For You I Would

Alli Thompson is a 18 year old High School student who just started on a new school. She came from New York and has just moved to Los Angeles because of her dad's new job. She quickly becomes great friends with Lea Martinez, and she finds out that not only are Lea interested in her company; so is the popular guy from 12th grade, Justin Bieber. And he'll take her on an adventure full of extreme experiences, intense love and heartbreaking drama.


41. Part 41

Part 41

I think of his question for a while. What is it that I really want to know?
- “I… Want to know you…” I start and then hesitate before continuing. “I know your name but that’s all… I want to know you. Who are you?” I ask him, and I can see he’s considering my question.
- “Well…” he starts, then clears his throat before continuing. “I’m a 19 year old guy who was born in Ontario, Canada. I’ve lived most of my life there, but when I was 11 my parents got divorced, and me and my mom moved here” he takes a break. “My parent’s divorce took hard on me, and got me into a lot of shit that I haven’t managed to get out of ever since” he clenches his jaw, and I can feel the nervousness overwhelming him. He rests his chin upon his folded hands, as if he’s trying to find a way to continue. I watch him, interested. His story has caught my attention.
- “I’m in a gang, Alli” he then just, out of a sudden, speaks. I freeze, not really sure whether I heard right or wrong. I think he could tell by my face expression, because he then sighs and continues.
- “I’m leader in a gang called The Eagles, with 20 guys… You met the 4 of them at the house” he looks down again. I don’t know what to say nor do. Is he pulling a prank on me right now?
- “But…” I say, not knowing how to go on with this. “Gangs… aren’t they violent? And killing people and such? That’s what they do in movies” I ask, not sure if I want the answer to that question or not.  Justin snorts, and then his face turns emotionless.
- “That’s not only in movies” his voice is low now… As if he didn’t want me to hear that.
I gasp… What is he telling me? What is it he’s trying to say?
“Are you saying that… That… You kill people?” the words almost couldn’t escape my lips but they did. He runs a hand through his hair, not once turning his eyes on me. I’m starting to feel nervous.
- “We don’t just kill people” he then suddenly snaps, and I can’t tell whether he’s mad now.
- “But you’ve killed someone before?” I challenge him, and he looks at me. I look back.
Then he sighs resignedly, and I now have my answer.
- “I have, yea…” he says, watching me, searching for a reaction from me.
All blood leaves my face, my entire body, and my heart starts accelerating. I’m scared.
I suddenly feel nausea again, like I can’t breathe. I gasp.
- “Alli, please” Justin says and moves a bit closer to me, which causes me to move backwards.
And now I can sense a kind of shame in his eyes… guilt.
- “Don’t…” he begs, but I’ve lost my words… I feel numb…
- “It’s never been my intention to hurt you. Never” he says, and he seems to mean it 100 %.
But my mind somehow doesn’t trust him. Flashbacks of that night at the house starts coming back.
- “But you shot me… Your friends shot me… You wanted me dead” the thoughts takes over my mouth, and tears starts streaming down my face, as a lump is forming in my throat. I’m crying.
- “No! Don’t say that!” He says and moves closer, but then stops as if he regrets.
- “It was never their intention! Brandon panicked, and if he knew it was you, some innocent girl, he would never even have had the thought of wanting to shoot you!” Justin quickly adds.
And that’s it. I can’t hold back the lump in my throat now. I start bawling.
“Damn it Alli!” Justin hisses, and then he pulls me into a hug. But something inside of my head is telling me to get away from him. I try to push him away but his grab on me is too strong.
- “Please stop crying” he says as he hugs me tighter, ignoring me trying to push him away.
- “Get away from me!” I yell in between the bawling, but he just won’t let go of me.
- “Calm down please, will you?” if he ignores me I’ll ignore him as well.
I try to push even harder, feeling my body slowly giving in, but he just tightens his grab around me.
- “Leave me alone” I cry, burying my face in his chest as I feel my body giving up.
I stop slapping him, and just keep crying.
- “Shhh” he says as he slowly begins to cradle me from side to side.
I’m so exhausted from all these emotions, and what happened at the party, and I can feel my body slowly falling into his lap, making me lie with my upper body on his lap and my face buried in his shirt. He then starts caressing my arm instead. My body wants to sleep. I fight to keep my eyes open. We lie like this forever, until my bawling turns into a slight sobbing.
I don’t know if Lea has heard anything, and I don’t really care. I had to get all my anger, frustration and sadness out, and I now feel relieved. He then brushes away the hair from my face and looks at me. I’m sure my makeup is all over his shirt now. I move my face away from his shirt, and just as I had assumed, there’s mascara all over his pretty white shirt. Damnit, Alli Thompson!
I take a deep breathe, trying to pull myself together.
- “You’re really beautiful” he then suddenly says. I look up at him, right into his brown hazel eyes that’s already looking into mine. I feel like I’m blushing and I don’t know what to say.
Then, before I can do anything, he bends down and kisses my lips. His warm lips onto mine sends shivers down my body. I almost forgot how it feels to kiss him.
Then I feel his tongue carefully licking my lower lip, and I open my mouth slightly, just enough to let in his tongue. It quickly finds my own, turning the innocent kiss into a passionate make out session. I move my hand to his neck, grabbing it gently, wanting more.
He moves his hand from my arm to my waist, carefully sliding it under the quilt, and the feeling of his hand on my sensitive naked skin makes my body shiver once again and I can’t help but let out a soft moan. I’ve missed this. Who am I lying to? Of course I’m still crazy about him. 

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