For You I Would

Alli Thompson is a 18 year old High School student who just started on a new school. She came from New York and has just moved to Los Angeles because of her dad's new job. She quickly becomes great friends with Lea Martinez, and she finds out that not only are Lea interested in her company; so is the popular guy from 12th grade, Justin Bieber. And he'll take her on an adventure full of extreme experiences, intense love and heartbreaking drama.


43. Part 43

Part 43
We’re having sex. I can’t even believe it.
It doesn’t hurt that much anymore, a little bit, but mostly it feels good.
- “You want me the way she has me, huh?” he asks again and I can’t say anything.
The feeling is too good and overwhelming. All I can do is moan.
- “Well, here you go then” he continues, and then everything about him changes.
He grabs my hair roughly and pulls it back, forcing my head backwards. I groan.
What seemed to be a passionate intercourse now turns into roughly sex.
He’s no longer making love to me. He’s fucking me. Hard and aggressively.
I groan more. It hurts, a lot. He’s going so deep and hard, as he pulls in my hair.
I look at him and I see no expression in his face. He’s not showing any sign of pleasure or affection towards me. I would almost say he’s looking at me as if I’m just some toy. It hurts to see.
Then he quickly pulls out, not careful at all. He grabs my waist and pulls me down from the sink and turns me around, making me face the mirror. I look at him through it and a painful hulk escapes my lips as he violently enters me from behind.
He doesn’t start slow, but just goes as fast and hard as he can.
I’m trying not to hit the mirror with my head and tears start streaming down my face.
This does not feel good at all, how can Layla ever think that? I close my eyes and let the tears stream down my face. But I don’t say anything, I don’t even sob. But by every thrust he makes, I want to hulk. I want to cry. I want to let him know how much it hurts.
He then suddenly slaps my ass real hard, forcing me to let out a groan and a hulk.
I try to make eye contact with him through the mirror, but he’s not looking at me.
He’s looking down. Look at me Justin, please I think. I want him to see what this does to me.
I could just tell him to stop. I know that. But I won’t. I don’t wanna seem weak.
If Kayla can do this, then so can I. If this is how he has sex, then I’ll just have to deal with it.
I feel numb now… It’s like I can’t even feel the pain anymore.
It must’ve been going on for at least ten minutes. But then the pain comes back as he speeds up.
He then makes a deep and hard thrust into me as he lets out a little grunt.
He’s coming. Even though he’s not moaning, I can tell by the expression on his face, that he’s having an orgasm. He can’t hide that. Maybe that’s why he looks down. I don’t know.
We stand like this a little while as we both pull ourselves together.
But then he slowly and carefully pulls out as he wraps his arms around me and gently pulls me away from the sink. My legs fail and I’m just about to fall as Justin grabs me.
- “Easy” his voice is calm and quiet.
Out of the corner of my eyes I see something red at the sink and as I look I see blood running down from desk where I have sat, and down onto the floor. There’s more blood in the floor.
- “I’m bleeding” I managed to stammer. Justin turns on the water to the bathtub, still holding me.
- “I know” he says and continues “I will take care of that, don’t worry”.
What the hell is going on? 5 minutes ago he was banging me like I was just some useless toy, and now he’s acting as if I’m the most precious he’s ever had. I can’t figure him out.
The water fills the bathtub and Justin turns off the water as he gestures me to get into it.
I slowly try to get into it and groan as the water touches my sore skin. I stop.
- “You have to sit down Alli” Justin speaks and gets into the water with me.
He sits down and then gently pulls me down with him. I groan even more as the water covers my body. I sit between his legs and he forces me to lean my head back against him.
I feel like a dead body.
Justin grabs a clutch and starts rubbing my body with it very gently.
It burns and stings in my abdomen.
- “I’m so sorry” he then speaks, after minutes of silence “I should never have done this to you”.
I can’t say anything. My makeup is running down my face. I must look awful.
- “If this is how you treat Layla…” I start as I stare into the air “I feel really bad for her”.
Justin sighs and stops rubbing me. Then he takes a deep breath and moves his hand to his head, resting his forehead against it.
- “You should stay away from me” he then says…
- “But I-“
- “I want you to stay away from me” he interrupts me and I shut up.
- “What?” I ask, not sure if he really did say those words.
- “You heard me. This is the last time you’ll ever speak to me again, understand?”
I turn around to face him. I can’t believe he’s telling me this.
- “You can’t just say that”
- “Yes I can”
I gasp in disbelief. What the fuck is wrong with him?!
- “Look at me, I’m-“
- “I am looking at you! And that’s exactly why I’m saying this” he snaps, clearly pissed.
I let the words sink it… Does he think I’m not pretty enough? Is that it?
Now that he has seen my body I’m not good enough? I don’t have what Layla has?
The tears start to stream down my face. Justin quickly looks at me and as he sees the tears, he turns his attention towards me.
- “No, don’t you start” he says. I start to hulk. He hissed and reaches out for me but I move away.
- “Don’t” he sighs and grabs my arm.
- “Don’t touch me!” I yell and pull my arm back. And then I slap him.
I gasp by my own action. Justin slowly moves his hand to the cheek.
I stand up in the bathtub and gets out.
- “Don’t you fucking dare going anywhere!” Justin yells and gets up too.
I quickly grab a towel and wrap it around me as I storm into the bedroom.
I bend down to grab my dress, but as I stand up Justin grabs the dress and pulls it out of my hand as he pushes me backwards. I hit the wall and let out a little groan. He’s following, pressing his body against mine as he grabs my hands and holds them up over my head.
He’s not wearing any towel. Only my towel is separating our bodies.
- “When I tell you something you better fucking listen” he hisses and presses himself even closer to me and I can feel his bulge. He’s excited, again. I frown, confused. 

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