For You I Would

Alli Thompson is a 18 year old High School student who just started on a new school. She came from New York and has just moved to Los Angeles because of her dad's new job. She quickly becomes great friends with Lea Martinez, and she finds out that not only are Lea interested in her company; so is the popular guy from 12th grade, Justin Bieber. And he'll take her on an adventure full of extreme experiences, intense love and heartbreaking drama.


46. Part 46

Part 46
- “Can you drive me to Justin’s house?” I ask as we sit inside the car.
- “What?” Lea asks, looking at me. I sigh.
- “Please” I say and puts on my seatbelt “I need to know he’s okay”
- “Alli…” Lea starts and I know where she’s heading. She thinks I’m worrying too much, but she doesn’t know the things I do. She doesn’t know who he is and where he’s coming from. I do now.
- “Don’t start” I just bite her off. “I know what I’m doing, just please do me this favor”.
She looks at me for a while, then she sighs and turns on the engine.
She starts pulling out the parking lot.
- “Fine” she says and then we head for his house.


- “You think he’s home?” Lea says as she stops and takes a notice of the house.
She looks around. Probably having the same thoughts as I had the first time I was here.
One big red house. In the middle of a forest. Not suspicious at all.
- “I don’t know, that’s what I’m about to find out” I take off my seatbelt.
- “You want me to stay and wait?” Lea asks. I can see she’s unsure of the situation. I smile.
- “You don’t have to” I kiss her cheek and open the door to get out.
Before I close it I look at her.
- “My house isn’t far away from here, I can walk. And if not I’ll call you, okay?”
- “Call me, don’t walk alone! Okay?” Lea asks, and I nod which causes her to smile.
I close the door and watch as she drives away. When the car is out of my sight I take a deep breath.
I walk to the door and just as I’m about to knock the door I stop. I hesitate.
Suddenly this doesn’t feel like a good idea anymore. It feels like something is wrong.
But I can’t lose all the time. Now it’s my time to win. I knock the door. Nothing happens.
Just when I’m about to knock again the door suddenly opens. Justin is standing in the doorway.
His hair is messy, his eyes red, and he’s not wearing a shirt. Only a pair of loose-fitting jogging pants that’s revealing his muscular body, and v-line that’s leading down his pants to his-
- “Alli?” Justin asks and raises an eyebrow, clearly surprised to see me. He looks around.
I clear my throat as I try to clear my mind from my inappropriate thoughts.
- “Um hi” I say, and suddenly the whole situation seems awkward. I can’t figure out whether he’s glad to see me or not. His face is difficult to read.
- “What are you doing here?” he asks and moves a step forward, almost touching my face with his bare chest, as he closes the door behind him. He smells so good. It makes me think of Friday night.
- “You haven’t answered my texts or my calls” I start, and then look down, suddenly embarrassed by my desperation. “And you weren’t at school today” I continue. I look up at him again.
He looks at me, then at the house and back at me again. Is he searching for words to say?
- “I… was busy” he then says, and I’m not sure whether he’s speaking the truth or saving me for the truth. His face reveals nothing. I look at the window, but it’s dark. Then I look back at him.
- “I can just leave again if you want…” I say and turn around to leave. But then he grabs my arm.
- “Wait…” He says and I turn back again to face him. He sighs and let’s go of me.
- “Come on” he nods towards the house and walks to the door. He opens it and looks at me.
I stay still, not really sure whether he wants me to follow or not.
But then he walks inside and when I see the door isn’t closing, I follow him.
All the curtains in the room are rolled, making the room dark. The only thing that’s keeping the room from completely darkness is a little lamp at the couch table and the lightning from the TV.
Here’s a weird smell. I’ve smelled this before. And then I see the ashtray on the couch table, beside the lamp. Inside the ashtray there’s filled with cigarettes.
But one significant cigarette catches my attention. I turn my attention to Justin.
- “Are you high?” I just burst out. He looks at me, then the ashtray and then back at me.
His silent answer is enough for me to confirm my suspicion. I roll my eyes.
- “You should seriously stop doing that” I say and walk to the table to get the ashtray.
Ugh, the smell of weed gets even stronger as I get near the ashtray. I wrinkle my nose in disgust.
- “Alli…” Justin says, but I’m not paying attention.
As I walk past him with the ashtray, headed for the kitchen, he grabs the joint and takes a puff.
I gape. He’s gonna smoke a joint, right in front of me? No fucking way.
- “Stop that!” I hiss and try to take the joint from him, but he keeps it away from me.
- “Hey, you’re in my house!” Justin snaps and I stop reaching for the joint “my house, my rules”
I snort. What a fucking cockhead. Why would he even wanna smoke a fucking joint? Jesus Christ.
I roll my eyes and turn my back to him. I look around.
- “Where is everyone?” I ask, not turning my attention to him. I can feel him coming closer.
- “Not here” he whispers in my ear, and I gasp as I feel him right behind me.
I want him, so bad. But not while he’s affected by drugs. Not while he’s high. I move away.
- “You expecting a visit?” I ask and look at him. He’s looking back, taking one last puff of the joint before walking to me and putting it back in the ashtray. I look down at it, then back at him.
- “So what if I am?” he asks, raising an eyebrow, clearly challenging me.
A rush of jealousy hits me, telling me I’m about to lose one more time. The irritation starts to build.
- “Oh I’m sorry to ruin your… busy moment” I raise my eyebrow too, and a smirk is forming upon his lips. So he wants to play? I smirk back.
- “To be honest” he starts as he grabs the ashtray out of my hands and places it on the dining table right beside us “I don’t mind at all”. He gets closer to me, his body almost touching mine, and I can’t help but take a little step backwards, which just causes him to follow me.
- “Shouldn’t you be taking care of your business?” I challenge back.
We keep going, me going backwards, him going forwards. But suddenly my back hits the wall.
He leans in against me, forcing our bodies to touch. I moan by the sudden touch.
- “I probably should” he answers, and then teasingly touches my jaw with his tongue.
I close my eyes and open my mouth in pleasure. The feeling in my abdomen coming back.
- “But right now I’d rather take care of you” he says, before placing his lips onto mine.

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