For You I Would

Alli Thompson is a 18 year old High School student who just started on a new school. She came from New York and has just moved to Los Angeles because of her dad's new job. She quickly becomes great friends with Lea Martinez, and she finds out that not only are Lea interested in her company; so is the popular guy from 12th grade, Justin Bieber. And he'll take her on an adventure full of extreme experiences, intense love and heartbreaking drama.


4. Part 4

Part 4.
The time has gone so fast. Next week it’s a month ago the first time I step into the school.
Now I’ve gotten friends with so many, and the cheerleader coach, Ellen, has seen my old cheerleader skills at gym and is literally doing everything to make me join the team.
When I was 6 years old I started cheerleading, but I stopped when I hit 6th grade.
Other things started filling up my mind. Like my parents’ divorce. I couldn’t think of anything else, and it took really hard on my brother, Michael, so I had to take responsible of him too.
Michael and I have always been very close. But the divorce brought us even closer, and I feel like I’m not only the older sister to him, but a second mom as well.
We live with dad most of the time, since mom is working a lot and doesn’t really have the time for us.
Even though its years since mom and dad split, dad’s still having a hard time.
He’s really trying to be as independent as possible, but most times… it just doesn’t really work.  
I had to help Michael with his homework, make dinner, do the dishes, and clean the house and so on.
All he really did was walking Chubby, our dog, and even that seemed unmanageable to him.
By time he’s doing better and better, and now he’s helping with almost everything.
The divorce was hard for my dad to face. It had to be two years before he would even wanna talk about mom, without turning mad or frustrated. Now they’re able to talk, and I’m so glad for that.

I roll into the parking lot and stop the car. As I turns off the car and grabs my bag, Michael looks suspicious at me. I look confused at him “What?” he smiles a bit “So I hear you’re dating Justin? The dude from 12th grade, it that right?”. I raise both of my eyebrows. Eh what? “What? No, I’m not? Who told you that?” “Well everyone’s saying so” I look shocked and I know. Where the hell did he get that from?
He’s an 8th grader; he’s not even in our part of the building! “Everyone?” I try to pull myself together.
“Yup, and rumors said you fucked at the toilet, is that true?” My jaw basically felt onto my lap.
“What?! No! Oh my god Michael! I’m not dating him, and I’m NOT having sex with him! I’m a virgin, 100 % and you know that!” I grab the keys and my bag as I open the car door and gets out. Michael grabs his bag and gets out as well. “And please do me that favor NOT to tell me when you’re not!” I roll my eyes at him. “Do you seriously believe those rumors?” “I don’t know, I mean… every girl in this town is drooling over him, so why wouldn’t you?” I look at him for a while. “Because it’s not only the outside that counts. Remember that” I walk past him and towards the school. “What a sensible sister I have” he says and then chuckles. I sigh. Right now I’m only thinking of one thing; I need to know who started those sick rumors.

“Are you fucking serious? Did Michael really say that?” The girls are in shocked.
But at the same time they can’t stop giggling and smiling. What’s so cool about it? I don’t get it.
“Do you think he started the rumors? I mean Justin?” “I don’t see a reason why he would. I mean, then he must know that it would get to me sooner or later and that’d just screw up everything for him” The girls nod. Personally I don’t think I have unfriend anyone yet, or given anyone a reason to make rumors about me. Maybe the cheer-girls? Nah, I doubt they’ll make a rumor of me dating the boy of their dreams. 
It’s break and we’re sitting outside in the hot sun, tanning. But I can’t really think of tanning right now. All I’m doing is looking around to see if anyone could look guilty. But I see no one.
I find my phone and Justin’s number. I look at it for a while, then text him “Can we talk?”.
As I hit the “send” button I take a deep breathe. Minutes later I get a message back. It’s from him.
“Sure. Where r u?” I reply. “Outside. Wbu?” I look around to see if I can see him. But I see no Justin.
He’s not even hanging with the boys today. How weird. He always is.
“Come to my class. See ya there” I look at the text a few seconds.
Then I get up from the grass. “I gotta go. I’ll be right back!” I start walking towards the door.
“Hey, where you going?” Lea shouts at me. “The toilet!” I shout back. Then opens the door and went inside.
I look around. Everyone seems to be outside, enjoying the weather. But I wonder why Justin’s not; why is he sitting inside his classroom? I find the room and looks through the door window. He’s the only person being in there. He’s leaning over his table, intertwining his fingers. His head’s down.
I take a deep breath and then open the door slowly. I walk in and slowly close the door behind me.
He looks up, and I can sense a smile on his lips as he sees me.
“Hey” I say and smiles. “Hey” he keeps looking at me – or rather, checking me out.
I walk to him and grabs the chair at the table in front of his and moves it to his, making us sitting in front of each other. “Why are you sitting in here? And all alone? Aren’t you supposed to be outside goofing around with the other guys?” I raise an eyebrow. But as I speak, the sense of a smile fades from his lips and he looks away. “I guess I am” He answers. “Then… Why aren’t you? What’s wrong? Something happened?” I’m curious. This is not him. Well not that I know.
He hesitates. Then he turns his eyes at me again. “I was into a fight, earlier today. So I’m not allowed to be any other places than here. For the rest of the day” I frown. A fight?
“Really? About what?” I look right into his eyes. He looks back into mine. “Apparently there are rumors going around about you and I, and some little prick thought it’d be funny to make cocky jokes right up in my face and I got enough… So I hit him. I didn’t plan to you know, hit hard, but I guess I did because he fell to the ground. Ryan told me I split his eyebrow and he had to go to the hospital.”
I feel myself getting worried. And I remember this morning. The conversation in the car with Michael.
“Wait… a little prick? How old was he?” Suddenly I don’t want to know the answer.
“He’s an 8th grader, I think his name is Michael, but I’m not sure. Why?”
I gasp as I stare at him. And I feel my heart start beating faster. “Michael?” I ask, almost whispering.
Justin was in a fight with my brother, and split his eyebrow. And slowly anger build up inside of me.
Maybe I wasn’t going back to the girls this break. I have some things that I need to clear first.

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