I stop. He looks up at me. He’s not saying anything which worries me.
- “I don’t think…” he starts, his voice low and hoarse “… I’ve ever seen anyone as beautiful as you” he then continues, which makes my heart skip a beat. Wait, did he just say that?
I move my hands to his shoulders. Then he grabs me by the waist and pulls me closer, making me stand in between his legs as he catches my right nipple with his lips. I gasp loudly.
He sucks on it, passionately making out with it, and I moan as I watch him do it.
Then suddenly he stops, and flips me around, making me lean against the table.
Then he lifts me up onto it, making me sit on the edge as he stands in between my legs.
He kisses me and I grab his neck as we make-out. Then he breaks the kiss and moves his lips to my nipple once again. I tilt my head back in pleasure and lets out a silent moan.
His lips move further down my stomach, placing several kisses all over it. I try to relax and enjoy, but I stiffen as I realize where he’s moving to. I’m not sure if I want him to do this.
He stops right as he gets to “down there” and he looks up at me. I look back, not knowing what to do. Then, as he keeps looking at me, he slowly sticks out his tongue and lets it touch my clit.
I gasp by the overwhelming pleasure I suddenly feel.
As he realized I’m gonna let him do it, he closes his eyes and starts making out with it, gently and carefully. I moan. Wow this is so good. It’s a whole different kind of pleasure than doing sex.
He’s down on me right now. His mouth is on my most private part, and it’s so sexually arousing.
Justin let’s out a silent moan and I realize he’s enjoying this just as much as I am.
His hands moves up my body and finds my boobs. He grabs them and squeezes them gently.
It makes me moan louder. My nipples are so hard it’s hurting.
Then he starts going harder on my clit, and I feel the orgasm starts to build inside of me.
My moans get louder and Justin goes harder, which after a few seconds brings me to the edge and I come with a loud and long moan. Justin moans to, still gently eating me.
Then he pulls away and takes off his jogging pants, and I realize he’s not wearing any boxers underneath. I can see it, the bulge. Completely revealed to my sight, and gosh it’s big.
Then he moves his lips to my inner thighs and kisses along to my hipbone and further up my stomach and to by boobs. He’s leaning over me and I can feel him big and ready between my legs.
He pulls be closer to the edge of the dining table as his lips finds mine.
Then he looks down at our bodies, as he grabs his dick and places it against my wet and swollen crack. Then he moves his attention back to me and gives me a slight smile.
- “Ready?” he asks and I nod desperately, perhaps too desperately.
He then slowly pushes himself against my hole, forcing him to enter me. I groan a little.
The first few minutes always hurt. I bite my lip, trying not to focus on the pain.
He moans as he gets in a little further, and then he carefully starts going in and out.
After a few minutes I’m starting to get used to the feeling of being filled out, and the pain starts to fade. I begin to relax more and Justin speeds up a little. He’s kissing me, trying to make me think of other things than the pain. It works. He’s so good at this, it’s almost scary.
- “This…” he mumbles, breathing heavily before continuing “… is how your first time should’ve been” I grab his neck even tighter. I know he’s sad about how he treated me Friday night.
But I asked for it myself. He just gave me what I asked for, I can’t really blame him.
- “So let’s pretend it’s my first time” I mumble back before I kiss him again.

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