For You I Would

Alli Thompson is a 18 year old High School student who just started on a new school. She came from New York and has just moved to Los Angeles because of her dad's new job. She quickly becomes great friends with Lea Martinez, and she finds out that not only are Lea interested in her company; so is the popular guy from 12th grade, Justin Bieber. And he'll take her on an adventure full of extreme experiences, intense love and heartbreaking drama.


38. Part 38

Part 38

- ”Are you here with your boyfriend or…?” he then suddenly asks after a moment of silence.
I look up at him as I’m taking a sip of my drink, then dry my lips.
- “Um, no… I don’t have one” I laugh nervously, as I put a lock of hair behind my ear.
- “Really? Wow, I was convinced you’d have one” he smiles, and I can’t help but blush.
- “Oh, well… Nah, just enjoying life, you know” No you see Marc, the guy I thought as a potential boyfriend just happened to be banging another girl earlier today, so I guess I’m still all single.
The thought made me roll my eyes on the inside, and I quickly pushed away the thought.
- “I see that” he smirked at me, and then we both took a sip of our drinks. Silence again.
- “So…” I began, licking my lips as I’m playing with the straw in my drink “do you have any girlfriend?” he chuckles at my question and I can’t help but smile. What? Was that awkward to ask?
- “No, I’m just helping my brother keeping track of the party” I nod and he clears his throat.
There’s something about him; something innocent and clumsy, yet mature and experienced.
Just like myself.
- “You seem really cool” he continues and smiles at me. “If you’d like to, we could maybe… like, hang out sometime?” he was hesitating a bit saying the last words, and even though he was trying his best to hide it, I could still sense the nervousness in his voice. Wow, is he really asking me out?
- “I’d love to” I say and smile as I see him feeling relieved by my answer. He returns my smile.
Then I feel my phone buzzing in my purse. I chose to ignore it. I don’t wanna ruin my moment with Marc, it might be a chance for me to see someone else than, you know who.
It rings again; I frown as I turn my attention to my purse and the same does Marc.
- “Perhaps it’s important?” He says, and looks at me. I look up at him, then grab my phone in my purse. I look at the screen. It’s Leah. She’s been calling me 3 times, and left a message. I open it:
                      “He knows.”
That’s all she texted me. I raise an eyebrow? He knows? Who knows? Marc? I’m confused.
- “Emergency alert?” Marc interrupts my thought and I turn my attention back on him.
- “No it’s nothing. Nothing important” I just shrug and puts my phone back my purse.
If it’s that important, she knows where I am and she would’ve come to me and said it.
I run a hand through my hair, and just as I’m about to start the conversation again, I see Marc’s face expression turn from smirking to straight. I frown once again.
And that’s until I feel a pair of hands on my hips, grabbing me from behind, and before I can do anything the person has buried his face in my neck, pecking gently, yet a bit rough on my neck.
I don’t even have to turn around to figure out who it is. I remove the hands from my hips as I try to lean away from his lips on my neck. Instead he ends up turning me around, now facing him.
There he is, looking all sexy as hell. He’s wearing a pair of ripped black skinny jeans and a white v-neck shirt, revealing his – I don’t know how many – tattoos covering his arms. His muscular arms.
And, as icing on the cake, he’s wearing the Rolex watch. Rich spoiled twat.
- “What are you doing?” I ask him, but he just ignores my question. Instead he goes for my neck again as he pulls me closer, but this time I’m quick enough to reject him. He’s really drunk, I can tell. And might as well be high on whatever kind of drugs he takes as well.
- “Justin, stop it…” I continue, now trying to make his hands let go of me.
From the corner of my eyes I can see Marc watching. He seems to be unsure whether he should interfere or not.
- “Alli” he says and I feel his breath on my neck. Damn it, he’s hit a soft spot I didn’t even knew I had. I fight the urge to grab his hair and pull him even closer to me. All this makes me wanna moan.
No, I can’t give in. Lea’s right. I can’t show him my weakness, and let him think he can treat me however he wants to. This time I push hard against his chest, and he lets go of me and takes a step back. He’s eyes are starring directly into mine, and it’s like he’s got a lock on them.
- “You’re drunk… and high… go and have fun with your friends” I say, trying not to cause a huge scene. Justin raises an eyebrow as he smirks. He licks his upper lip as he watches me.
- “I’d rather have fun with you” he answers, and looks at me with a I-wanna-bang-you-look, and it makes the butterflies inside of me go crazy, as if they’re trying to explode me from inside.
His reaction makes me furious. It’s not even 24 hours ago since he was banging that girl at his house, and now he says he wants to have fun with me? How dare he?
- “Oh really” I burst out, almost laughing by the irony in this conversation. I continue.
- “Well why don’t you go bang that girl you did earlier today? It seemed like you were giving it to her” and that was exactly what she was screaming. And suddenly it’s like Justin wakes up a bit.
He clenches his jaw, and it’s like he’s trying to find a stupid apology for his douche behavior.
- “How do you know that?” he asks after several seconds, and I raise both of my eyebrows.
They didn’t tell him I went by?   My goodness, how great.
- “Because I happened to step by during your… activity” saying the word make me wanna puke.
Both of his eyes shut open, and it was obvious to see the surprised look on his face.

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