For You I Would

Alli Thompson is a 18 year old High School student who just started on a new school. She came from New York and has just moved to Los Angeles because of her dad's new job. She quickly becomes great friends with Lea Martinez, and she finds out that not only are Lea interested in her company; so is the popular guy from 12th grade, Justin Bieber. And he'll take her on an adventure full of extreme experiences, intense love and heartbreaking drama.


45. Part 45

Part 45
It’s Monday. A new week has begun.
Which means school, ugh.
- “Hey darling” Lea purrs as I sit on the car seat beside her.
Lea has her own car, which mean she drives us to school every day.
I’m lucky if I can borrow my dad’s. He’s always using it.
- “Hey” I say as I get in and put on my seatbelt. I lean my head back against the seat and closes my eyes as I take a deep breathe. Lea pulls out of my driveway and we’re headed for school.
- “You look uptight, is everything okay?” she looks worried as she’s focusing on the road but I know her concern is towards me. I sigh. Actually I don’t know.
This weekend has gone really fast, and everything has just happened so fast my mind can’t keep up.
Friday we went to this party where I met Marc and Justin happened to be there with Latino Doll.
I got carried home by Lea and Justin, and ended up having the most amazing sex with him.
Saturday morning he was gone, and he hasn’t spoken to me since, nor answered my texts.
I went to Ashley’s with the girls and we decided to have a movie night which was really fun.
Sunday was boring as usual. Doing homework and preparing for another shit week and now here I am, Monday morning.
- “Yeah I’m fine I guess” I just answer, not really paying attention.
I look down at my phone, which must’ve been the 100th time this morning, hoping to see Justin’s name pop up on the screen, but hasn’t happened yet. Not this time either. I sigh.
- “Is he ignoring you again?” Lea then suddenly asks. Of course she knows something’s up.
And I know it’s waste of time trying to lie to her, because she will find out the truth anyway.
- “I’ve texted him like 3 times and called him even more” I sigh resignedly.
- “Hey, I’m sure it’s nothing personal. Perhaps he’s just busy again, you know” Lea says in a desperate try to cheer me up. I fake a smile. Maybe she’s right. Maybe I’m just overanalyzing.
Then suddenly my phone vibrates. A new message. But the name that pops onto the screen makes me raise an eyebrow. Unknown it says. I open the message:

Hey you. I hope you went home safe Friday, you didn’t feel too well ;)
I never got your number, but now I have it from a hidden source.
Hope that’s okay – and I hope you’re okay. See you today at school? :)
- Marc

I stare at the message for longer than I should. A hidden source, who? Lea? Probably.
- “Is it him?” Lea asks as she puts on her sunglasses. The sun is really sharp today and the temperature is nauseatingly hot. But I knew it would be this hot, so I had decided to put on my favorite floral jumpsuit, and my plateau-heeled sandals which matched my jumpsuit perfectly.
I have put my hair in a messy bun which reveals my earrings that was a gift from my grandparents.
My makeup is light and natural colors, only making my tanned skin looking even better.
- “No it’s Marc” I say as I think of what to write back.
- “Wait, the guy from the party? Nice!” She says and looks at me for a reaction.
After writing and deleting several times I end up writing back:

I’m sorry I never gave you my number, that’s a mistake.
And I’m good, thanks. And yes, let’s meet at school :)

I send it and look up at the road. We can see the school now.
A few minutes later my phone vibrates again:

Awesome. Let’s eat lunch together then :)

I smile.

That’s a deal :)

Lea rolls up in the parking lot and we both get out.
The temperature is killing me; it’s even hotter than inside the car.
Lea locks the car and we both walk to the main entrance.
- “Let’s get this day over with already” I mumble as we walk in and Lea giggles.


I look all over the canteen. I can’t see him.
- “Let’s just sit here, then he’ll probably find us” Lea says as she sits down and pulls me down with her. I sit down, not paying attention as I’m still trying to find him.
I’m just about to give up and turn my attention to my food as a pair of hands uddenly grabs my waist and a loud “booh” fills my ears.
- “OH MY GOD!” I shout, my body shivering from the scare Marc just pulled on us.
Lea laughs and Marc chuckles as he sits down beside me. I roll my eyes but can’t help but smile.
- “I saw you looking for me, and thought I’d catch the opportunity to give you a little scare” he smirks at me and takes a bite of his sandwich. Lea giggles.
- “Well that went reasonably well, didn’t it” I say and we all laugh.
- “So” Marc starts and dries his mouth before continuing “I’m glad you got home safe from the party. I’m really sorry I couldn’t come with you, but I felt like I had a responsibility towards the party since it was my house, and I had no idea where my brother was” he looks at me, and I can see the honesty in his eyes. He really did wish he came with me. I smile, somehow flattered.
- “It’s okay, Lea was there to take good care of me” I say, and I feel Lea kick my leg under the table. I turn my attention to her, giving her the “what-the-fuck?” look and she rolls her eyes.
She wants me to tell him about Justin. I know that’s what she’s saying.
- “Well I’m glad to hear that” Marc says and breaks our silent communication.
He doesn’t seem to have noticed anything at all, which I’m glad he hasn’t.
I like Marc. Not like that, but I don’t feel it’s necessary to tell him about me and Justin.
Justin and I are not even dating, so what’s there to tell anyway? That we had sex and now he’s ignoring me, again? I don’t need him to know that.
The thought of Justin reminds me of how worried I am. Where is he? Is he out doing bad stuff?
My stomach starts to hurt. I hate that I have to be this worried. Why can’t I just be careless like him? Why do I feel like I’m losing all the time? It has to change. And it has to be right now. 

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